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Hello, everyone. This is the first time I've written an "inside of a nose" story, so please let me know what you think of it and whether you'd like me to write more like it in the comments below.

Title: In The Nose Of The Giantess

Author: Chronosynclastic

Summary: Original characters, two sisters and a giantess (F)

"C'mon, Cora!" Kayleigh shouted. "We're almost there!"

Cora sighed in irritation. She swept a lock of her long red hair between her ear, then quickened her pace to catch up to her older sister. The girls had spent the day hiking from their village into the foothills, and had now reached the edge of Jotunheim: the land of the Giants. Traveling into Jotunheim was supposed to be forbidden — far too dangerous, the adults said. While the Giants weren't actually aggressive, and in fact mostly preferred to keep to themselves, humans were so small in comparison that it was easy for the Giants to accidentally overlook them. But despite the rules against it, it was far from uncommon for teenagers to sneak out of the village and head into the foothills, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the elusive Giants.

This trip had been Kayleigh's idea, of course. She was the more adventurous of the two, and was always dragging Cora into her latest wild scheme. She'd been getting her younger sister into trouble since the two of them were children; the only reason Cora had agreed to accompany her on this latest endeavor was that she'd thought that it had little chance of success. They could only travel a very short way into the interior of Jotunheim if they expected to get back to the village by dinnertime, and what were the odds that they'd stumble across one of the rare Giant so close to the border?

Well, judging from Kayleigh's delighted expression as she beckoned Cora up to the top of the hill, the odds weren't so low as Cora had believed. Sure enough, when she crested the hill, she was faced with the breathtaking sight of a colossal Giantess lying in the valley below. The Giantess had apparently climbed down into the valley to sleep; she lay on her back, a vast swath of golden hair blanketing the ground around her, her chest slowly rising and falling with the deep breaths of slumber.

"Look!" Kayleigh said. "Isn't she incredible?"

Cora was forced to agree. The stature of the Giantess was simply spectacular. Pictures didn't do the race justice; she had never before seen anything like it. For a moment, she forgot her annoyance at her sister for insisting on this adventure, and simply took in the sight.

"Let's go get a closer look." Kayleigh said.

"Kayleigh, no!" Cora said. "It's dangerous, we should go back."

Of course, once Kayleigh got an idea into her head, it was impossible to dissuade her; so despite her misgivings, Cora ended up heading down into the valley beside her sister. Kayleigh headed straight for the Giantess's head. Cora reluctantly followed, voicing protests all the way.

"What if she turns over in her sleep?" Cora asked.

"She hasn't moved an inch since we got here; she's sleeping like a rock." Kayleigh said dismissively.

Kayleigh then began climbing up the Giantess's hair, and Cora had no choice but to follow. Fortunately, the long and thick hair was quite easy to climb; and despite Cora's concerns, the Giantess showed no reaction to their weight. Soon they were standing on top of the gigantic woman's cheek.

"Can we go back now?" Cora asked.

"Not yet, okay?" Kayleigh said. "I want to look at her nose."

The sisters walked across the Giantess's upper lip until they stood in front of her nose. Her nostrils loomed before them like twin caves, the outer edges expanding and contracting slightly with each breath. The Giantess slow, deep inhalations created a wind powerful enough to toss the girls' hair.

"I'm going inside." Kayleigh said.

If she'd asked Cora to step inside the Giantess's nostril with her, Cora certainly would have refused. However, since she'd put it as a statement, Cora couldn't well let Kayleigh go it alone. Thus, when her sister marched without hesitation in the opening of the Giantess's nostril, Cora followed right behind her.

The inside of the Giantess's nose was soft and wet. The walls of the nostril were slick with a layer of mucous, and more was pooled in depressions on the ground. The air was thick with moisture, and a heavy wind blew past them each time the Giantess inhaled. There were also numerous fine hairs extending from the floor, walls, and ceiling. Cora tried to avoid touching them, but they were so numerous that it was simply impossible. Whenever she accidentally brushed one, a slight quiver would run through the walls.

They were only able to go a short way inside the nostril before it became too dark to see clearly. For a moment, Cora though Kayleigh might finally be forced to turn back. But of course, she should have known better; nothing could dissuade her older sister from an adventure. Unlike Cora, Kayleigh had come out to Jotunheim fully expecting to find a Giant, and so had packed supplies for her expedition. She now drew out of her traveling bag a torch and lit it with a flint starter.

