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Hey Guys! Here again with another AMAZING obs!

So i was visiting Eastern Washington for their 11:00 tour yesterday. I was in the visiting center looking at flyers, brochures, etc. A guy walked in as I looked up and he was like gorgeous! He was tall and had really dark brownish hair. We'll call him K. Then after talking to the people at the front desk he came and sat right by me. thumbsupsmileyanim.gif Haha, anyways he was a little shy, but managed to say hello. Now a lot of this was diologue so here ya go teehee.gif

K: Hi

Me: Hi blushsmiley.gif

K: So you like EWU too?

Me: Yeah

K: What do you plan on going for?

Me: Digital Design.

K: Me too! I'm K by the way

Me: I'm M.

K: Oh hold on...

Me: Something Wrong?

K: I have to sne... *Sneezes*

(Sorry i dont really know how to explain it!)

K: Im so sorry

Me: Dont worry about it! (Dont mind me Im just DYING! shocking.gif)

I heard him mumble something aout allergies under his breath and I was like,, Oohohhohwubsmiley.gif

A moment later he turned to his side and sneezed his perfect sneeze again! Luckily i had tissues in my purse.. i gave him the whole pack cuz it looked like his allergies ere getting the best of him ... His eyes were watery and his nose was red and the best part... he was always stuck in this presneeze face! twisted.gif Sweet Misery!!!!!

He kept sneezing over and over.. and sometimes i could even feel the spray!!drool.gif

We finally exchanged numbers! (LOL) And he hasnt texted yet... and i will not text him first! TEXT ME PLEASE!!! lol but i was in HEAVEN! I prob got like 20 sneezes out of him!

!!!!JUMPING WITH JOY!!!!!!!!!!

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Why is everyone here so lucky? Thank you for sharing!

I know right! Ugh, so not fair! Anyway, hope this guy texts you, Rocker! The ones with allergies are so mmmm... :wub:

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Interesting fact about allergies in the NW...cottonwood is brutal. My husband went out that way a few years ago and got slammed by the pollen. Couldn't even recognize his voice on the phone. Was your new friend a local or could he have been suffering from the environment change?Either way. Lucky you.

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