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The One Where Sam Sneezes All Over Dean


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I finally did it. Wrote Supernatural fetish fiction. I swear, it's a milestone, I don't even know. Sort of from this prompt: Sam and Dean are hiding somewhere from something nasty. Dean really has to sneeze. Sam tries to stop Dean from sneezing. Dean fails (naturally :P) and sneezes all over Sam. but I changed it around, obviously. Anyway, terrible writing up ahead! ^_^


Sam shifts awkwardly and pinches his nose with his fist, breath coming erratically.

“Dude.” Dean whispers. “Don’t tell me you need to sneeze?”

Sam nods desperately, then clenches his fingers over his nostrils so hard they turn white.

“Man, that is just too classic.” Dean grumbles, rolling his eyes.

“Shut up.” Sam whispers back. His eyelashes flutter.

Fingers clenched over his nose and all, he jerks forward and emits a tiny “hit’guh!” sound and a sigh. Dean pats him on the shoulder and looks around anxiously. They seem to be safe, though.

Sam still has his fingers clamped over his nose. He’s refusing to look at Dean.

Dean nudges Sam with the butt of his gun. He raises his eyebrows.

Sam looks up, and fumbles for his own gun.

The instant he lifts his fingers off his nose he explodes. “hiishhYEW! hirRRESH’YEW! huh’NXXT!!” Dean feels warm spray soaking through the thin layers of his plaid shirt and his AC/DC shirt. The first sneeze also hit his neck, light and ticklish but enough, apparently, to stiffen his collar a little a second later. He turns to look at Sam disbelievingly, and the monster neither of them had shot grabs him by the shoulders and yanks him out of the hiding place.

Dean yells. There’s a blind moment when he’s SURE the thing is going to eat him, can feel it ripping open his skin, then Sam clips it and it falls limply to the ground. Dean falls along with it, hitting so hard that the world slides out of focus for an instant.

He looks up, blinking, as it slowly defuzzes. Sam is standing over him, offering one hand to Dean and rubbing his nose with the other.

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Sam is standing over him, offering one hand to Dean and rubbing his nose with the other.

Can i just hug sammy?? :D

just to let you know, seeing this lovely supernatural fic just made my day.

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What is this "terrible writing" nonsense?! It's adorable!! I STILL don't know the fandom by anything more than name and vague summaries, but this was awesome. I especially liked the beginning because it gives a good sense of what's going on without needing any sort of detailed explanation, and it just came together so perfectly at the end. :D

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I like too! I don't watch Supernatural but I really want to get into it. Not to thread jack here but anyone feel like giving me a basic fill in of what's happened and characters? Sorry back to my point, I really enjoyed reading that! Please continue ! :P

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Awww, thank you all! <3 You people are so nice.

Not watching it and knowing it vaguely was me for soooo long, heh. Now, well... (I may or may not be obsessed to an unhealthy degree.) It is highly recommended if you like getting your heart broken into a million, million tiny pieces by wonderful brothers.

Nooooo, no recap of recent events! *hides* because I'm only up to 7.8 myself. /mild spoilerophobe

Um *attempts to regain composure* seriously, beginning at the beginning was worth it. There's still one month before the show starts up again, YOU CAN DO IT!!! (if you do nothing else...) :P

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Hahaha, classic Sammy... I love Sam sneezing-while-hiding stories! This was adorable and funny and... yum. Also: I'M the one obsessed to an unhealthy degree. It seems we have this in common. It's a problem. :D

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