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Tim Minchin with a cold


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I don't know how many people are familiar with the musician and comedian Tim Minchin, not that you really need to be to enjoy this, but I stumbled across this interview via twitter and although it doesn't include any sneezes I thought it was worth sharing. Tim doesn't talk a whole lot, but when he does his voice is incredibly husky and hoarse and there's a lovely bit at the beginning where he and Caitlin Moran who he is interviewing (sort of) talk about how he's sick and really not feeling well. Even if you don't listen to the whole thing you should check out the first five minutes or so if you're a fan of hoarse voices and colds!


Only Available online for another 7 days!

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Yes, I heard this too. I thought it was interesting when Caitlin Moran said she had some toilet roll for him to blow his nose on, but he said only white trash use toilet paper, and he uses "kerchiefs"

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Yup, this is fantastic. I listen to Chain Reaction on it's own merits and this was a great surprise as I was catching up with the podcasts. I was about to start a thread when I saw Ouro had beaten me to it! Mmm I like Tim Minchin anyway and his husky voice (and his accent) are just wonderful. Yum.

It should still be available as part of the BBC friday night comedy podcast if anyone is interested.

Edited because autocorrect changed 'husky' to 'busy' o.O

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