With the firelight of the torch illuminating their surroundings, Kayleigh was able to press still further into the depths of the Giantess's nose. Walking behind Kayleigh, Cora could see the smoke rising from the burning torch into the cavernous space above them. Each time the Giantess inhaled, the smoke was stretched into a ribbon as it was sucked inwards into the deepest recess of her nose. Soon, Cora noticed slight tremors were running through the walls of the Giantess's nose. They were small at first, but growing larger. The amount of mucous dripping from the walls and ceiling was also increasing; rather than isolated pools, it now coated the entire ground.

"Um, Kayleigh?" Cora asked nervously.

"What is it now, Cora?" Kayleigh asked in exasperation.

"I think you should put out the torch." Cora said.

"What do you mean?" Kayleigh asked.

However, she looked around nervously, as though realizing for the first time that this expedition might have led her into unsafe territory. The trembling within the Giantess's nose had become too strong for even Cora's headstrong sister to overlook. Droplets of mucous fell like rain from the ceiling above them, and the Giantess's nose hairs rustled like trees in the wind before a storm.

"It's the smoke." Cora said urgently. "The smoke is irritating her. If you don't stop... I think she might..."

The Giantess's inhalations, once deep and regular, had now become rough and uneven. The girls' hair was whipped back and forth by the air rapidly rushing past them. Snot flowed around their feet like a turbulent river.

"Cora, if I extinguish the torch, it'll be pitch black!" Kayleigh protested. "We won't be able to see the way out!"

Then they felt it; a deep rumbling, emanating from the depths of the Giantess's nose and growing more powerful with each passing second. A massive intake of breath, building up to an explosive climax. The walls of the Giantess's nostrils spreading out, stretched wide by the pressure of the enormous volume of air being expelled through them.

"Getting out isn't going to be a problem now." Cora said. "She's sneezing, Kayleigh!"

The two sisters barely had time to reach each other. They had just grasped each other tightly in their arms when the full force of the sneeze was upon them. The eruption of air from the depths of the Giantess's nose blew over them like a hurricane. The sheer force of the onrushing air had caused it to lift up and carry with it all the mucous that had lain in its path; now the girls found themselves enveloped in a tsunami of snot. They were propelled irresistibly forward by the blasting wind of the sneeze, barely able to maintain their grip on one another within the maelstrom, until they were finally explosive expelled from the Giantess's nose like cannonballs fired from a cannon. Suddenly they were flying through open air; and before they could even process that development, they came crashing down amidst the water of a lake.

After plunging into the cold water, the girls very quickly regained their bearings. The sisters quickly swam for shore, eager to get out of the chilly water before they caught cold. Once they were once more on dry land, they wrung the water from their clothes and then began the walk back out of Jotunheim and towards their village.

"You and your bright ideas." Cora muttered. "Look where they got us this time."

"Okay, okay, I'll admit I didn't think this one all the way through." Kayleigh said. "But... it was a fantastic adventure, wouldn't you say?"

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I really liked this~! I've always loved the idea of "getting inside" like that xDDD. Well written and compelling~

Good work b^^b

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Wow! This was so awesome, I can't think of any other way to describe it.

Well written. It caught my attention and held it from beginning to end. Afterwards I read it again.

It was just that good. <3 <3 <3

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Giantess sneezes are a much neglected area in the sneezefic arena - thank you Chronosynclastic for readdressing the balance :D Maybe more to come...? :)

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That was great! I love stories like this, with inside-the-nose stuff, and I really love the amount of detail you put into it. There was a lot of character focus, which is always nice. I'd love to get to know the giantess a bit more though, so I kinda feel inspired to write my own story in a similar vein to this, if that's okay with you. It wouldn't actually be a sequel to your story or anything, but something else in a similar setting. Is that alright with you?

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Thank you everyone for your compliments.

Blah-san, of course you're welcome to write a giantess story of your own. I'm also considering writing a direct sequel to this story, since I like how it turned out and since there aren't that many other inside-the-nose stories I've been able to find.

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Would you maybe be interested in co-writing one? Or at least sharing ideas? I know you can't use private messages yet, and your email doesn't appear to be listed in your profile, but I'm sure we could find some way to get in touch with each other. Please let me know if you'd be interested.

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Blah-san: I'd like to continue the "In The Nose Of The Giantess" series on my own, since I already have some ideas about what else I want to do with these characters, but I would be happy to collaborate or share ideas on a new story with you.

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That's fine with me. I can't wait to see what you write for the next part of this story. It's already a ton of fun to read.

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Terrific story. There's nothing like a good giantess sneezing story, rare though they be. And I am looking forward to the continuation......

