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I'm going to a fine arts camp, and my friend and I are doing something awesome. Neither one of us has ever gone to an anime convention, but we both really wanted to cosplay. As Marik Ishtar and Yami Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh to be exact! We have the outfits and Millennium items aleeady. The camp we're going to has a talent show, and we really want to do an abridged skit. The only thing we're missing is a script. I have some things down, but I need a little inspiration. Do you guys have any ideas?

Oh, and I thought we could just randomly talk about cosplay on this thread too B)

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Ahahaha, that's awesome!! Cosplaying is a lot of fun; you're going to really enjoy yourselves. :)

I've never done a skit, and I never got into "Yu-Gi-Oh!", so I can't really help you there. Sorry~!

Actually, my sister and I are going to a con in (oh wow) a little more than a week. It'll be my second one, but I'm soooo excited!! We LOVE the series "Axis Powers Hetalia," and my sis (being a totally awesome human being) is currently working on new costumes for the both of us. We're gonna be Chibitalia and Chibi Romano, so she's making us matching dresses with petticoats, aprons, and the like. I also have a China costume from last year that I'll bring (him being my favorite character, of course!).

My sister's friends will be there, too, and a few of us are gonna do "Professor Layton." I didn't have a costume for that, so we joked that I could print out a picture of the puzzle shack, tape it to a box, and carry around puzzles inside (the laziest costume ever!). But recently I bought, like, everything I need for a Granny Riddleton cosplay, so IT'S OFFICIAL; the youngest in our group is gonna be an old lady. XD We also bought chocolate coins that we'll pull out and be like, "Professah! I found a hint coin!"

The others will also do "Homestuck," but I'm not even gonna attempt to get into that series at the moment. ^^;

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