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Breaking the Bank!


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I'm sure most of you have that show on MTV where big name musicians and celebrities give you the guided tour of their homes and show you all the crazy, over-the-top expensive stuff they buy. I was browsing along when I came across this unusual item...


It's basically the world's most expensive aquarium. It costs $4.8 million but here's what you get for dropping that kind of money... The case is made out of roughly 150 lbs. of pure 24K gold, it has veneer trim that's carved from mammoth tusks. But the crown jewel of this setup is that it comes with pieces of actual T-rex fossil bone integrated into the veneer for adding bragging rights. That's all in addition to the fancy touch-screen environment control system that monitors water/air quality and automatic feeder so you won't have to lift a finger.

Good lord, do they fill it with children's tears to? It just amazes me what some people will spend money on just for the sake of having something nobody else does. So what ridiculous, over-the-top luxury items have you guys seen?

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