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True Blood: so many sexy men (and women)!

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I will give my first born to anyone who writes an Alcide (from True Blood) sneezefic. I'm a little bit of a cold whore but I like allergies too. I don't care if there's a pairing or not, I just want a story about Alcide sneezing! Also, I think it should be illegal for that man to NOT walk around without a shirt on.......

I am willing to do a trade with people as well. I'll write original fic (which I'm best at) or a fanfic (providing I know the fandom).....also, I will give you my first born child....but not really........

Also, there are far too many beautiful people on True Blood. I'm shocked I haven't seen more fics about them...


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I'm sorry, I only know the first two seasons, Alcide hasn't turned up yet, but I looked the actor up. Gosh *_*

I would totally second your request!!

(I would offer to write a Sam fic, because he's my favourite but it's been a while since I've seen True Blood for the last time.)

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I'm so out of touch with this show. I watched the first few seasons and yes. I agree....yummmm....

Sam's my favorite, too! And I like Jason. But Alcide is delicious also.

I hope someone does it though! I just feel like I wouldn't do the characters justice.

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