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To read the story, please go to this link: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3033041/1/Never_More

I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to post a story here in this fashion, but I'll be okay with it if an admin deletes it. It's a story with two plots, one of which is the main character's sneezing fetish popping in and out while taking care of her crush who has a raging head cold.

If someone deletes this post, please, if you can, let me know how I can post the link, because I really want some more readers on FP and FF. I'm new on SFF, and I want to know how to get around so I don't make any mistakes that could get me deleted.


Title: Never More

Author: Me! I'm known on the site as Mevans, or mevans1358.

Fandom/Original: Original

Disclaimer: All characters are mine (Wilmot Redd is based off a real-life person, but there's another disclaimer on the chapter she shows up in.)

Summary: The day Ceci Miller met Jackie Evans at school during lunch was a historic day indeed.

Authors Notes: Lots of beautiful sneezing :D and some sexual interest, but no actual sex.

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Btws, chapter 14 was written specifically for you guys, but you'll want to read the entire story to understand the primary plot as well.

:D That's how much I love all of you! <3

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