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So, I finally started my own Jared Jensen verse. This is inspired by the lovely photic Jared sneezes going around, and some amazingly wonderful prompts. I think I"m just going to slowly keep adding ficlets to this little world of mine. I'm starting out at the very beginning of Season one and am slowly going to move on. It will probably end up slash, cause basically all of my fics do, but this first one is safe. Hopefully you like my little AU, but I try to keep most of it in line.

And if you like it please comment and write more sneezy Sammy and Dean, because there is never enough.

On with the show...


"Nothin like a good ol' fight scene to finish the shift ey boys?"

"You ready for this?" Jensen confidently held out his hand.

"The question is are YOU ready for this?" Jared shook and the two backed into their corners.


After much practice the two were in perfect sinc. A few nicely placed hits and counters and Jared was on his back, Jensen proud on top.




As soon as the lights flashed differently Jared's head shot up.

"h'EGTSHHuh! sniff. Sorry man."

"Dude!" Jensen wasn't sure whether to be shocked or surprised or what the heck, but both obediently maintained their assigned positions.


Some chick immediately darted in and wiped off a few noticable droplets from Jensen before wiping Jared's nose.

"Do you need to blow?" Jared could feel his cheeks flush and really wished he could sink through the floor.

"No, thanks."

Tracy covered his nose with a tissue, swiped some mineral powder on his cheeks to lessen the red tint and gave one last swipe of his nose.

"Dude, you totally had to have a girl wipe your nose."


Jared smiled before swiftly moving to reverse their positions, pressing Jensen a little harder to the ground than necessary. Satisfied that he had somehow regained some dignity the two finished out the scene with ease.


"Well done you two. Be ready for an early start tomorrow."


"And Jay, we're doing a lot of outside stuff tomorrow so may want to stock up."

"K, Thanks."

"Dude, what was that about."

"Allergies have been pretty bad lately."

"So earlier was...?"

"Nope, that was photic?"

"Now you're just making things up."

"Ha! No, sometimes light makes me sneeze, some reflex thing, I really am sorry about earlier."

"It's okay, just let me know if you start coming down with something, so I can load up on preventative crap, ya know."


"So, allergies... isn't it fall."

"Yeah, I think the world hates me in general."

"Dogs cats?"

"Surprisingly no."

"Immune system?"

"Basically non-existent, advance warning is a must, and even then most prenventative stuff does jack, except maybe lessen the torture.

"You know, eating something besides gummy worms might help."

"And miss out on the vitamin c, not a chance."

"What about asthma?"

"Nope, my lungs do pretty good, apparently bronchitis and pneumonia are the two things I stand a chance against."

"Ha!" Jensen pulled out an inhaler from his pocket, "Well, I got those covered for us."

"Seriously?" The two chuckled.

"And they cast us to fight creatures in dark moldy dusty and pollen infested areas."

Jared's nose twitched with every word and he pressed a finger against the underside of his nose, which did little to stop the itch from progressing.

Scrunching his eyes together he mushed his nose into his hand stifling three fairly strong sneezes, completing it with a final "H'NGXT!"

"Bless you!"

"Thanks." Jared sniffed and looked as if he was trying to shrink an inch, not that that helped since he towered over almost everyone but Jensen.

"You know, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. I was just kidding about the thing with Tracy."

"I know, I just can't control it, and I feel like it makes everyone wonder if I'm this giant germ dispersal device."

"Well, I promise to not look at you like you are a giant germ thing."

Jared rolled his eyes.

"Seriously, you know we're going to be in the public eye, it always ends better if you can laugh bodily functions off rather than be embarrassed about it."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Come on, let's get some sleep. Who knows, if we keep this thing going maybe we'll get our own separate trailers."


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Oh yay! This is very exciting.

I've been so much in an RPF mood lately.


And I love how embarassed Jared was, and Jensen laughing at him having his nose wiped for him, and, man, I can't help it, there's just something delicious about them listing their defects, I dont even know! Oh, and I almost forgot, but I also loved the whole, 'Photic, what? That's not real!' thing. That made me laugh.

Love this so much!

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This is super awesome. SUPER AWESOME. They're both allergic and asthmatic and sneezy and stuff. So, yeah, I love this. And I'm excited about you continuing it. And wait, it's a 'verse?! Is it my birthday or something? *checks* Nope, that's not for another 6 months...

In short: all the love for this!

(And please ignore my random babbling from the first paragraph. I apologize for that. Profusely.)

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Oh yay! This is very exciting.

I've been so much in an RPF mood lately.

I've totally been in RPF mode as well... if it wasn't obvious

Love this!

Thank you. I love having admirers

This is super awesome. SUPER AWESOME. They're both allergic and asthmatic and sneezy and stuff. So, yeah, I love this. And I'm excited about you continuing it. And wait, it's a 'verse?! Is it my birthday or something? *checks* Nope, that's not for another 6 months...

In short: all the love for this!

(And please ignore my random babbling from the first paragraph. I apologize for that. Profusely.)

I love your rambling.

And now another drabble/chapterish thing


"Beep beep beep beep" Jensen slapped a button above his head before groaning and sitting up.

"Up an at it."

Jared groaned and blinked his eyes before dissolving into a fit of ticklish sneezes.

"Bless you, here."

Jared looked up to see a tissue box held out towards him.


"So is this like an every morning thing."

"Sometimes." After a few blows, his nose seemed relatively clear.

Jensen was busy getting dressed when Jared opened a drawer and pulled out a bunch of stuff and a personal makeup mirror.

