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The Hunger Games - Part 1

Every year for the past 99 years in the nation of Panem, there has been the Hunger Games. 12 females, 1 randomly selected from each district would each be put in a small area together where the last one not to sneeze would have eternal glory, the other 11 would be exiled from Panem. This is the 100th aniversery of the games and the winner would have their name written down in the history books and be remembered forever.

It was time for the ratings of each girls for who would have the best chance of winning. The ratings are from 1-12 with 12 being the best.

First from District 1 is Katie. She has light brown hair and a small button nose with hazel eyes. She has mild allergies to grass and a fairly sensitive nose.She is decent at holding back sneezes. Her rating is a 5.

From District 2 is Nicole. She has blonde hair, dark eyes, and a long nose. Her nose isnt very sensitive but she is not very good at holding back her sneezes. Her rating is 8.

From District 3 is Riley. She has dark hair, dark eyes, a straight medium sized nose, and tan skin. She is considered a favorite by many because her nose is not sensitive and she is fairly good at holding back her sneezes too. Her rating is 11.

From District 4 is Emily. She has blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, and a button nose. Her nose is very sensitive and she isn't too good at holding back sneezes. She has seasonal allergies. Her rating is 3.

From District 5 is Lauren. She has light brown hair, blue eyes, and a decent sized nose. Her nose isn't too sensitive but she is not that good at holding back sneezes. Her rating is 6.

From District 6 is Lexa. She has blonde hair, darke eyes, and a large nose. Her nose is fairly sensitive mainly because of her seasonal allergies but she is really good at holding back her sneezes. Her rating is 10.

From District 7 is Nicole. She red curly hair, blue eyes, and freckles across her nose. She has a mildly sensitive nose but she cannot hold back her sneezes. Her rating is 3.

From District 8 is Taylor. She has dark hair, dark eyes, and a small, wide nose. She has a pretty sensitive nose because of all her allergies, but she can hold back her sneezes for awhile from time to time. Her rating is 7.

From District 9 is Emily. She has brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, and a small nose. She has a nose that isnt very sensitive and she is pretty good at holding back sneezes too. Her rating is 10.

From District 10 is Melissa. She has dark eyes, dark hair, tan skin, and a small-ish nose. She has a sensitive nose from her bad allergies and she isn't good at holding back either. Her rating is 2.

From District 11 is Karin. She has dark hair, dark eyes, tan skin, and a wide nose. Her nose is pretty sensitive and she isn't the best at holding back her sneezes. Her rating is 4.

From District 12 is Megan. She has dark eyes, dark hair, and a long nose. Her nose is not too sensitive and she is also really good at holding back her sneezes. She is another heavy favorite and her rating is 11.

The games were about to start and the 12 contestants went inside the area were they were to have the games. The only people in there are were just the 12 contestants and there were cameras so that people could watch the games on television and the officals could see if someone sneezed. Once a contestant sneezed they were asked to leave the area so that after a while there would only be one contestant left and therefore she would be the winner. While the games would be played, head officals of the games could add obstacles to make it harder on the contestants to contain their sneezes.

The games were about to begin and the girls were all ready to begin and were standing next to each other in a small area were there were lots of grass, trees, and flowers which would make it more difficult for the girls. The countdown began. The countdown started to begin the games. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!

At first nothing happened except their was a mild scent of pepper. However that mild scent starting becoming stronger until the scent of pepper was really strong. All of the girls started having trouble with their noses, but two were in paticular, Nicole from District 2 and Karin. Karin breathing started hitching first. "HEHHHhhhhha.....HEHHHH-HAH..." Then she stopped for a few seconds but the sneeze started to return again. "HEAHHHHHHHHuhhh......hehhhhhh" However the sneeze appeared to go away. This was not the case for NIcole as she was still having trouble containing her sneeze. "HAHHhhhhhh-HEHH..." Then she paused for a few seconds. However, out of nowhere the sneeze exploded out of her. "HETCHOOOO! ATCHOOOO!" Just like that the first contender was already out and it was suprising that it was her to go first because she had a pretty high rating. However, it didnt matter what rating she was because she sneezed and that meant it was time for her to leave the area.

