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The oddest thing that ever happened to you?


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Okay, I swear, everything that can happen, happens to me, and that at any given moment. There has been so many odd, some amusing and some just plain weird, things happening to me in my life, but this has got to be one of the oddest.

A few months after leaving my employment with the bitch boss from hell, I cleaned out my car, which I had neglected for about a year. I found... my ex-boss's panties. They cannot have belonged to anyone else but her; she was the only size zero I knew. I actually toyed with the idea of returning them, but the thought of entering her husband's office and tell him I wanted to return his wife's panties was a bit too much for me. So I threw them away.

I was absolutely gobsmacked, but I quickly figured out how it could happen (seeing as she never was in my car and had absolutely no business leaving her panties there), and the explanation is plausible, although it's still odd. I had my locker next to hers, and when I was leaving I didn't bother sorting my stuff, I just dug out my locker and put all the things in a big bag, throwing it in the backseat of my car. Didn't bother removing it from the car for a few weeks. Then didn't bother to clean my car for a few months. I suppose I accidentally grabbed a few of her belongings too (I also found a T-shirt size zero in my pile of very not-size-zero clothing), a pair of mint-green silk and lace panties among those. And they fell out of the bag, for me to find later. At least that's what must've happened. Still baffling to me when I think about it though. For years I was too terrified to even smirk at this, but all of a sudden, this very evening, it all came back to me and I started to howl with laughter. Da phuq? :lmfao:

So, please, do tell me your odd anecdotes. I bet you have some really fun stories to share. ^_^

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Hmmm...I don't wanna go into detail because it was kinda creepy, but I met a guy at work once that my co-workers and I later found out was a rapist O_o

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Once I was on a meeting of the kids who learn Latin and Greek at school and we were all sleeping in one big rented house with many bedrooms and bathrooms.

One afternoon we were coloring larariums we have made earlier that day (fun stuff!). I needed to use the restroom, but I was too lazy to go my bedroom, since I needed the key which one other girl had at the moment and blah, blah...

So I decided to go to the ground floor bathroom, which was mostly used by teachers since they slept on the ground floor. I slowly opened the door and realized that one of the teachers just exited the shower and he was standing there completely naked.

I just ran away. :blushing:

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I once drank Franzia in Diane Sawyer's hottub on Martha's Vineyard (that's an island). That was by far the oddest thing that has ever happened to me. It is also a two truths and a lie goldmine, because everyone always thinks it is a lie (it is the truth)

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I was working out west in Colorado one summer and took an unplanned day-trip to a mountain top with some coworkers on a day we had no work to do. Now, since this was a surprise ‘vacation’, we were all fairly unprepared for the 32 degree weather at the summit. No problem. The air was cold, but I wrapped my thin cardigan close and braved the lookout point.

Here is where the trouble began. Two friends headed to the highest point (via a snow-covered trail), I hit the bathroom, and my boss went to another lookout. While trying to regain a bit of feeling in my hands in the slightly more sheltered bathroom, I heard the wind pick up. When I opened the door again, it was into a blizzard.

When I say blizzard, I don’t exaggerate. I'm from New England…I’ve been in blizzards. There were already bits of snow on the ground when we arrived at the peak, but now the wind was gusting, spraying ice-pellets in huge, white swirls, and crowds of tourists scrambled towards the protection of their cars. Sure that my friends would be running towards the parking lot as well, I took off towards the blurry shape of our vehicle.

My numb hands tugged on the frozen metal of the car door. No one was inside. All the doors were locked. It wasn’t my car. I didn’t have keys.

I ducked around the other side of the car and dropped to a huddle by a wheel, trying to keep out of the wind. In the white mist, another car emerged, headlights on, and pulled up next to me. The door opened and a voice shouted “Hurry! Get in!”

Forgetting everything my parents told me about ‘stranger danger’ and too numbed by ice to care, I stumbled to the car and found it was a two-seater, with two people already inside. The woman in the passenger side was a large woman with short blonde hair and a baby blue velour tracksuit. She had a slight German accent.

“Hurry!” she insisted, grabbing my arm. “Sit on my lap!”

I shoved my way inside, awkwardly resting one butt cheek on her leg and another on the edge of the seat. I managed to slam the door shut.

Now, here I was, half-seated on a German woman, my hair and clothes dripping with ice. All I could do was laugh and gasp a grateful “thank you!”

The lady patted my arm and said, “Have a bite of my cookie!”

A chocolate chip cookie was thrust into my face and I took a nibble. Delicious.

They introduced themselves as Karen and George from Colorado Springs. When they learned I was from New England, they laughed and said I already knew how to handle storms like this. But at home, I usually wore a jacket because it was winter when it snowed, not June, but that was besides the point.

George took my picture as I sat on Karen’s lap, still dripping snow flakes. He seemed tickled by the whole situation. I felt bad for getting Karen all wet as I thawed out in their car, but she was good natured about it and her chocolate chip cookie hit the spot. If they’d had a thermos of hot cocoa I might have never left.

I was in the car barely two minutes when my collegues emerged through the snow, unlocking and climbing into our nearby car. With as much grace as I could muster, I wiggled off Karen’s lap and out of the little coupe, shouting my thanks as I ran back to meet my friends. Three sets of eye brows rose as I reunited with my friends.

“Did you just come out of that car?” one asked.

“I can’t even begin to explain what just happened,” I replied. “Yes…yes I did."

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Odd story, but in a way its nice to know that there are some people that still care in the world.

I guess the strangest thing I have is the conversations I walk into at work. I once walked in and heard my boss talking to our female co-worker about wanting to try breast milk. And his reasoning that we drink milk from a cow, a dirty barnyard animal. So why not drink milk from a human being. He even went so far as to ask her to give him some breast milk just so he could try it. Obviously she declined him quickly. I don't know if he was serious, but I felt that he was since he put so much reasoning behind his argument. Then he went to ask everyone else in our department including me that if we could buy breast milk at a store in a bottle and it was FDA approved would we try it?

And then somehow the conversation shifted to if someone asked you for your pee would you give it to them. Not pee on them. Go into a bathroom and fill the cup with urine and give it to some random guy, just because he asked for it. He asked me and our female co-worker this. Obviously we both said no! Then he went on about how we were so attached to our bodily fluids and blah blah. Eventually the conversation leads back to breast milk.

I think that sums up the crazy sh** that you can hear in the backroom where I work.

I hope you guys find this odd story amusing.

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