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Was watching Vampire diaries and this just popped into my head :) Hope you like it.

-All characters belong to their creators.-

The alarm rang loudly where it stood on the nightstand showing 7:00 in large red numbers.

Elena Gilbert opened her eyes. Her nose felt thick and swollen. She tried to breathe which confirmed her suspicions. It was completely clogged.

Great. She thought. Like I didn’t have enough to worry about.

The cold had been spreading at the high school since the beginning of the term, and now it had hit her.

She went to the bathroom, pulled off a large piece of toilet paper and blew her stuffed nose with it.

She felt her forehead with the back of her hand, made her decision, changed to sweatpants and went back to bed.


Damon barged through the door.

“Why the heck were you not in school? There’s a vampire assasin after your neck, you can’t just ditch!”

Elena sat on the couch with her hair in a sloppy bun.

“I’b sorry. I hab a cold.”

He smiled mockfully. “I can hear that.” He sat down next to her, and put his hand to her forehead. She blushed, her face becoming as red as her nose. “You have a fever”, he said with a mix of annoyance and concern. “You should lie down.”

“I’b fide.”

“Lie down.” He said more firmly.


“Elena, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either you can be a good girl and lie down, or I could just… make you.”

Elena sighed in defeat and lay down. It actually felt kind of nice. “You shoudn’d be here.” She said. “I mighd be condeicious.”

“I’m a vampire.” He snorted. “I don’t get colds.”

“Thad’s just no fai… hah… hae-choo! Hae-choo! Hae-choo! Hah.. hae-choo!” she let out four wet sneezes into a tissue, then wiped her nose with it and sniffled.

Damon handed her another one. “Blow your nose.” He said. “Then you should call Stefan. He worries, you know.”

She accepted the tissue but just held it to her face without blowing. “Turd aroud.” She demanded.

“Elena…” He raised one eyebrow.

“I’b serious. I look really gross righd noub, and it’s even worse when I bloub my nose.”

He sighed again but followed her request. “You forget I’ve been around for a hundred years.” He said, facing the wall. “I’ve seen much worse.”

She blew her nose loudly, starting wet and ending in a honk.



He handed her his phone. “Then you should call my brother. Make him stop worry before he barges in here.”

“You mead like you did?” Elena said teasingly.

He nudged her gently on her shoulder. “Shut up!”

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Part 2


Despite Elenas protests Stefan went over to check on her.

"How are you doing?" He asked, but Damon answered before she could.

"She's got a fever, and a bad case of the sniffles." He said mockingly. "You should be a gentleman and make her some soup or something."

"I'b fide." She insisted.

Damon rolled his eyes. "My mistake. Clearly she's fide."

Elena threw a pillow at him but he caught it before it hit him.

"No fighting you two. Elena needs some rest. Damon, you should probably go. I'll take care of her."

"I dob't need *sniff* takid care of. *sniff*" Her nose was filling up more and more and she had no choice but to swallow her pride and let out a deep honk in front of the brothers.

"I think..." Damon said thoughtfully. "That there's an elephant in the room." Elena was reaching for another pillow but Stefan grabbed her arm. Damon raised his in defeat. "Allright, I'll go. I've got a hybrid to kill anyway. Call me if you need me."

After he left Stefan went out to the kitchen to make tea, while he heard another stuffed noseblow from the living room.

He handed her the cup.

"I dob't wadt you to see be like this." She complained.

"Like what? Helpless and adorable?"

She rolled her eyes.

In the awkward silence she took some deep sips of her tea. The warm fluid seemed to help clear her sinuses of the congestion, but of course that meant she had to grab a tissue and blow her nose once more. She sighed.

"You should use a handkarchief you know, it's better for your nose."

"Thanks, doctor."

"I'm sorry. I just hate to see you suffer."


The sneeze hit her so suddenly she barely had time to reach for a tissue and catch the contents in it. She gave a final honk.

"I hate being sick."


I actually have an idea for a third part, but I dunno maybe that'd be too much?

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Thanks :)

part 3


By wednesday Elena had recovered enough to go back to school.

Bonnie hugged her as they met in the corridor. Her nose was pink, but other than that she looked fairly well.

"It's good to have you back. How are you feeling?"

"Well aside from having to blow my nose every five minutes, I'm pretty good." she smiled. "What have I missed?"

"Not much really. Half the class have been out with colds. Even some of the teachers are gone. Must be a pretty nasty virus."


Their first lesson was geography. Elena sat next to Caroline, with a stack of tissues on her desk.

Listening to her teacher talk about the different regions of South America, she felt a sneeze, but stifled it.

Her nose was starting to drip again, and she picked up a tissue, held it to her nose with both hand, turning her face to her desk trying to blow as discretly as possible.

It did not go well. As if to annoy her, her nose gave out a bigger honk than usual. Several heads turned to her and mumbled a low "sorry."

Her teacher gave her a sympatetic smile.

She sniffed her way through the rest of the lesson, wiping her nose every few minutes, not daring to blow it again.

When the bell rang she hurried of to the bathroom. She sat down in one the stalls, pulled out a tissue and gave a long blow, taking her time to get it all out. She sniffed a few times and gave a short final blow.

When she got out Caroline was waiting for her.

"Bad colds. One of the things I don't miss about being human."

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