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There seemed to be no end


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I had this in my head for some time now but i was always to lazy to bring it on paper and later on my pc. but today i thought it was time for another story i wanted to share with you guys. i don´t know maybe i´ll change the title later.

i think this story came into my mind after i told my husband about my fetish. so on with the story, enjoy happy.png

There seemed to be no end

Sean sat near the window watching some of his allergy inducing petals floating around outside. Behind him Eugene was sleeping in the large bed, snoring loud. He had caught a nasty summer cold, like he always did. If someone was sick around Eugene it was obvious that he would caught it anyway. His immune system wasn´t strong enough. Sean himself suffered from a pollen allergy. He rubbed at his teary eyes and tried to sniffle quiet not to wake up Eugene. His coughing and sneezing didn´t let him sleep for hours and Sean was happy that Eugene was finally asleep. Sean massaged the bridge of his nose carefully. He sighed when the tickle intensified and took another tissue to hold it in front of his twitching nose. The hitching breath teased him for some seconds.

“Hhhuh…heeh…huhh…ahh…c-come on…haah…a-ahhlreadyhh!” he whispered.

The force of the sneeze bent him over.

“HuuHHuuchhgnt!” he stifled the sneeze painfully.

“Only one..?” Sean thought to himself…unusual! As if his nose just left him there with one sneeze alone. It was far from done of course. The intense burning in his nose which was building so fast made his eyes water. Allergic tears were running down his cheeks.

“Oh no…!” he whispered.

Fortunately Sean was able to grab the box of tissues from his lap and run as silent as possible out of the room. He managed to grab some tissues outside and succumbed into a sneezing fit. Between getting far away from the bedroom, sneezing and staggering into the living room he cursed the one who had devised allergies.



Sean dropped himself on the couch, breathless. His chest still hitched. With a new tissue in his hands he waited for the inevitable.


The force of the sneeze tore apart the tissue. Sean looked surprised at the mess in his hands.

“Dambit…woderfull…god that´s disgustig!”

He waited some more seconds to get some air into his lungs of course by breathing through his mouth. Then he got up walking to the bathroom. Sean cleaned himself up and took a quick look into the mirror.

“I look pathetic!” He sighed and blew his nose once more to make sure the sneezing was over for now. He sniffed experimental.

“I think I´m done for now.” Sean left the bathroom and went to the kitchen.

It was time to make Eugene some soup. Sean would love to let him sleep but he also knew Eugene need to eat something. The cold really exhausted his whole body. He was just too weak to stand up by himself. Sean heated up the self-made chicken soup and smiled. So weak Eugene was he could not refuse Sean´s divine soup. And it always gave him back the strength he needs to recover. When Sean filled up the bowl he could hear Eugene from the bedroom. He was sneezing. Perfect timing he thought to himself. He walked to the bedroom balancing the bowl not to spill the “holy” soup, he grinned. Sean opened the door carefully just in time to see his love bent over with some more sneezes.

“HiiIshoo…Hi´sh…hi´shhch…haahh´shuu…heeh…hhuuhhaaatchshoohh!” Eugene looked over the door blushing a bit wiping his nose with a handful of tissues.

“Ahh bless you, hun!” Sean said. “Perfect timing I just wanted to wake you up.”

“Ugh, thags! But I´mb dot hugry! Wait is it what I thigk it is?” Eugene pointed a finger on the bowl Sean hold in his hands.

“Of course it is, idiot!” Sean smiled happy and sat down on the bed near to his lover.

“Did the sleep help you a bit? Still got a headache? Does anything hurt?” Sean asked and felt Eugene´s forehead after he set the bowl on the nightstand.

“Umb, I still feel sleepy. Headache is gode for ndow. Mby chest hurt a bit…mbaybe frobm the sndeezing and coughing. God, mby voice sounds crappy!” Eugene took another tissue to clear his nose from the congestion, sure enough with less success.

Sean smirked slightly. He loved everything about his boyfriend also when he was weak, sneezing all over the place. These bits of snot couldn´t even stop Sean to not love Eugene. In some kind of way he thought his sneezing was sexy. Maybe this was weird but Sean couldn´t help himself. He looked at Eugene directly when his breath became uneven once more. Sean wasn´t able to look away and his cheeks blushed.

“Ahh…haHH…heehH…!” Out of his teary eyes Eugene could saw Sean staring at him.