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Awesome ! Love your style and the subject. Would the girls dare to go back ? Maybe they could try to find out where the sudden 'rain' showers that attack the village come from ? (and find that the giants are struggling with some epidemic of sneezy colds heehee)


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This story was so awesome, I love how you wrote it in the perspective of the adventurers as opposed to the Giantess, the sneezy torment is very evident :) Such an awesome job!

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Oh I am so in favour of this idea. :drool: And you've done such a lovely job of it! I mean lovely. Reading this made me all warm and tingly ^_^ Especially what Animeeze said, the way you describe the Giantess's tortuous nasal irritation as experienced indirectly by those two mischievous girls is excellent.

NICE. :yes:

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Thank you, everyone, for your compliments.

I've been working on writing a part 2 to the story, and I'm almost done. It should be ready to post tomorrow.

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Title: In The Nose Of The Giantess, Part 2

Author: Chronosynclastic

Summary: Original characters, two sisters and a Giantess (F)

It was, Cora supposed, inevitable.

A few days ago, her older sister Kayleigh had gotten it into her head to go on a trip across the border into Jotunheim to look for Giants. Cora, who was used to her sister's tendency to indulge whatever whimsical idea popped into her head, had gone along because she'd known it was impossible to talk Kayleigh out of something she'd set her mind to, and because she'd assumed that Kayleigh would get bored and latch onto some other idea when they failed to find a Giant. She certainly hadn't expected to immediately find a sleeping Giantess within a day's walk of their village. One thing had lead to another, and the two sisters had ended up getting forcefully sneezed out of the Giantess's nose and into a nearby lake. They had been forced to make the walk back home dripping wet, and had now both come down with colds.

Of course, it might have been worth it, simply for the experience. Even in her village, on the border of Jotunheim, contact between humans and Giants was rare. No one else in her village could say that they'd even seen a Giant, let alone explored the nose of a sleeping Giantess. It was an unbelievable story — literally unbelievable, as Kayleigh was now discovering.

"Yeah, right." Valerie said. "More likely, you wandered around until it got late and then fell into a lake in the dark. Then, rather than admit you caught colds out of your own carelessness, you came up with this crazy story about seeing a Giantess."

"I am not making anything up!" Kayleigh said indignantly.

"Then prove it." Valerie demanded.

Well. Anyone who knew Kayleigh knew what was coming next. Never in her life had she backed down from a challenge, and this was no exception.

"Alright, then, I will!" Kayleigh said. "Come with me, Val; I'll take you to where the Giantess is and let you see her with your own eyes."

"Um, what makes you think the Giantess is still there?" Cora asked. "Wouldn't she have moved on by now."

"Ha!" Kayleigh said. "Been sleeping in class, Cora? This was covered in school."

She closed her eyes, raised one finger in the air and imitated their teacher's voice when he was giving a particularly boring lecture.

"Giants, being that they are much larger than us, have correspondingly slower metabolisms." Kayleigh said in an impressive drone. "This is to conserve energy, since they would otherwise have a difficult time getting enough food to eat. After a large meal, a Giant may sleep for months at a time."

"Okay, I get it." Cora said. "But last time we were there, we kind of made her sneeze. What if that woke her up?"

"Then we would have heard footsteps, wouldn't we?" Kayleigh said. "From what I hear, Giants aren't known for their stealth."

Cora sighed. The only times when Kayleigh was more annoying than when she was being reckless and hotheaded were the times when she was being infuriatingly logical. It was clear that Kayleigh had already put a great deal of thought into this matter; Cora had the sneaking suspicion that even if Valerie hadn't openly challenged her, she'd been planning on coming up with some excuse to go back to the Giantess. In any case, it was clear that her sister wasn't going to be dissuaded; and rather than waste energy trying, Cora decided to just give in to the inevitable.

And so, with Valerie in tow, Kayleigh and Cora once more set out on the road to Jotunheim. They made much faster progress this time. On their previous excursion, they had been wandering pretty much at random, just hoping to stumble across a Giant or Giantess. This time, they knew where one was, and headed straight for her.

The trio crested a hill, and the Giantess came into sight. As Kayleigh had said, she was still in the same position, lying cradled in the valley as though it were a bed. Her golden hair lay spread around her head like a parted veil, and her chest rose and fell with the deep, slow rhythm of sleep. Valerie stared in awe, all her previous hostility wiped away by her awe at seeing the Giantess.

"There she is." Kayleigh said triumphantly. "Just as we said."

