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Getting Sick?


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I'm kinda in denial right now. Been dealing with an on/off sore throat for a few days, but it usually goes away with a few sips of water. But I've already sneezed four times today (stifles with no warning), and the Croup is acting up, making it hard to breath, etc. My nose is just starting to feel stuffy, and my voice is getting congested. Been having to clear my throat a lot lately, feeling like there's something stuck in my chest that I can't get out just by coughing. I've been going back and forth between my regular Croup cough and that sick-like congested cough. As much as I'd like to deny this, given the fact that the sore throat's back, I don't think I can. Dang.

But just a few minutes ago, I think I got my first actual cold sneeze. Maybe. I was just surfing the internet, like usual, when I got that "oh no I'm about to sneeze!" feeling. After one false start and a few seconds of buildup, I got a soft, wet "huh-issh!!"

Sounds like a cold. Been feeling really sneezy lately. Gonna keep you guys posted :)

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*update* just had a fit of...like... eight, plus sneezes, all let out, sounding pretty much identical to the first, just wetter and more congested. Got a very slight headache now. Dang.

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okay! almost 40 sneezes later, I have *finally* found an accurate thermometer! and I have a fever. Nice

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I'm kinda in denial right now.

I know the feeling exactly :D I refuse to just give in and admit that I've got a cold until I am literally floored by it... Hope you feel better soon :)

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