“Whhh..what…heehh…are youhhh…lookig..haahh…at?” Eugene sniffled and Sean was able to look away from the fascination of this build up.

“Um, nothing, I´m sorry.” Sean looked embarrassed down at his own hands.

“Noohhthhig…? Waihhht…Hee´Ishch…HaaT´shooO…haahh…HuuhhH´aahhtshchiHH…ugh!” Eugene blew his nose loud.

“Bless you, hun!” Sean brought about his lips maybe a bit too soft and “hun” was more moaned than spoken. He just realized it when their eyes met again. Eugene´s right eyebrow was raised. “DAMN!!! That was way too obvious!!!” Sean thought and his inner screamed.

“Thags! Are you ok? Your face is all red!” Eugene reached out for Sean´s right cheek but he turned away and grabbed the bowl instead.

“Yeah, yeah I´m perfectly fine. Are you up to some soup now?” Sean´s hands shivered slightly. “Oh crab! Calm down…CALM DOWN, you idiot!!!” Sean told to himself.

“If the sndeezig let me sure.” Sean fed Eugene. It was always like this and it won´t ever change.

tbc...and i would love to read what you think ^_^

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at least one comment thank you Daisoku ^_^

ok here is the next part, i wrote so much yesterday, enjoy :D

Part 2

“Ah, that was delicious…I thigk! Although I cad´t taste adything at the mbobedt I kdow it was good! Thags!”

“You are welcome!” Sean smiled and stood up. “I´ll be right back.” Eugene nodded and looked after him still with a questioning face.

Sean left the room for the kitchen. He put the bowl into the sink grabbing the edges and sighing deeply. He raised his head slowly to look out of the window. “This was so damn close! I need to be more careful! What if Eugene finds out? He will freak out! And will leave me!” Sean´s head was spinning he felt dizzy. He sat down on the chair behind him. He supported his face with his hands and closed his eyes for a moment. Sean tried to arrange his thoughts and didn´t feel when his breath begins to hitch until it was too late. He inhaled sharply and…

“HhhaaaaT´shiuuhhh…ohh…myhhh…HeeTShoo…gohhhd…HhHH…Hee´IishchaHHh…ugh!” Sean could only turn his head to his right and sprayed all over his arm and the ground.

“Guhhh…dabit…sniff!” He groaned and took the paper towel in front of him. Sean cleaned his arm and walked again to the bathroom. Mid-way he heard Eugene from the bedroom.

“Bless you, sweety!”

“Thags!” He closed the door and allowed himself to blow his nose. Somehow it was too embarrassing for him to do it in front of others or even in front of Eugene. Also a weird thing but this was Sean.

Sometimes he hated this fetish but it was a piece of him and belonged to him since he could remember. He had never thought about telling Eugene about it but time made it hard to hide it any longer from him. Eugene was way too much sick and it was hard for Sean to not show Eugene how much he liked his sneezing. Sean made a fist he sat on the bathtub rim. “God sometimes I hate it REALLY! But what can I do? NOTHING! I can´t even switch the fetish off even if I want to! Did I ever want to?” He looked at his fist. “DAMN!! DAMN, what am I doing here??!! That´s all so confusing!” He sighed heavily. He nearly jumped up to the ceiling when he heard a knock at the door.

“Umb, sweety?? I ndeed to use the bathroob!”

“Oh yes of course!” Sean´s heart was racing. He opened the door turning his face away so that Eugene wasn´t able to see his red face.

“Go ahead.”

“Thags. You sure you ok? You are acting weird lately!”

“Yes, I´m fine, don´t worry.” Sean left Eugene standing in the doorframe and walked into the living room switching on the TV. Eugene looked sad and closed the door.

“He behaves weird! But I really don´t know what´s with him. And he always avoids talking to me about it. There must be something heavy in his head! But he can talk to me about everything! He is my boyfriend for 4 years now and I never saw him struggling so much. Maybe he needs more time to think about it.” Eugene rubbed absently at his sore nose. He continued to freshen up himself. He left the bathroom and peeked into the living room. Sean sat on the couch zapping through the channels and sniffing constantly. It seemed he didn´t even noticed. Eugene smiled and walked back into the bedroom to get a blanket. He wrapped it around his shivering body grabbed the box of tissues - his lifesaver for the last two weeks – and walked to the living room. He didn´t want to lie alone in the large bed. Sean looked up from the TV screen when he saw Eugene walking in. His heart melted when he saw the shivering frame of his sick boyfriend. He stood up and hugged him tight.

tbc...please tell me what you think ;)

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here is some more...enjoy wink.png

Part 3

“Don´t you want to try to sleep again, hun?”