"Did you really go inside her nose?" Valerie asked.

"Of course!" Kayleigh said immediately. "Come on and I'll show you!"

"We have to be careful, though." Cora added reproachfully. "As we found out last time, this Giantess seems to have a very sensitive nose."

"I am completely on top of this, little sis." Kayleigh said.

She reached into her travel bag and pulled something out.

"Ta-dah!" Kayleigh proclaimed. "A covered lantern. Completely smokeless. Nothing that'll tickle our Giantess's oh-so-delicate nostrils."

With that matter taken care of, the girls used strands of the Giantess's long blonde hair as ropes to climb up onto her face. Soon they stood on her upper lip, in front of the wide openings of her nostrils. The edges of the Giantess's nose flared gently with each of her slow, steady breaths, causing the three girls' hair to be tossed by a gentle wind.

"Onwards!" Kayleigh proclaimed.

The trio began their trek into the dark, cavernous depths of the Giantess's nostrils. The interior of the Giantess's nose looked just as Cora recalled from her last trip: the soft walls, wet with a thin layer of mucous, which slowly expanded and contracted with each of the Giantess's sleeping breaths. The numerous fine hairs, which waved in the humid air like trees in the wind with each new inhalation. Even though she had seen it before, she was awed all over again. And Valerie, who was just now seeing the Giantess's nose from the inside for the first time, was beyond awe. She was enraptured.

"Incredible!: Valerie said. "I have to see more! I have to go deeper!"

"I'm with you one hundred percent." Kayleigh said. "We didn't make it in very far last time before our torch smoke set off a sneeze that blew us right out of here. I'm curious what's back further in her nose."

As they walked ever further into the depths of the Giantess's nostril, Cora felt an itch building in her nose. It was by now a familiar sensation; her little dip in the lake the last time she'd seen the Giantess had caused both her and her sister to come down with pretty bad colds. Not that Kayleigh let such a thing dampen her enthusiasm, of course; if anything, her symptoms were worse than Cora's, but she hadn't let the illness slow her down. And seeing Kayleigh handling it stoically, Cora herself could hardly complain. She didn't want to be seen as weaker than her sister. But while she'd managed to suppress all the other tickles that had troubled her nose so far during this trip, this itch was coming on strong and building in intensity by the moment. By the time she realized that she wasn't going to be able to stifle this one, it was already too late to do anything about it. There was nothing to do but let out a large, wet sneeze.

Her nose had been clogged up ever since she'd come down with this stupid cold, and the sneeze ended up blowing out a large spray of mucous. Cora sighed as she wiped the snot from her nose.

A moment later, the Giantess's nose rumbled. All three girls swayed precariously, struggling to keep their balance as the ground trembled beneath them. The Giantess's nose hairs were swept back by the wind of an unusually deep inhalation, and the walls and roof of the nostril twitched erratically. The disturbance lasted several seconds; then the tremors slowly faded away.

"Um, is that.... normal?" Valerie asked nervously.

"No." Cora said with a bit of alarm. "This happened last time... right before the Giantess sneezed!"

"But... you said that wouldn't happen this time!" Valerie protested. "You have lanterns, so there's no smoke! Why would she have to sneeze?"

"It's because of our colds." Kayleigh suddenly said. "You sneeze to expel viruses from the body. Cora just blew a bunch of cold germs out of her nose — straight up the Giantess's nostril."

"It's not my fault!" Cora protested. "My nose has been tormenting me ever since our dip in that lake. The itching got so bad I just couldn't take it anymore. And... it still itches... and it's getting worse..."

"No!" Valeria said. "You can't sneeze again! You have to stop it somehow!"

Cora tried, she really did. But her poor, abused nose just couldn't take it any more. It was succumbing to an unbearable tickle that simply couldn't be suppressed. No matter how hard Cora tried, she couldn't stop her eyelids from squeezing closed in anticipation of the impending blast, or her nostrils from flaring widely in preparation for expelling the billions of cold viruses currently irritating the inside of her nose. All she could do was cup her hands in front of her face, hoping to catch as much of the spray as possible so that it wouldn't get blown directly onto the inside surface of the Giantess's nose....

The Cora's body's involuntary reactions took over, and she let out the loudest, messiest sneeze of her life. She managed to cover a lot of it, but some of the copious spray was released into the air, where it was caught by the air currents and pulled by the Giantess's next inhalation into the deeper, more sensitive parts of her nostrils.

