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Short Story: High School Prank!


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This is a short story I whipped together and decided to share it with all of you.

Please read, review, and leave a comment. I love feedback. <3 This story is furry free.

No furry characters were used in this story.

(Story Begins Here.)

High School, the one place where popularity matters more to people then anything else, where the strong and beautiful thrive and the thin and geeky hide. That is true for most schools now. One wimpy kid, Larry, plans to change that with a simple prank to embarrass the hottest girl in school. The red headed beauty, Cynthia Isley. Cynthia was leader of the cheer squad and girlfriend to the current quarterback who went be the name Rodrick.

It was the start of a new school day all the students were making there way into the building, heading straight for there lockers to pick up some things for class and drop off what they didn't need. Larry was the first one there, being that he was there before anyone else arrived, prepping his diabolical plan

Larry stood by as he watched Cynthia open her locker, knowing that the first of many traps was about to be sprung. A loud bang sounded in the halls as a balloon rigged to pop inside Cynthia's locker when opened, spewing out a fine powder substance that covered her face and shirt. The balloon wasn't filled with just air, but a mixture of sneeze powder and air.

“What the hell!” Cynthia screamed, waving her hands to clear away the powder. She was about to start demanding who had done this when the inevitable was going to happen, a sneeze. A horrible body function that she refused to perform in public.


A few hitched breaths escaped before she scampered off to the nearest restroom where she could take care of this problem without being heard or scene. And she would have been spared if not for her best friend Sue, running in to check on her. With door open everyone could here her powerful and unfeminine explosions.

“ExH'TcHI! AxH'TcHA!”

Those lucky enough to be standing in front of the door could easily see in, watching the most popular girl in school sneeze, ruining her make up in the process with her sneeze induced tears. And most just started laughing at her misfortune.

Before the next sneeze overpowered her, Cynthia screamed. “Shut the door, this isn't fuh... unny!”

Sue stepped back and let the door swing shut. Before the door closed completely Cynthia's sneeze escaped for all to hear.


Larry smiled in satisfaction, knowing he just put her down a peg or two on the popularity scale. And he couldn't be happier.


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Very interesting idea! You did say that the balloon was "the first of many traps... about to be sprung." So doesn't that mean Larry has some more in store for poor Cynthia? wink.png But yes, I would love to have seen this happen to certain attractive girls at my old high school!

Rodrick is a great name for a quarterback too laughing.gif

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Oh... I actually planned to make this into a series of stories, featuring Cynthia and her friends being pranked by Larry

This is what I have finished so far. I may add more later when inspiration strikes. If you guys have any interesting ideas for some sneezy pranks please share, I may just use them.

Thank You.

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You should definitely write more of this series. Pranks played out when there a lot of people watching, therefore MUCH more embarassment are always good for stories! Look forwards to reading more.

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Look no further NoV! I return with another installment for all to enjoy. Please read, review, comment I want to know what you think!

And should I write more?

(Part 2 begins here!)

In truth, Larry didn't think it would be that easy. With Sue doing what she does best, gossip, everyone in the entire school knew about Cynthia's unfeminine like sneeze before lunch period. He had other pranks planned but now it seems pointless since they were all planned for her, and as of right now she's no longer popular.

Larry sighed and returned to his cafeteria lunch, pepperoni pizza and water. He perked up when someone sat down next to him. It was Cynthia!

“What are you looking at, nerd!” Cynthia said harshly. trying to get him to stop staring at her. She opened her plastic silverware and ignored his stares while she ate her meal.

“Sorry? Why are you sitting over here with me? I thought you would be over there with your boyfriend, Rodrick the Dick?”

Cynthia stopped eating for a second, answering the question quietly. “He dumped me.”

“He dumped you...? You're kidding... right?”

“No... He said he couldn't date someone so unlady like.” Cynthia prodded her food a little harder than normal, trying to calm herself. “And stupid Sue, I thought we were friends.”

Larry knew all about Sue, she was a petite brunette and all around blabbermouth. If you want a rumor spread throughout the school just tell her, before the day is over everyone will know.

“Well if it makes you feel any better I don't care about your sneeze, it is perfectly normal.”

