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First off HELLO THERE, thanks for taking an interest in my life :P., in all seriousness lets get down to business.

A little background story. I am a white male 5'10'' with a medium build, with brown hair and green eyes. (Cuz i know you love the details). Earlier this year I took an allergy test for the first time and found out I am "blessed" (depends on your outlook on life) with being somewhat allergic to Birch pollen in the spring and very allergic to ragweed in the late summer and fall. On top of that I get no relief in the winter as I am also highly allergic to dust mites. Add on the fact I am photic and have a sensitive nose makes me a very sneezy person. I usually sneeze in multiples and after each sneeze it gets more desperate and loud/ congested sounding. On top of me being allergic to the world it seems, I am currently on medication that does not allow for me to take any kind of relief.

Well today just may have been the sneeziest day of my life. I woke up and the ragweed outside my lovely Ontario home was rampant. I must have sneezed a 100+ times today. My sneezes sounds like a "aahhh-chewwwwkk" and as previously said come in multiples. "aahhh-chewwwwkk, aahhh-chewwwwkk, aahhh-chewwwwkk" was a common sound this morning getting ready for work. On the way to work was the worse because I pass a large conservation area for my whole 45min walk to work I was sneezing, a little tiring to say the least. One notable event is when I sneezed non-stop for 15 seconds. Rapid "aahhh-chewwwwkk,aahhh-chewwwwkk,aahhh-chewwwwkk,aahhh-chewwwwkk,aahhh-chewwwwkk" Barely had time to breathe there and it was getting a bit messy. The rest of the day pretty much went with a sneezing event (meaning at least 2 sneezes) every few mins or so. By the end I was exhausted and sore, but it not all bad got a lot of sympathy with the ladies :)

Thanks you for reading.

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Well, I'm not gonna lie to you...that just sounds absolutely lovely. I wish I could have been the fly on the wall right there...

Anyway, bless you!

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Ooh lovely! I'm sorry you were suffering but I very much enjoyed reading about it :)

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Whatever I take a pretty positive attitude on life and just play the hand I am dealt with in life. I don't let stuff bug me.

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Ooooh, hello. ^_^ Nice observation, sir!

Pretty much exactly what Dusty said there. Yeah. :yes: Also welcome to this crazy playground. You'll like it around here. Lots of attention from ladies and all, when you post this kind of thing. ;)

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