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Random uncontrollable sneezing fit


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Just now I was lying on my bed, looking through the General Discussion forum on my laptop, when out of nowhere I sneezed a double "heh'KTSCHHH!! heh'kmpt!" I felt the second one coming, so I had time to stifle it because I didn't want to wake my brother up (he shares a room with me).

I thought that was it, but the tickle from those two didn't go away. I expected it to, but after about ten seconds I couldn't take it anymore. I touched my nose lightly, intending to tickle it a bit to coax the sneeze out. But the second my finger touched my nose, "hh'KGSH'chsh!" sprayed all over my hand.

At that point I got up to look for tissues, but had to grab a bookshelf to steady myself as I built up for another one. "heh...heh...heh'TSCHuU!! KSCHH!" Or two. Then came a desperate gasp and another one, which was directed openly at the floor "hah'TSCHuu!!" Wrenching myself upright, I fumbled in the dark room for the tissues, sneezing hysterically all the while. "heh'KSCHH!! heh'KTCH! hh'kshsh! ksh'Uu! ah...aptschYEW!!" The last one was very different from my normal sneezes. That was probably because it had been sort of squelched into a tissue that I'd just pulled out of the pack I'd just located.

After giving my nose a good blow I snatched the pack of tissues and headed back into bed. I'm still kinda sniffly and I just sneezed another triple.

Random bursts of sneeziness are fun!

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Sounds like that is unusual for you

Hope you are ok now (unless you enjoyed it of course.....)


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Hey, thanks guys! I did not expect to get that many comments...

Agh, I woke up this morning and I was all congested. Now I'm still congested, but my nose reeeeeeaally itchy. I hope I'm not coming down with something, 'cause I just had a cold like a week ago.

I keep sneezing triples, which is actually my usual pattern: two small rapid-fire ones and then a big build-upy one. I'm kinda bad at spelling my own sneezes, but "hh'kshsh! Kshsh! heh...hehh...heh'KSCH'huh!!" is fairly accurate... :P

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Wow, I hope that you're not getting sick (for your sake... I love it... :twisted: ) but this made a REALLY hot read. :yes: Thanks very much for sharing!

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Excellent self-obs! How wonderful that the sneezes are so powerful that you have to hang on to bookshelves to enjoy them properly, and indulge in the great art of fumbling in order to pretend that you can't get the hankie to your nose until the very last sneeze. I trust you will get more opportunities to practice............

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