“Thanks... Ner... Umm... What's your name?” Cynthia almost called him nerd again but caught herself, trying not to insult the only person to actually speak to her with out making fun of her since the incident this morning.

“It's Lawrence Meek, but you can call me Larry.” He held out his hand for her and she hesitated for a second before finally shaking hands.

“I'm Cynthia Bell.”

“I know. It's hard not to know the name of the most popular and gorgeous girl in school.”

They continued to eat there lunch in silence. Another plan formed in Larry's head. If there was no need to prank Cynthia maybe he could get Cynthia to help prank the others. He broke the silence and asked Cynthia. “Would you like to get Sue back? Humiliate her in the same way you were?”

Cynthia paused mid bite and slowly put her plastic fork down. She was silent for a minute and let his words sit in her mind for a minute. “Yes. I would love to humiliate her.”

By the end of lunch period they had hatched a plan. And all Larry had to do was collect some cat fur off the janitors pet cat, snowball, a fluffy white long haired cat kept in the Janitors office also known as the school basement. He got the fur with relative ease using a hairbrush to collect the cat hair and gained only one wound on the top of his hand when he accidentally hit the wrong spot on the fat cat. The hair brush was ruined but it was well worth it. With this Sue will experience the worse allergy attack of her life!

Larry gave the fur to Cynthia who could get close enough to Sue with out seeming suspicious and plant some of that fur and dander on Sue. He took his seat in the back and watched the mock scene unfold.

“I can't believe you did this to me, Sue. I thought you were my best friend and you leave me because of my sneeze! I know its loud but I can't help it! You Bi***”


Okay, maybe the fight wasn't as fake as he thought, but he watched Cynthia throw the clump of fur in her hand onto Sue's back while she was nursing her sore cheek. Cynthia sat in the back next to him and winked. Before the show started Larry quickly and quietly asked. “Was the slap really necessary?”

“For distracting her, yes, and I admit it felt good too.”

It didn't take long for the teacher to arrive and start the role call. Larry and Cynthia could see Sue tremble and rub her nose from there seats. And when it was her turn she just couldn't answer with a “Here!” all that came out where hitched breaths.

“Ah... Ah.... Ah...”

Professor West called her name again, at that point Sue could no longer fight it. She had to sneeze.

“HaT'shI! HaT'sHI! HaH-Ah'TsHI!”

The explosions rolled out of her tiny frame making her body jerk forward with each release. Sue struggled to find the small packet of tissues on her during her fit, but she could hardly think anymore all she could do was sneeze. after the tenth sneeze a large strand of mucus made itself known and dripped down onto her desk.

"HaH-HaT'sHEE! Ah'TsHEE!"

All the female students looked grossed out while all the male students started chanting. “Snot Face Sue, Snot Face Sue!”

At this point Cynthia and Larry knew her popularity was over so Larry made his way up to her chair and offered her a napkin he had in his pocket from lunch. She quickly took it and blew her nose while Larry gave her back a comforting rub wiping off some of the more noticeable hairs off of her. As soon as she gained control of her nose she asked the teacher if she could be excused.

With the display Professor West just witnessed there was no way he was going to deny her, in fact he told her to got to the nurse's office for a quick check up. Larry returned to his seat knowing that this mission was a complete success, another popular girl humiliated and with the help of his first victim, Cynthia. Sue the Gossip now known as Snot Face Sue was no longer popular and he couldn't have done it without the help of his first victim, Cynthia. He just prays Cynthia never finds out that he was the one that pranked her. He didn't want to lose his new beautiful friend anytime soon.


Sorry if there are any grammatical errors, me and grammar don't always get along... But that won't stop me from writing!

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Sue struggled to find the small packet of tissues on her during her fit, but she could hardly think anymore all she could do was sneeze.

Love sentences in which all the main character can think about is sneezing :D Thanks for continuing this story!

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Thank you. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it.

@Lime - I think everybody wishes that would happen at there school, I know I do!

@NoV - No problem.

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Thanks Animeeze. I may add more to this if inspiration strikes.

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This is ah-mazing.

Thank you for sharing this.... I would love to pull such pranks on popular girls! *evil laughter*

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You guys and gals are welcome.

Thanks for all the compliments, you all are making me blush.

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