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Cybil Shepard & Handkerchiefs


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Ooh that's interesting

She also sneezed once (fake), near the end of an episode of Moonlighting


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That's great news, but can you provide some context? Where did the clip come from?

An episode of Moonlighting.....not sure in what context she used the statement, but gave me a buzz regardless :-)

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Moonlighting was a show that favored handkerchiefs, for their utility and style. I seem to remember that Bruce Willis and his "brother" Charles Rocket carried them (I think Bruce Willis does in real life as well). Cybil Shepard's character favored them. And I remember an episode, don't know which one, where the husband of a murder victim pulled one out to wipe his eyes. I think we can assume that in the Moonlighting universe, all high-class people had them. Nostalgia...

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