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Mia the macro vixen is walking carefully through the city when she hears someone call her name.

???: Mia!

Mia looks and sees her friend Ben. He is a wolf with reddish brown fur. He’s wearing blue jeans and a muscle shirt. He is standing out on his apartment balcony smiling at her. She bends down to get closer to him.

Mia: Hello Ben.

Ben looks the giant red fox in her beautiful emerald eyes and walks forward so he is right in front of her nose and caresses it.

Ben: hey Mia how are you today.

Mia feels Ben caress her nose. She blushes as he does that.

Mia: fine.

Ben sees her blush. He begins to gently tickle her nose.

Mia feels Ben start to tickle her nose.

Mia: Ben not right now.

Ben stops tickling her nose.

Ben: You know you like it.

Mia: Of course I do but not here. Why don’t you get ready then you can continue.

Ben: Alright.

Ben walks into his apartment to get his bag of supplies and his keys. Locks the door and comes back out.

Mia brings her hand down and lets Ben climb on and they head toward her special place.

Soon they arrive at her special place an empty field far from the city.

Mia kneels and then moves her hand to the ground so Ben can get off. She then places both hands on the ground and lowers her face so Ben can reach her nose.

Ben sets his bag off to the side reaches in and pulls out a 16 inch ostrich feather. He then positions himself right in front of her nose and looks her in the eye.

Ben: Are you ready?

Mia: Yes.

Ben brings the feather up to her nose and slowly swishes it back and forth.

Mia breaths in slowly as Ben tickles her nose with the feather

Ben could see her nose wiggle ever so slightly from his swishing feather. He started to move the feather a little faster across her nose.

Mia feels a tickle begin to form in her nose.

Ben looked her in the eye and could see that she was concentrating on the feather tickling her nose. He looks back at her wiggling nose and begins to tickle her nostrils with the feather first the right and then the left in a figure eight.

Mia blinked as she felt the tickle increase she could feel her nose twitch in response to his tickling.

Ben could see her nose twitch every time he completed a figure eight. He starts to focus on one nostril at a time and pushing the feather a little deeper than before.

Mia feels the tickle growing stronger with each move of the feather and twitch of her nose.

Ben watches as her nose trembles and nostrils flare.

Mia feels her breath quicken as she feels her first hitch.

Mia: aaaaahhhh!

Ben hears and feels her first hitch. He looks at her eyes and sees them start closing and her mouth gap open as she takes in small breaths.

Mia: huuh! aaaaahhhh! eaaahhhh!

Mia feels her chest begin to expand with each breath she move her whole body so she’s facing away from him so she can avoid hurting him, but still allow him to see her sneeze.

Mia: aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Ben knew she was about move so he pushed his feather up her nostril let go watched as she breathed the feather in deeply with her hitching breath.

Mia: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Huuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!

Mia just finished facing away from him when she felt the tickle grow increasingly as if the feather was in her nose tickling the deepest darkest corner.

Ben watched closely as her nose twitches uncontrollably, nostrils flare, and chest heaving with each intake of air.


Mia’s eyes finally close as her chest expands itself to the fullest, head tilted back, and nostrils fully flared.



Ben watches as her whole body bends forward as her hurricane of a sneeze is finally released.

Mia: sniffle.

Mia rubs her nose looks down at him and smiles she brings her hands down and watches as he climbs on. She brings him up to her face. Looks into his sky blue eyes and thinks about how lucky she is to have found someone to share her fetish with.

Mia: thank you.

Ben blushes. He looks into her emerald eyes and thinks about how lucky he is to have found someone in this city that truly cares about him. He then walks toward her muzzle and kisses her on the lips.

Ben: Mia, I love you.

Mia blushes and kisses him on the top of his head.

Mia: I love you too.

(Enjoy everybody. please comment and tell me what you think.)

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That's a great illustration of the long buildup leading to that terrific sneeze. Great story.

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Thanks. This was one of the first stories I ever wrote and I am glad you enjoyed it.

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No problem. Nice to see that you guys like it, second story I ever wrote.

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