"What the hell dude?"



Jared, apparently used to this routine, quickly swallowed a pill, put in eye drops and grabbed a pointed spray bottle.

"Are you actually going to spray that up your nose?"

"It sucks, but it does make a huge difference... just got to be prepared." Jared held up a large handkerchief in one hand while using the other to shoot a spurt of the liquid into each nostril.


"How does any of that even stay in there?"

Jared sniffled, "Nod a clue."

"Are you sure it helps?"

"Ha! kfff kff kfff" Jared nodded muffling the coughs into the cloth and put it to the side.


Jared rubbed his nose a bunch more and Jensen tried to ignore it, glancing every so often as they finished getting their stuff together.

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I smiled about the nasal spray...ugh so gross and yet people swear by it. It's not something I have seen a lot of here but works well in the scene. Nicely done.

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Oh my god MORE sneezy photic Jared. I'm dead. Seriously. This is too much for me to handle my first day back!

I LOVED Jared and Jensen swapping their ailments so the other's warned for what's in the future. And Jensen being like "photic? That's not real!" And Jared having his little station set up as a battle against allergies. And Jensen being disbelieving of all of it. TOO cute.

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  • 4 months later...

First off, sorry for the absenteeism, still in the middle of a move and I'll be on irregularly at best. Also, sorry this has more turned into a series of drabbles instead of my intended verse, but whatever, still in order, and still same plot line/au. That being said here comes some more goodness, this time a little of both boys.


"And I'm joined here by the two stars of the new hit series Supernatural, premiering this Sunday on CWTV. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki."

"Thanks for having us." Jensen took the lead as Jared discreetly rubbed his nose.

"So, Jensen you play Dean, the older brother of young Sammy here. How has that been?"

"I think it's been good. Our schedules are kind of crazy, but it's been really fun, and it's nice to have a partner to goof off with."


"Yeah, we clicked right away and it really has been like we're br...brothers." Jared turned to the side stifling two sneezes politely into his arm. "Excuse me."

"Bless you. All the late night filming getting to you?"

"Thank you, and no, just allergies." A slight blush crept up Jared's cheeks, but it was hardly noticeable and Jensen was proud of how he handled himself.

"So, you've seen a few clips from the show, what do you think." Jensen piped in to change the subject.

"It looks amazing. So don't forget everyone, tune in Sunday Six PM for Supernatural."


"Thanks you two, I know you have busy schedules."

"Not a problem." Jensen gave her Dean's award winning smile and she blushed slightly.

"And it was nice meeting you Jared."

"You too."

As the woman walked away, Jared looked towards the more experienced actor.

"You did good. Handled yourself well. I'm proud of you."

The last sentence swam over and over through his head. Jared had no idea why it meant so much to him though.

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FAKE (chapter 4)


"Bless you."


"Yes?" Jared looked at Jensen like he had lost his mind.

"Have you read next weeks script?" Jared still looked confused


"Kim was running through some of it with me and on page six I have to sneeze."


"You may think I am a good actor but apparently I couldn't pull off a sneeze to save my life."


"Hey, some of us arn't quite as experienced as others."

Jared rolled his eyes.

"I've been practicing all day."

"So that was fake?"

"Yup." Jensen smiled like he had just won 'man of the year' or something equally ridiculous.


"H'TSHHH... h'NSXHT....huR'SHHHT!"

"Okay okay, you've got it down, can you just go to sleep now." Jared rolled over pulling a sheet over his head.


"What?" Jared yelled, knowing they only had three hours till first light.

"Those weren't fake."


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"So, what'd the doc say?" Jared looked up from his seat in the waiting room.

Jensen scribbled on a pad, 'to not wait three weeks before coming in'.

"Hmmm, didn't someone else say something about that." Lips curled into a smirk, but frowned when his companion started coughing into Dean's leather jacket.

"Come on, just breathe." Standing, Jared wrapped an arm around Jensen and mumbled a curse as staccato coughs turned into slow wheezes. Pushing his friend into his earlier seat, Jared quickly fished out Jen's inhaler. After a few hits, Jensen's chest quit heaving and Jared let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

"You okay?"

The older man nodded, and slowly wrote something, pausing to take a controlled breath every two seconds.

'Bronchitis. Said to save voice for set and can work tomorrow'.

"You know, first wheeze on set and I'm sending your ass back to bed."


"Friend," Jared gave a sympathetic smile and offered a hand, "now, let's get to that Starbucks I promised you.

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So... um... I've never attempted RPF and I'm not really sure I could pull it off... but hypothetically if someone was to write you J2 birthday fic what sort of thing would you want to see?

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I love either one sick, plus caretaking fluff, plus contagion. I love those two together, possibly living together. You should totally watch some clips of Jensen and Jared, you'll fall in love with their personalities.

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Hey ickydog. Happy birthday for yesterday! I'm sorry, I did mean to have your story finished by now but things have been unexpectedly stressy. I have a couple of hours to myself this afternoon though so I'm hoping to at least make a decent start. Apologies if this is a stupid question but... did you want slash?

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Hey ickydog2006, I happen to have been working on an RPF for a while now and it DOES include contagion and cute boys... So, if I finish it soon, maybe it could be a belated gift from me? I can't promise it will be anywhere near as good as I'm sure Oddity's will be, but I do want to give you a present since you wrote me such a lovely Sammy drabble/fic for MY birthday!

And speaking of J2... So happy about Jensen's baby news!! Another baby on set!

So, yes! I'll work on that. Hope your birthday was fabulous!

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