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Ichabod Crane story (Sleepy Hollow) written by me


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Okay, here's part one! I'm not the best with words, I tried to make ot sound the best I could for my age. Sorry for it being so short, I tried to make it longer before he actually sneezed, but it didn't work out that way. Here we go then...


Ichabod had arrived at Sleepy Hollow after a rather lengthy ride filled with the least sleep he could possibly have over the length of two days, and was feeling worse then when he’d been instructed to go…

“Three persons have been murdered there, all, within, a fortnight, each one found, with the head, lobbed off.”

Bad, I mean, in a different way of course, as he’d been informed on the happenings of the place, his first feelings were fear and concern, which made him sick to the stomach. He felt lightheaded as he stepped off of the carriage. As he walked along the mucky trail he shook his head slightly in attempt to rid of the feeling. His feelings of worry were since the trip mixed with new poorly sensations. He squinted and scanned the area and buildings warily.

As he sauntered along his path he noticed a minor but irritating tickle in the back of his nose, so rubbed it with his pace slowing for a moment and it was officially ignored.

He’d arrived at the edifice he’d searched for, and knocked on the door to be greeted by two young women. He’d walked in, and just came to realise that his nose had started to run. He frantically searched for a handkerchief in his pocket and found one in time to prevent it running to his lip. He sniffed and cleared his throat as he ambled on in a slow, hesitant sort of way. He noticed ahead of him a group of men circling a blindfolded girl.

“The Pickety Witch, the Pickety Witch, who’s got a kiss for the Pickety Witch? The Pickety Witch, the Pickety Witch, who’s got a kiss for the Pickety Witch?” The blindfolded girl grabbed Ichabod’s face as he had happened to get in the way of their game. “Is it Theodore?” She asked the man. Ichabod was ready with an answer to reply, but had out of the blue been come over with the same sensation as earlier, but stronger. The back of his nose tickled as he pulled away and the girl’s hands slid off of his face. He raised his eyebrows and lowered his jaw slightly, took a few hitching breaths, leant forward with his nose in the crook of his arm while releasing a small but satisfying “Hiitchoo!”

The girl pulled down her blindfold. Ichabod opened his eyes and pulled his face out of his arm to see her uncovered face, uncovered eyes, staring with a slight smile. “Excuse me, sorry…” Ichabod started. “Hmm, bless you. You might be?” She asked. “Pardon, miss, I’m only a stranger, I’m looking for Baltus Vantassel.” “I’m his daughter, Katrina Vantassel.”

Baltus emerged from around the corner, and his eyes were automatically drawn to this new man. “Young sir, you’re most welcome” He pronounced. “Thank you sir, I’m Constable Ichabod Crane, sent to you from New York to investigate murder in Sleepy Hollow.” “Well come sir, we’ll get you settled.”

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Nice written! I would really like you to continue.

P.S. Is your username a hybrid between the Gilbert Grape's name and the name of that cool guy from "Benny&Joon" who climbes the trees and stuff? :lol:

Sorry, I am weird. Charles Atlas approved. :D

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Yeah!! You're the first person to notice! It is a mix of there names! This is also my youtube name... thanks for the comment :D

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Ichabod pushed the creaking door open to the meeting area and looked around. “Aah, excellent, come in.” Declared Baltus. He’d shut the door when his nose tickled annoyingly once again. He lowered his brow, twitching his nose. “You quite alright, lad?” asked Baltus concerned. Ichabod was certain that the feeling had left him, “Yes, fi-hine… Hiiitsschoo!” It was unexpected so all he could do was turn his head towards his shoulder to sneeze. His face stayed lowered with closed eyes for a few seconds, before he lifted his head to find everyone looking at him. “God bless you.” Baltus exclaimed. Ichabod cleared his throat, “Thank you.” He said, smiling a polite smile. Samuel Philipse the Magistrate looked tired, “Can we proceed?”

At first, Ichabod hadn’t the right idea on the exact recent happenings of the place… “Only that the three were slain in open ground, their heads found severed from their bodies.” “Mmm, their heads were not found severed,” Reverend Steenwyck told him, “Their heads were not found at all.” “The heads are… g-gone?” James Hardenbrook spoke now, “Taken, taken by the Headless Horseman, taken back to Hell.” “Pardon, I-I don’t u-u…” “Perhaps you’d better sit down,” Baltus told Ichabod. “Yes.”

Crane grabbed his tea which was sitting on a small table next to his seat. Baltus opened his mouth, ready to explain the tale of the Headless Horseman, when Ichabod turned away reluctantly whilst trying to rid of the feeling that had once again snuck on him. He closed his eyes as his eyebrows raised and then lowered in a concerned look and way. He positioned the back of his wrist to his nose, his spare hand holding his tea. He leaned back as the feeling grew stronger, then wrenched forward with a powerful, “Hiiiitsschooo!” In doing this, he spilt half of his tea on his lap. “Excuse me, I am sorry,” he said as he stood up, brushing the damp stain with his hands. “That’s quite alright,” pronounced Baltus, “Perhaps you’d like to go and get changed, Constable?” “Yes, I’m very sorry.” “You aren’t coming down with anything are you Crane?” asked Baltus, noticing the pink edges of his nostrils. “No, no, I’m sure I’m quite alright.

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Oh! How cute! Please continue~:D I squee'd with each "hitchoo" (avid depp fan)

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2. My need for ichabod crane is rarely satisfied and johnny Depp feels oh :drool:

3. Those spellings!!!!

Please do continue :)

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There was a knock at the door of Ichabod’s room. “Constable Crane?” Ichabod was in the middle of getting his pants on, “Hold on,” he replied, struggling. Baltus waited at the door. “Come in.” Vantassel walked in with a look of concern. Ichabod looked back at him in wonder. “Are you certain th…” Ichabod turned away from him for the third time this evening. He raised his left hand as a signal for Vantassel to wait. He breathed in and out noisily through his nose as his eyes closed. He pulled out his handkerchief and held it near his face. His mouth now opened and his nostrils flared as he took a deep breath, “Hnxtchoo!” He stifled his sneeze into his handkerchief, and then, starting to turn his head back, “Hiitchooo!” unstifled as it wasn’t expected. Ichabod looked at Baltus sheepishly. “Are you sure you’re alright?” Ichabod didn’t know how to answer. There was certainly not nothing wrong, but was it a big deal? “I-I’m not so sure…” “Perhaps you should rest.” “Uhh, hmm, yes, perhaps.” “I’ll leave you to sleep Constable,” Baltus told him, walking out the door.

Ichabod sighed a deep and satisfying sigh. He sat down on his bed to take his boots off, followed by his coat. He then put his feet on his bed and turned his body to lay down. He looked at the ceiling for a while, in a daze. It was soon interrupted by an annoying tickle in his throat, which instigated a coughing fit. He whined as he rolled over, closing his eyes tightly. He yawned several times before at last falling asleep.

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