“Yeah but I dodn´t wadt to be alode!” Eugene sniffed and looked at Sean with his teary-puppy-eyes.

“Haha, ok you won. You want to lie down with me on the couch and watch crappy soaps?” Sean kissed his forehead.

“Oh yes I love to!” Eugene was happy.

Sean led him to the couch. He sat down and Eugene lay down, head settled in Sean´s lap. He sat the box with the tissues in front of his chest on the couch and Sean took his box and put it to his right side. “Is this a good idea?” Sean was a bit uncomfortable but he also wanted to take care of his sweet sick boyfriend.

“Are you comfortable, hun?”

“Umb, yes. This is perfect!” Eugene snuggled deeper into Sean´s lap and sighed. “Hmb, I love you!”

“Love you too, hun!” Sean started to stroke Eugene´s long brown hair.

Everything was good for now. With the other hand Sean zapped through the channels. He stopped at “The big bang theory”. Well, they aren´t that crappy. Time went by and Eugene snored again. Sean looked down happy that he was sleeping. Only ten minutes later Sean´s nose started to bug him. “Why now???” Sean grabbed some tissues and held them over his nose. He tried to breathe through his mouth not to irritate his nose. But like always not even this trick worked when his nose decided to go evil. His chest rose and fell faster now. Sean didn´t had time to get Eugene´s head off his lap. He tried to hold back the sneeze but he knew if he did so the outburst would be monstrous. So I hitched there for a second more and stifled the sneezes that followed.

“Hehh…Huuh´aggchnt…HehHxush…uhhh…Haaa´Ishgnsh…ugh…hihH!” His right hand fumbled for new tissues. Sean realized in horror that Eugene lifted his head carefully.

“Ahh, sweety. Bless you! Dodn´t stifle, please. You kdow it´s just gettig worse for you!” Eugene sat up and placed a hand on Sean´s back for support.

“Just let theb out! Hey, you are blushig agaid. There is dno deed to be ebarrassed! It´s odly mbe.” Eugene looked at Sean, worry spread all over his face.

“Didn´t …hahH..m-meaahhn to wake yyouuhhHH up…guhhh…it´s teasing me…heehhHH!” Eugene shook his head.

“Dodn´t worry to buch about mbe I slept good early before.” Eugene leant over and placed a light kiss on Sean´s quivering left nostril and set him off. Sean´s eyes widened at first then squeezed shut.

“HhaaHH`shuhh…heeH´Ishuihh…HiihhH`atshchuhh…gooddhhh…UhhHh´shaahhHH…hhehhH…!” There was a short pause.

“Bless-?” Sean signaled Eugene with one finger to wait.

“OhhHne more…haahHHTchihhHH…ugh! Dode!” Sean sniffled miserable.

“Wow, bless you! What ad idtedse fit. You ok?” Sean dabbed at his dripping nose no sign of any blowing yet.

“Thags, yeah I´mb fide.” Eugene looked at him and saw Sean´s red cheeks he took away his hand from his back. Sean shifted uncomfortable next to him still holding the tissues to his nose.

“Dodn´t you wadt to blow your dose? You sound like mbe!” Eugene tried to encourage his boyfriend.

“Could it be? Are you ebbarrassed to blow your dose id frodt of mbe?” The question hit Sean hard in the face. He looked away and wanted to disappear. Some tears welled out of his eyes and Eugene knew that these tears weren´t the allergic ones.

“Ahhh ndo dno dodn´t cry. Sweety!! Hey, ahhh dambit I dodn´t waded to bake you cry! I will go to the bathroob so you have sobe privacy?” Sean nodded and some more tears ran down his cheeks.

“But whed I´mb back we deed to talk, ok? And please stop cryig!” He patted his shoulder and left the room.

“DAMN!!! What did I just do??? He wanted to help me and I acted like a DAMN idiot! And now Eugene thinks he is responsible for that…I don´t deserve someone like him!!” Sean went through 7 tissues but wasn´t able to stop the sobbing. Eugene´s head appeared in the doorframe.

“Sweety?? Are you dode? Ahh, you are still cryig.” Eugene came back and sat next to Sean. He hugged him murmuring soft words which are only audible for Sean. Sean leaned his head against Eugene´s chest.

