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4 random obs, all female


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Ok this is loooong because there are 4 separate incidences I thought I'd mention, 2 of them of mine. The first happened a few days ago. I was at a pool with friends when I noticed the lifeguard rubbing her nose a bit.

She was petite, perhaps 5'2", but built like an avid swimmer or surfer: not overly bulky but you'd noticed her upper body strength and defined toned arms. She had sun-tanned brown, medium length hair and wore a life vest.

It was a full pool party so I don't think she noticed me staring but her nose rubbing became more insistent until she bent forward and sneezed into her fist. With all the noise, I couldn't hear anything but I could tell she wasn't done. She straightened up and turned to the side then for ten seconds or so hovered a breathy hand in front of her face before she successfully stifled the next.

Her face openly showed relief until suddenly (and you could tell it caught her completely by surprise) she sneezed freely and uncovered with a thick white cord of snot that shot of her left nostril. It dangled by her upper lip for a second until, in her complete horror, she pinched her nose, snipping the cord and flicked it away.


The second involved a friend of mine who was hanging out at my house. Now her stifles don't do anything for me but it was fascinating to watch the build up and constant rubbing on her nose. To give you an description, she is rather pretty... 5'6" tall, thin bordering on underweight but not gaunt, with straight long dyed-black hair.

I know it must have been because of the strong fabric softener scent on my newly washed sheets, but she didn't seem to realize this and I didn't bother to tell her. While she was lying on my bed ranting about every aspect of her horrible life, she started sniffing and rubbing her nose constantly. By constantly, I mean every 10 seconds for over an hour.

"Are you ok?" I asked after a minute of this.

"Yeah, my nose just itches for some reason." she said while scratching at the bottom of her nostrils.

"Want a tissue?"

"No, it's not running. It just itches." she rubbed her nose lightly again.

"Yeah, it's been pretty bad outside recently." I agree although I'm fairly positive it's my bed since she didn't start this until after she lay on it.

"You shoulda seen me this morning. I went outside and couldn't stop sneezing." she scratched under her nostrils again with her fingernail again. "On second thought, could I get a tissue?" she added.

I hand her one and she blew dryly but lightly. That didn't seem to help so she continued to rub, scratch, and stroke at her nose, alternating between the tissue and her fingers as her nose became more and more irritated and red looking. She droned on with her rant and she would absently itch her nose for almost an hour until at last her voice died off. I look up and see her glazed expression and a few shallow hitching breaths before she pinches her nose hard and stifles almost silently. There is just a slight "ngk" with her head bob, a couple more breaths and two more "ngk...hng".

She sighed once and then continued on with her rant as if nothing happened. We left soon after for dinner and immediately I notice her nose eases up on bothering her. No more stifles from her and only periodic nose rubs for the rest of the night.


The next two involve myself. I am Asian with straight shoulder length black hair. Recently I have discovered I have a mild allergy to dogs, but this doesn't normally bother me besides slightly irritated eyes and a feather-light tickle in the back of my nose. Typically the tickle doesn't even trigger a sneeze at all, or if it does then perhaps 3 hours delay with only a double.

So I was at another friend's house, let's call her M, and she has 3 small super-adorable lap dogs. The thing about M is that she is a bit of a germophobe and she uses antibacterial wipes, sprays, and sanitizers constantly. There are sprays and pumps all over her house. Since I'm sure she'll make a fuss about my sneezes, I find this a good test to try to hold them back. I fail at stifling but I can generally stop a sneeze if I don't let the itch pass "THE point."

Also, since she is germophobic, she doesn't like to get on the floor and roll around with her dogs. Obviously she loves them a lot and she takes really good care of them, but when it comes to rough play and rolling with them, she'd pass.

These dogs are soooo cute that I cannot help myself but rough play with them. They seem starved for physical attention. I am literally on the floor with them during the entire time I am over at her house while she sits on the chair and watches me amused. They pounce me immediately when I enter the door until I drop to their level then jump on my lap, paws on my chest, trying their hardest to lick my face. After they are all played out, they are the cutest little things with 2 smallest ones curled up on my lap together and the bigger one sleeping next to me.

