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Sneeze Fetish Forum

Guidelines for this Section

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This forum is made available to discuss related fetishes. At present the list of fetishes for discussion here extends to:

> Nose-blowing

> Handkerchiefs/Tissues

> Hurt/Comfort

> Fever

> Crying

> Noses

> Asthma

> Coughing

> Congestion/Sniffling

Please be sure to tag your topics with the relevant fetish subject(s)

If you feel there is another fetish related to sneezing not listed above that you wish to discuss here, please contact a member of forum staff.

Apart from that, this is a forum bound by the usual rules and guidelines available in the Constitution, with one extra proviso: If you have (for example) an observation to share that contains sneezing, please share it in the sneezing forum rather than this one and make the sneezing the emphasis of the contribution.

This forum exists for discussion of the fetishes listed above, but not sneezing.


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