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A request or trade?


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So oh my goodness, I watched Goodfellas for the first time ever, and then five times after that. I LOVE it.

And I was wondering if anyone would maybe be willing to write this for me, or trade!

I would really adore the idea of Robert De Niro's character, Jimmy Conway, coming down with a nasty cold. Or Joe Pesci's character Tommy DeVito.

As for trading-thingies, I'll write any gender, any cause, and I'm familiar with most fandoms, so fire away!

I would love anyone forever who would do this for/with me. <3

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Hmm, I might give this a try, since I've kind of arrived at a writer's block with my GoT stuff. I'm gonna do Jimmy Conway if I do write this because the thought of Joe Pesci sneezing kinda frightens me :lol: I will give this a try, but it won't be up immediately or anything since I'm back in school. Although, I watched Goodfellas when I was 12 or 13 and might have a tiny brainchild of a fic lurking somewhere on my PC. I'll have to check when I get home. I might request some kind of mafia themed fic later, but I'm on break right now and break's almost over :/ I'm also typing on my phone which is a huge pain in the ass. REGARDLESS, I will either postmy trade suggestion here or PM it to you once I'm home :) Thanks for requesting a mob fic, btw. This forum is seriously lacking in sneezy gangsters ;)

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Awesome! :D I'm really excited! ^^

And as for sneezy gangsters, yes, this forum is lacking sakdjfdsf They're too delicious for nobody to write about!

I shall await your trade suggestion!

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