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Greetings. I stumbled upong the forum a while ago and lurked for what felt like ages. Finally got up the nerve to join. Never really knew about the fetish, or that I was into it, until I met my husband. He had terrible allergies when we lived further north, in addition to being very photic, and I loved to take care of him.

Since we moved south he has had fewer allergy issues (is it wrong to feel bad about that?)and I ended up here. So far, it has been educational and entertaining. Here's to more of the same.


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Welcome! :D Your husband sounds like a lovely man. ;):P

Interesting that you never really knew about the fetish until you met him. When did you guys meet? Most of us here have been aware that we had a thing for sneezing since we were little.

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Welcome! I am also interested in how you came to realize your fetish! So many of us have always known, or have "developed" it because a significant other has it and we get turned on knowing our partner is turned on. Was your husband's sneeze that awesome that it converted you? laugh.png

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is it wrong to feel bad about that?)

I am not qualified to answer this question. But I am sure that many people here would have exactly the same feeling in the same situation.

Anyway, welcome to the forum!


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Welcome to our little corner of the web.

I hope you enjoy your stay, make some new friends, and have some fun. :D

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Thanks for the welcome.

So to answer your question - as best as I can at least...I have had an interest/fascination in sneezing since I was younger however, it was never a turn on until I met my hubs. It was the first time I realized it could be more than passing interest. Not sure if that makes sense but it is the best answer I have.

I have never said anything to my husband because he has always vehemently hated his allergies and viewed them as a nuisance. He never even mentioned them until it became painfully obvious (on more than one occasion) he was suffering - I felt a little guilty enjoying his misery. .

For example on one of our first dates we were "watching" a movie at my place and since - he never told me he was allergic to cats - things got interesting when my kitten came to join us. Not sure if the fetish (still not comfortable using that word) was born out of circumstance or not.

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I hope you will find this place as interesting as I have!

Any guess on my part would be pure speculation, but it could be that he is embarrassed experiencing allergy problems in front of you? If this were the case, then maybe knowing that you find his sneeze sexy could actually make him feel like it's a less of a nuisance? Just a thought.

In any case, welcome!

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