“I´m so sorry, hun! But there is something I need to tell you so bad. On the other side I`m scared how you will react. And one other thing…yes it´s embarrassing for me to blow my nose in front of you because I think it´s disgusting. And…and…” Another sobbing came up and interrupted Sean from talking.

“Stop, sweety! Dot so fast just calm dowd first!” Eugene replaced the used tissues and gave Sean some new one. And he plugged out some for himself.

tbc... biggrin.png

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Y U STOP WOMAN?! Jk, jk, but this is really good and I love where this is going!! They are so sweet~ <333 I can't wait for more :D

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Secrets about to be revealed! YES! The poor dears sure are suffering, and its absolutely delicious. aaevil.gif

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So I just got on here after having a horrible past couple of days because of being sick (and still being sick yucky.gif ) and all this other stuff..... stupid food poisoning or flu.... pissed.gif and anyway..... while I was looking at the new stories and updates that are on here I totally just had to check this one out and OMG! these are amazing!!! yes.gif You have no idea how happy you made me! These guys are just too cute!! I so hope you continue because I am definitely looking forward to more! Thank you so much for writing this hypocrite.gif

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@Akahana thank you so much! heart.gif

@Grey on a Sunday i´m glad you like it! blushing.gif

@Zane ohhh i hope you will be better soon!! and i´m happy that i could make you happy! yes.gif

so well have a bit more of my boys happy.png


“AhhHnd w-wait till I´mb fiiihhh finishheHh´ishuhHH…!” Eugene couldn´t even end his sentence. His breath hitched frantically.

“Haa´Ish…Ha´ish…HaaT´shuhhh…uhhHH´ushchihhHH…!” He didn´t even let go of Sean his hand was still on his shoulder and with every single sneeze Sean made the same move as Eugene not so strong but he moved. Sean placed his right hand on Eugene´s chest for support. Sean felt hot from the warm pleasure in his stomach.

“HeeT´chuuUHh…haahH… HuuhhH´aahhtshchiHH…ugh…sniff!” Sean handed him some new tissues which he took gratefully.

“Bless you, hun!” Sean´s hand was still on Eugene´s chest feeling the rose and fell slow done. But immediately stuck and Eugene started coughing hard.

“Ahh, my poor sick honey!” Sean stood up and run into the kitchen to get Eugene something to drink.

When Sean came back he saw Eugene bent down the couch hands pressed on his chest still coughing. He put the bottle orange juice on the table and sat down next to the little mess. He placed his right hand on Eugene´s back feeling his tensed muscles made him worry.

“You´ll be all right. Everything is okay. Just calm down slowly!” Sean whispered in his ear. Eugene´s face was red from the effort and sweat was dripping from his forehead. Sean plugged out some tissues and wipe Eugene´s forehead dry. He panted heavy trying to get some air into his lungs.

“Easy, hun. Slowly or you will start coughing again!” Eugene nodded weakly and looked at the bottle.

“I understand.” Sean took the bottle and opened it. He gave it to Eugene who started with small sips to calm his burning throat. After some minutes of recovering Eugene tested his voice.

“Umb thags sweety. I´b sorry this was really gross.”

“It´s okay you can´t help it, so don´t worry about it. You are sick and it happens from time to time. I would say I got used to it.” He kissed Eugene´s cheek.

“But fortudately you stopped cryig!”Eugene smiled. “And you kdow what that bmean! Dnow that I´mb dode…for ndow please go od where I interrupted you.”

Sean´s heart skipped a beat. He knew this time would come but it was too fast. But the person next to him was his boyfriend and Eugene loved him no matter what. So why was he so scared of telling him anyway?? There was no answer for this question and thus the fear was groundless. Sean opened his mouth to start again but his face contorted so fast that he was only able to turn his face away from Eugene.

“HaaHhTshchiuhhHh…UhhHH´aahhchiihhHh…crahhhp…Hee´IishchaHHh…ugh!” Still with both hands over his nose he stood up. “Bathroob!” he mumbled looking a bit dizzy. Eugene nodded.

“Bless you, sweety!” When Sean left the room Eugene blew his nose just to make sure he won´t interrupt him again.

“Why did I never pay attention to such small things? But as I think of it now I really never heard him blow his nose in front of me. I don´t think it´s a big deal but I will get along with it if he wants me to. And I wonder what is still on his mind which seems to be so heavy on his heart. It can´t be that bad? OR?!”

