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woke up this morning with a sore-ish throat, the when i was walking to school, my nose started to get a bit snotty.

in first lesson, i sneezed a really wet "hessch-schoopf" into my elbow, managing not to let my nose run, embarrassment prevented me from blowing in class, so i was kind of snorting all the way through the next class as well, but then as soon as i got out of next period, out cam the hankie and into it was blown loads of yellow snot (TMI?), so i knew i was sick now.

during the next 2 periods, my nose started to fill up again, so at the start of lunch i had another snotty blow in my handkerchief, which was now becoming quite a mess, then during last period, i sneezed a double but managed to catch them in my hanky (thank god) they were messy, but still didnt blow.

Nose cleared up a bit on the walk home, then got to my girlfriend's house and sneezed a really snotty one into my elbow, leaving a large wet booger hanging out my nose, which i put my hand over while i went and got a tissue. Unfortunately, i had to wipe my jersey sleeve too, you can guess why..

Then on the way home from gf's, i had another snotty blow which saturated what was left of that full size mens hanky

Got home and put hanky in the wash, so far had 2 more wet "hesshoo's" and used up 3 thick aloe vera tissues in big wet blows

hoping not to get the gf sick.. however, i did share a cigarette with another friend on the way home, so shall have to watch her for signs of my cold

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Aw...*gives you a tub of soup* I hope ya feel better soon. smile.png

thanks hun,

still rather snotty this morning, will post more sneeze obs later :)

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tuesday had a few more sneezes, quite a bit of blowing, went through a mens hanky and a bandana

wednesday, no significant sneezes, ALOT of blowing, so runny and yet so congested,

3 whole hankies used up

thursday, no sneezing, managed to stick to one hanky..

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