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Would Anybody Here Read A Spideypool Sneezefic?


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Okay, so it's been requested a couple of times by people on Tumblr that I write a Spideypool Sneezefic. For those of you who don't know the pairing, it's Spiderman/Deadpool. I love Peter and Wade, and I was wondering if I should post the fic here, as well as my Tumblr. Would you guys read it? I really need feedback.

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I know nothing about Deadpool but Lord have I been craving some Peter~

enough that possibly I have considered writing a Peter!whump fic definitely with some caretaking!Gwen even though I don't read the comics and I've only seen the movie once lalala

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*pokes head up* didijusthearspideypool

Yes please that would be amazing oh yes it would

Yes, you did, love. Are you free to get on Omegle? Maybe we can do a Spideypool RP this time~

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Spoo! Do you wanna RP? I don't think I've done one with you~

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LE GASP. Me? Oh my! Hit me up on tumblr and we'll discuss details. wink.png

I feel bad for asking this, but what's your URL, again? blushing.gif

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