The rest of the 11 girls all did pretty good for the next 20 minutes except Karin started to buildup again 10 minutes after NIcole's sneezes but she was able to contain it again. However, once again for a third time now her nostrils started to flare and her eyes started to flutter. She started to buildup again. "HEHHHHHhhhuhh....." Then someone started sneezing but it wan't Karin. It was Emily from District 4. "HESHOOOO! ETSCHOOO! HEH- HEH- ATSHOOOO!" Not even 3 seconds later after Emily was done sneezing Karin finally couldn't contain her sneezes anymore. "HECHIEWW! CHEIWWW! ATCHIEWW!" Both of the girls were eliminatedand left the area together. That means already 1/4 of the competition was eliminated.

The remaining 9 girls went sneezeless for the next two hours. However, Lexa, a big favorite to win, was having a super tough time with her allergies as she was constantly rubbong her eyes and nose. Now the other Nicole was also rubbing at her nose and she started a long pre-sneeze buildup. "HEHHhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhahhh........HEHHHHHH- AHHHHhhhhhhhhuh......." Then she seemed to have been stopped like someone had pressed the pause button as everything about her was completly still for a few seconds. Then she let out one mighty sneeze. "HATCHOOOOOO!" With that sneeze it meant she was out of the competition and she left the area.

Another hour went by and nobody seemed to have to sneeze so the head officals decided to turn it up a notch. They dropped the temperature of the area by a lot and they started a heavy wind in the area. This started to have an immediate effect on all the girls. Megan and Riley were wipping their runny nose from the cold air, Lauren, Emily, and Katie were having trouble because the wind was speeding up how much pepper they had been inhaling, and now joining Lexa with having allergy issues were Taylor and Melissa, and even Katie's eyes were sometimes watering up because of the grass. Finally, with all of these new harsh conditions, someone came on the verge of sneezing. It was Melissa. She only had a quick little buildup befeore her nose started to have enough. "HEHhhhhh-huhh..." Then Melissa showed her pre-sneeze face and she started to have a long sneezing fit. "HEHCHIEWW! CHIEWW! CHIEWWW! HATCHIEWWW! ATCHIEWWW! CHIEWWW! ESCHIEWW! CHIEWW! Heh- HACHIEWWW!" Melissa's nose had finally shown why she only had a rating of 2. Her 9 sneezes meant it was time for her to leave the area. She exited meaning there were only 7 contestants left.

Only 5 minutes passed before a few more girls were on the danger of sneezing, includng two of the highest rated, Lexa and Riley. Lexa started her long buildup first. "Hehhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhh- HEHHHhhhhhhhhhh.... uhhhhhhhhhhhh" Lexa's buildup went on for a while but in the end it seemed as if she rubbed her nose enough to make the sneeze go away. Now it was Riley's turn to make her sneeze go away. Riley started a buildup that each time her breathing hitched her head tilted backwards. "HEHHHH.....HUHHHH.....HUUUHHHHH. HAHHHH....HUHHH....HAHHHHHHHH" Her head was tilted so much now that she was looking up at the sky. She brought her cupped hands up close to her face. Then she tilted her head back down and let out a big breath. It seemed as if that meant the sneeze disappeared. However her eyes shut again and she tilted her head back up to the sky and brought her cupped hands close to her face again. She let out a quick loud buildup, "HEHHHHHHH" and then she finally let out a double. "AKKKCHIEWWW!!!! HEH- AKKCHIEWWW!!!" Followed by a loud sniff. With this Riley was forced to leave and that meant a very strong competitor was out already. That also meant already half were eliminated and only half were left. Right after Riley was done sneezing though another girl was on a verge of a sneeze. Katie brought her hand over her nose and mouth and her nostrils were flaring madly. However Katie was rubbing her nose left to right with her thumb and that seemed to do the trick.

