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Stella from Winx club


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So, I was watching TV with my 5-years-old cousin when I remembered the time when I still watched Winx club with my sister (looooong time ago). Then I also remember that there was sneezing in a couple of episodes. In one of them, Stella sneezed because of her allergies (I think) in a planet full of flowers, and in the other one she sneezed because it was getting cold at night. But I failed with finding those episodes...wallbash.gif

So if anyone could search those episodes for me, I would be really happy!turned.gif

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  • 1 year later...

Not saying I watched Winx Club as a kid.

okay fine I did.

so many memories ;w;

It's so beautiful ;w;

Awh Stella was my favorite.

That Sass.


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