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Sniffle Lover

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Although the word nosebleed should be in the title of this topic even just typing it freaks me out, so I probably won't type it again. Also I didn't want to see the word again everytime I come to this section if I could help it (if other people post about it that's cool I mean it's their business). But anyway I'm really aftaid of them and I believe that it stems from the fetish because I don't have a problem with any other type of blood. I think it's because of the sudden jarring nature of them. Like I'm expecting something pleasurable like oh they're sniffling because of allergies or oh they have a lot of tissues because they've been sneezing a lot but then nope not at all. Then over time and reinforcement by thought and behavior and yada yada and whatever else causes one to have a keep a fear I developed a fear of them.

So has anyone else had a similar experience? Or is it more like ha ha this girl's crazy those are totally hot to me.

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You're not alone, Sniffle Lover. I'm absolutely terrified of nosebleeds. So much so, in fact, that if I'm near someone who has one, I'll start to hyperventilate and cry. I know for a fact that it's rooted in the fetish somewhere, because I'm not really too bothered by any other bleeding sources. The nose, though... Ugh. It terrifies me just typing this. :cry:

I just wanted to let you know that there are others like you. I'm one of them. :hug:

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