Eugene´s head hurt from too much thinking and the headache was back. He groaned and massaged his temples, it was annoying. Eugene heard the bathroom door and looked up. Sean´s eyes were restless pointing here and there but avoiding eyesight with Eugene.

tbc...OH HELL YEAH heh.gif

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AW MAN! Just when he's about to spill, an ill timed yet incredibly hot sneeze fit befalls both of them! These boys are way too cute and sneezy, I love everything about this. <3

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@ Loli-popp here it is wink.png

@ Grey on a Sunday thank you so much heart.gif have some more!

it´s a bit short...i´m sorry...

Part 5

“Sweety?! Cobe here.” Eugene stretched out one arm to his confused boyfriend. This simple gesture made Sean unbelievable happy. Sean walked over grabbing Eugene´s waiting hand which was warm. He sat down sighing heavy.

“Before you start agaid. Dno mbatter what you will tell me just rebebber. I love you bore thad you ever ibagide. Keep this id bmind! I dodn´t thigk there could be adythigg so tragic. ODLY if you cheat od mbe! But for god´s sake you would ndever do this, I kdow you!”

Sean´s heart beat faster and he was thankful for Eugene´s kind words. But on the other hand it made him very sad of not being able to even talk about it with the one he loves. It was unfair and Sean cursed his stubborn head and the thoughts in it. Sean kissed Eugene´s hand softly.

“Thank you hun, for your very kind words they made me very happy! About what I wanted to tell you. Well this will sound completely crazy for you but for me it is something special. It belonged to me since I could remember. I never told anybody about it. And since “yours” are so perfect for me it became keenly hard for me to hold back my fascination about it.”

Eugene sat there mouth hanging wide open. His look revealed a complete confusion. It was working behind his forehead unable to read in between Sean´s spoken sentences.

“Umb, sorry but I dodn´t get it! I dodn´t uderstand what you wadt to tell bme!" Eugene looked helplessly at Sean.

“I have a sneeze fetish! That means I love to see sneezing people especially you. I love to hear sneezes and sometimes I love my own sneezes. And very often I think I´m totally insane!”

It was out. Sean went silent eyes closed waiting for…for WHAT? Laughter…cursing… he didn´t know what he expected. After some more minutes of silence Sean heard a soft giggling. When he opened his eyes he saw Eugene a hand pressing over his mouth. He was laughing.

“Haha!! Dear good lord! Sead, Ndever ever scare me agaid! NDEVER EVER!! And dodn´t get mby laughing wrong! Imb just relieved. I expected the worst. And dnow I kdow how I could tease you if you are dnot listedig! Ahh just kiddig! Cobe here you-always-thigk-about-everythig-too-bmuch!”


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@ SneezyHolmes thank you wink.png

oh well yeah the writer´s block hit me...wallbash.gif sorry for the wait. here is some more. enjoy smile.png

Part 6

The uncomprehending glance which Sean´s face gave him silenced Eugene within seconds.

“I just wanted to loosen the mood! Oh god did he thigk I´m laughing about him??” Eugene´s thoughts were racing.

“Why are you lookig at mbe like that?” he asked carefully. “I dodn´t thigk I deserve it! Agaid, I´mb happy that you told mbe why you are actig weird lately and that´s dot a big deal for mbe!” Sean´s glance soften only a slight bit. Also his mind was working hard now.

“Wait…what?” Sean´s eyes widened. He looked through Eugene thinking over it again and again.

“You mean it´s ok for you? You mean you are not freaked out? And you still love me?” Sean knotted his fingers. Eugene burst out into laughter.

“Oh god you just got the poidt! Yes it´s ok for mbe and I still love you, SILLY! Did you have doubts about it??”

“I don´t really know. But I read about couples who split up after one of them talked about the fetish!

So it was…” Eugene held one finger up as his breath hitched. Sean smiled softly grabbing him some tissues. He watched fascinated how Eugene´s head tilted back a bit. Sean felt how his cheeks blushed; he wanted to look away but couldn´t.

“Hhaahh…j-juhhst..loohhk at mbe…huuh…!” Eugene said before he was thrown forward. Of course he tried to shield the sneezes with the tissues in his hands.


“Bless you, hun! UWAAHHH you are so adorable right now!!” Sean´s frame shivered.

“Thagks! Do you really thigk?” Eugene blew his nose.

“Ohh yes you are!” Sean kissed the tip of Eugene´s pink nose. It made Eugene sneeze again.

