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This is my first story and first part of the story. Enjoy :) Comments are greatly appreciated.

I really hope I'm not late again! Lilly looked at herself in the mirror. A typical blond, blue eyes, tall around 5' 7'', and a small button nose. She was wearing a black jacket and a plaid skirt. Perfect for her date tonight. She had beenwith Michael for 7 months and today was the first time she was going to his house.

DING DONG, Lilly rang Michael's door bell and soon she saw her tan tall boyfriend holding somethig behing his back... "Omg what are you hiding?" Lilly lurged forward but Michael stopped her. "Close your eyes, and breath in deeply." OK!!" exclaimed Lilly, for she was eager to go inside. She closed her eyes and breathed in deepy. A sweet scent of flowers filled her small nose teasing and tickling ever so gently. She opened her eyes and smiled when she saw a bouqet of lilles. "Lillies for my lovely Lilly!" said Michael. Michael walked Lilly to the couch when suddenly Lilly spoke. "No one has ever gotten me flowers before. But my nose it feels so strange... It tickles. Ahh.. ahh.. ACHEW! *sniff*" "I'm so sorry Lilly I didnt know lillies made you sneeze!" Neither did I, but it feels kind of nice!" At this Michael was surprised for he himself found his gf sneezing quite attractive, oh he was in for a hell of a night. "You cute when you sneeze", he said smiling. "You like it, I'm glad, but my nose its still tickly! I know let's play a game! You try to make me sneeze as many times as you can!" Michael was estatic but concerned, "are you sure your okay with this?" "I'm positive lets go hurry!!!'

Lilly on the couch as the lillies were brought to her once more. Michael got the anther of the lily (the part with visible pollen) and held it in front of Lillys nose. Once again lilly breathed in the sweet scent but this tie the tickle was stronger. AHCHEW achew achew atchew actchew! "Wow that was great keep going!, said Lillly" Michael rubbed the pollen on the rim of her now pink nose. The tickle went up her nose, it teased her she needed to sneeze desperately her head flew back and eyes fluttered. Ahh.. her eyes watered, ahhh... ah...achew achew achew ACHEW ahh.. ah.. ACHEW achew ACHEEEW. She managed to say two words "keep going" Michael amazed now put the anther up Lilly's nose and twirled. The effect was instintanious, the tickle was so fierce ACHEW ACHEW CHEW ACHEW ahh.. ah.. ah.. ACHEW ACHEW AHCEW ACHEEEEW! Micheal so shocked and amazed by Lilly's performance uttered two words. "Bless you." But Lilly didnt answer she had a dazed expression, nostils flared. Ahh.. ahh.. ah..ACHEEEEEW ACHEEEEEEW ah ah ah achew achew achew achew chew achew ahhh ACHEEEEEEEEEW. She took a tissue and blew her nose and took a minute to recover. Once again following the trend two words came out of her mouth, "What's next?"

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