The tickle nudges my nose constantly and most days I can get away with only a single or double. The sneezes are relatively loud and sound like he-HEgxchhh. When I have a cold, my sneezes are fast and harsh... but when it's due to dogs, it is long, drawn out and itchy. Luckily that means it gives me enough time to stop the sneeze before it reaches THE point.

The other day, I hadn't realized I was at her house for over 5 hours... with the majority of the time playing with or holding onto at least one (or usually all three) of her dogs. I had successfully managed not to sneeze once all that time until my nose decided to run. I sniffed but knew it was a lost cause and I'd have to detach the dogs from my body if I wanted to reach for a tissue.

By my second sniff, M commented on it.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I try, sniffing again.

"OOOOH I know what it is." she says. "You're allergic to the dogs."

I'm surprised at this but manage, "Yeah I know. Sometimes this happens when I play with my grandma's dog."

"Do you need kleenex?"

"Uhhh..." I stammer hesitantly looking down at the sleeping dogs, "Yeah ok I guess so."

She hands me one and I wipe my nose discretely. I successfully detach the dogs, wipe my nose again, toss the tissue, and wash my hands. No use though, I'm sniffing constantly now. My nose is itching stronger and it's not even a minute before I have to grab another tissue and repeat. Wipe, toss, wash.

The dogs are upset that they've lost their lap and are jumping and pawing at my legs. I bend down to calm them down but realize it's probably not a good idea as I can feel the wetness running down to my lip. I imagine I can see the dander floating in the light. I almost jump up and grab another tissue before it drips.

I know my nose has almost reached THE point, so I give up. I straighten up, hitching lightly, as I can feel my nose flaring. I know that M is watching me but she pretends nothing is wrong and continues talking about a subject that I don't remember. After nearly a minute of itchy, hitching breaths, I finally bring the tissue up to my nose and sneeze harshly.


"Bless you!" M says.

I don't reply because I feel another. 15 seconds later (or 15 breaths approximately) I sneeze another. "Hept'Cchhh!"

Amazingly, my normal double doesn't seem to have solved the problem. Another 15 seconds for a third, and repeat for a fourth, fifth, and SIXTH! "eHhhk'chhw!...pause... Heh-chhhew! ... pause...Hehxchh! ... pause...heh... Hexgchhh!"

I am shocked, I almost NEVER sneeze 6!

"Wow! You ok?" M asks.

"Yeah, sorry." by now I am stuffed up but I finally blow and most of the itch disappears. I wash my hands and M continues talking purposefully on wherever she left off.

I am still sniffing so after 15 more minutes, I have to make an excuse about how it's getting late and I need to be going. I think M understood. I say bye to her doggies and leave her house as quickly as possible without being rude.

During the car ride home, I am blowing constantly but I only have McD napkins and my nose is rough and sore by the time I get home. And I sneeze in singles and doubles all night long.


The 4th obs is mine again, today in fact. I was at my grandma's house today and of course had to play with her cute dog. She only has one but he hasn't had a bath for a week and that normally causes my nose to react more than normal. I don't sneeze all afternoon however until 3 hours AFTER I left her house.

So I'm driving with my sis sitting in the passenger seat and I feel my nose itch. I don't have a problem with sneezing around family so I decide to let go. I take my usual shallow breaths dragging out the itch, taking extra care to drive carefully. I bring the back of my left hand to my face as I feel the sneeze coming.

One more gasp and I sneeze "Heekx'chhhew!"

My sister screams, literally. "AAAAAAAAAH!! You totally sprayed me all over!"

I glance at her and she's frantically wiping herself down.

"EEEEEW my arms! My mouth! OhMyGod!"

I laugh and laugh! Somehow my sneeze rebounded off the back of my hand and hit her in the passenger seat! I think it's hilarious but obviously she doesn't think so.

"Don't worry, it's only allergies cuz of grandma's dog." I try.

"OK, next time I'll sneeze on YOU and then I'll use that line!" she protests.

I can't stop laughing! Even now I think it's funny. biggrin.png

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WOW that's an awesome collection of obs you got yourself there! Thanks a bunch for sharing, and bless you ;P

Agreed :)
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