The Giantess's nose began to shake again, this time more fiercely. The walls of the nostril began violently expanding and contracting, and the rapid undulations caused the girls to fall onto their butts. At the same time, the interior of the Giantess's nose began to grow wet as her body tried to wash away the foreign irritants with a flood of mucous. A river of snot poured down from the depths of the Giantess's nose, pooling in the dips and valleys of her nostril. The girls quickly scrambled back to their feet as the level rose to their ankles. The walls of her nostril continued to vibrate, causing waves to ripple the surface of the mucous. Slowly, far more gradually than the last time, the tremors shaking her nose died away. However, it was clear from the sea of snot covering the floor of her nostril and the continued irregular twitching of her nose hairs that the slightest further provocation would cause the Giantess to blow.

"It's alright now." Cora said. "It looks like that wasn't enough to set her off, and my nose isn't itching anymore. If we just turn around now and head back before anyone else has to sneeze, it'll be fine."

"I'm very sorry." Kayleigh said. "But I can't hold it in that long."

Too late, Cora registered the quivering in Kayleigh's voice, took in the redness of her nose and the droop of her eyelids. Kayleigh had also caught a cold after falling in the cold lake. Her nose was also being tormented by an implacable itch. And though she'd managed to keep it at bay longer than Cora, she was finally succumbing to the irresistible tickle.

"Hey, wait!" Valerie protested. "Don't—"

But she was too late to do anything about it. A spectacular sneeze erupted from Kayleigh, far greater in magnitude than either of Cora's earlier sneezes. Kayleigh was forceful in everything she did, and her sneezes were no exception; she was bent forwards by the explosive force of the sneeze. Although Kayleigh had many good qualities, her manners were somewhat lacking, and as usual she had failed to cover her nose. Quite a bit of mucous had apparently built up in her nasal cavity before the irritation finally overcame her, because an impressive amount of snot sprayed from Kayleigh's flaring nostrils. A fine mist of mucous particles, each droplet teeming with countless numbers of the cold virus that had stricken the sisters, spread through the nose of the Giantess. The disease-causing germs circulated through the air, spread by the gentle draft of the Giantess's slow, sleepy inhalations, landing on every sensitive surface all throughout the Giantess's colossal nose Assailed on all sides by the airborne viral legions, the Giantess's nose reacted the only way it could.

An explosion, an eruption, an expulsion.

A sneeze.

It started like an earthquake. The walls of the Giantess's nostril spasmed uncontrollably, driven wild by uncontrollable irritation caused by the cold virus. Mucous flowed down the sides of her nostrils and fell like rain from the ceiling above. A hurricane of wind rushed past the girls as the Giantess filled her lungs to their maximum capacity. Then came the explosion. A terrific blast of wet wind that lifted the girls up off their feet and sent them hurtling through the air. They shot out of the Giantess's nostril like a bullet, propelled into the sky amidst a geyser-like cloud- like spray of snot. For a terrifying moment, they were in freefall. But having been through this experience once before, Cora already knew what arc their trajectory would take them on. Sure enough, moments later all three young women came crashing down into the cold water of the nearby lake.

They quickly swam to shore. As they pulled themselves out of the lake, shivering in their dripping wet clothes, Valerie scrunched up her face and let out a loud sneeze.

"...Coming down with a cold?" Kayleigh asked innocently. "I hear falling into the lake can cause that."

Cora sighed, wrung out the water from her hair, and began the walk back home.

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Cora tried, she really did. But her poor, abused nose just couldn't take it any more. It was succumbing to an unbearable tickle that simply couldn't be suppressed. No matter how hard Cora tried, she couldn't stop her eyelids from squeezing closed in anticipation of the impending blast, or her nostrils from flaring widely in preparation for expelling the billions of cold viruses currently irritating the inside of her nose. All she could do was cup her hands in front of her face, hoping to catch as much of the spray as possible so that it wouldn't get blown directly onto the inside surface of the Giantess's nose....

:dribble: Dude, you have SKILLS. This is classic excellence. You seriously know what works! Great story!

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Thank you very much, Maru-chan!

I'm glad you enjoy my writing, and I'll do my best to keep making new and entertaining stories for this site.

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Amazing update Chronosynclastic! Your description of the Giantesses' build-up was my particular favourite part... :D

I have always wondered - what is it about the giantess sneezing scenario which is so amazingly appealing?

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I have always wondered - what is it about the giantess sneezing scenario which is so amazingly appealing?

For me, I think it's probably the magnitude of the sneezes. Having the character be a giantess makes the sneezes so much larger and more powerful.

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