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Hey guys!! So, I've noticed that we don't have a ton of K-Pop fans on here (that I know of) and was wondering just how many of us are there, and if the majority of us K-Pop lovers are make or female. So, if you love K-Pop, leave a comment saying if you;re male or female and who your top 5 bands are, with your bias of each!! :D I'll go first...


1. SHINee - Minho

2. U-Kiss - Kiseop/ Kevin (I can't choose D:)

3. Nu'est - JR/Ren (again, can't choose)

4. F(x) - Amber

5. BIGBANG - Daesung

And that's all you need!! Have fun :D

Annyong <33

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I've been getting into K-Pop more and more (as it's on the rise in Japan right now), so I think I'll give this a try!


1. Super Junior - I really only know Donghae... XDDD But thanks to my friend, my iTunes is now full of SuJu.

2. Shojo Jidai / Girls' Generation - no favorite

3. Tohoshinki / TVXQ / DBSK - Jejung

4. SHINee - I really just like the dance for "Sherlock." :D

5. Um... other random people that I only know for silly reasons, including Rain and Jang Geun Suk.


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1. EXO-K - Baekhyun (D.O. as a close second)

2. EXO-M - Luhan

3. SHINee - Jonghyun

4. SNSD - Sooyoung

5. Super Junior - Kyuhyun (Ryeowook as a close second)

Haha, I'm a sucker for main vocalists and cute faces. happy.png

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Yeah... um...

My Asian buddies and I have been dancing "Gangnam Style" for, like, two weeks straight.

So, in the spur of the moment, it's probably shot up to #1 on my list. Overall, it has to be AT LEAST #4.

Hee hee.

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