“Heh…Ha´Ishch…stop that! I will sdeeze odly more!”Eugene realized what he just said when he faced Sean. An evil grin was on his face now.

“You wouldd´t! Or would you?” Eugene rubbed one finger under his nose. “Dod´t you thigk I´mb sdeezing edough already?”

“For now, yes you do! And maybe I would.” Sean said with a smirk. Indeed Eugene sneezed his head off since the last two weeks. And Sean didn´t want to annoy him too much.

“By the way, sweety! I mbust say I thigk your sdeezes are cute too but I dod´t thigk this make me also a fetishist. What do you thigk?” Sean blushed a bit.

“Well, I think for calling it a sneeze fetish there need to be several more factors. You can be relieved.” Sean patted Eugene´s shoulder gently. “Want to watch a movie? I got The Avengers for you!”

“Sounds good. I wandted to watch it sindce the DVD was out.” Sean stood up and put the DVD into the player.

“Are you up to some more soup or better tea?”

“I would love to have some tea.”

“Ok, hun. I´ll be right back.”

Sean went to the kitchen. He took the water heater and filled it. From the living room he could hear Eugene go through several tissues to get rid of his congestion. Sure enough it made him sneeze some more too.

“HehE´ishuhHh…hhuh…hahh…HeeT´chuuUHh…!” And another wet honk went into some tissues.

“Bless you, hun!” shouted Sean from the kitchen taking two cups out of the cupboard.

“Thags!” Eugene replied.

When Sean came back with the tea Eugene laid there, right hand on his forehead left hand on his chest, in his fist a ball of tissues. He breathed through his open mouth, slowly and relaxed. Sean first thought he fell asleep but when he put the cups down on the table Eugene opened his eyes. He rubbed at his watery eyes groaning a bit.

“Eyes itchy?”Sean asked.

“A bit but the weepig is mbuch bore andoyig it made my dose rud and it caused mbe to sdeeze mbore thad I wadt to…!”Eugene sniffled burying his nose again in the tissues to blow his nose.

“My poor hun.” Sean sat down. Eugene sat up slowly moaning when his head started to spin. He closed his eyes and massaged his temples.

“Is the headache back?” Sean asked concerned.

“Ndo but it´s spidig…ugh.” Some minutes passed till Eugene opened his eyes again.

“Ok it´s better dow.” Sean offered him a cup.

Both sipped carefully at the hot content. Eugene sighed relieved when the warmth spread through his weak body. From the corner of his eyes he could see that Sean hastily put his cup down. Eugene plucked out several tissues from the box in his lap and placed them in the Sean´s hands which were hovering in front of his nose and mouth. His head tilted back ever so slightly nostrils flaring widely.


Huhh… HhhaaaaT´shiuuhhh…oh god…ugh!” Allergic tears ran down Sean´s red cheeks.

That was the first time he didn´t stood up for heading to the bathroom. He blew his nose…right next to Eugene. One time, a second time and then still holding the tissues to his nose, he looked shy over to Eugene stretching out one hand signaling him he needed more tissues. Eugene´s eyes were WIDE he didn´t even blinked the whole time and even forgot to bless Sean. And of course he didn´t understand what Sean wanted only when he tried to speak.

“Bore tissues, please!” Sean said muffled through the ball of tissues. Eugene hastily grabbed more and offered them to Sean.

“Ah, oh yes of course there you go…umb…bless you by the way!”Eugene still looked like shocked at Sean who really just blew his nose in front of him. Eugene was amazed!

“Thank you!” Sean said when he was finished. He sniffed experimental just to be sure he don´t need to sneeze again.

“You…you really did it…!” Eugene stammered. “Sweety, I´mb really proud of you right ndow!” Eugene´s bright smile was honest. Sean felt it and he blushed a bit more.

“Umm, well you said it´s ok and I don´t need to be embarrassed because it´s only you…so well that´s why I tried it…it´s still strange but I think I can bear it!” Sean looked at Eugene who just nodded and showed him the thumbs-up-gesture.

Sean smiled happy. And he was also proud of himself that he managed to do something he had never done before.

tbc...there will be some induced sneezes and teasing with a special flower AND mentholated vapors...evilsmiley03.png

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O__O HOLY SHIT I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT FLOWER!!!!!! <3333 This is awesome, I'm so happy you aren't one of those trolls that would make them break up, even though that may have made the fic longer and more complicated...XD

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