The contestants through another 3 hours of not sneezing and maybe it was because all of them realized how important it was not to sneeze. Then the officals decided to crank it up a notch. They turned back up the temperature would probably effect the girls with allergies and they even cranked up the scent of pepper. This had the most effect on Taylor because her allergies really started to act up. Her nostrils were flaring and the tip of her nose started to be pink. She started dabbing at her nose and she increased that to constantly rubbing at her nose. Her eyes shut and she started having her breathing hitch. "Hihhhhhhhhh......ahhhhhhhhhhhuhhh" *sniff* "Hehhhhhh-ahhhhhhhhhhuhhh." Finally after a while she realized she had to give up as the sneeze would just not go away. "Heh- HAHISCHOOOO! HE-ISCHOOOOO!" However, she seemed she might not be the only one to sneeze here. Lauren's nose started to be affected as her face seemed to go blank and her mouth opened and her nose flared twice. She didn't waste any time building up as she went straight to the sneeze. "HA-CHEWWW! HAH- ICHEWWW!" Both girls left the area and this meant that there were only four girls left.

Katie from District 1, Lexa from District 6, Emily from District 9, and Megan from District 12.

Should I keep going??? Predictions on who will win????

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Part 2

The final four girls were all sneeze free for the next 3 and a half hours. Then there was an anouncement. A voice echoed across the small area. "The time is now 10:30 PM, you may now go to sleep. You must rise at or before 7." The contestants were only allowed to sleep during a certain time period because while you are in a deep sleep you cannot sneeze while you are sleeping which would give you an unfair advantage. If a contestant were to be caught sleeping not during the allowed time period, that would result in an automatic dequalification. The girls hurried up and layed down and got some rest because they knew the quicker they got to sleep, that meant the more time they would pass not sneezing. If one of the girls sneezed during the sleeping period, it would still count and they would be eliminated.

By the time it was 7:00 am all 4 girls were still sleeping so the anouncement shouted that it was time to get up. The 4 girls got up. Some yawned and some rubbed their eyes. Right away when Emily got up she brought her left hand to her nose and mouth. Not realizing that she was not supposed to sneeze because she just got up and completly forgot about the games made her not try and stop the sneeze. "HEH-ICHHEWWW! HA-ISHEWWW! Heh-hehhhuh- HAH-ICHEWW!" Then it took her a few seconds to realize that she had just been eliminated from the Hunger Games. "Crap, I forgot." She mumbled to herself as she exited the area. Now it was down to three.

The last 3 girls went the next 4 hours without having to sneeze. However, Katie's nose was getting beaten up and she was sniffing a lot and itching her nose and Lexa was going in the other direction as her allergies were starting to ease up a bit. Megan was also doing really good too, just an occasional wipe of her nose. Now the officals started to change it up again. They turned the temperature back down to even cooler than it was before. They also made it more breezy. The quick temperature change had a huge effect on Megan's nose as she almost sneezed within 10 seconds of the change. "HAHHHHHHHHHHHH-IHHHHHHH......." But then she relaxed a bit as now there was only a small tickle in the back of her sinuses. However, over the next few minutes this small tickle was getting worse and worse and rubbing her nose wasn't stopping it, it was maybe only making it worse. Finally, she got to the point where her breathing pattern started getting messed up and the sneeze was on its way. "Hehhhhhhhhhhh-huhh-HUHHHHhhhhhhhh-hahhhh..." Then it seemed to go away as her lips closed a bi and her eyes opened a little more. However, that was not the case. Her head tilted back a bit and she bent over at the waist. "HA-ECHHOOOOOOO!" She gave a loud sniff then tilted her head back once more and bent at the waist again. "HA-ASSSHOOOOOOO!" She left the area dissapointed as she came so close.

That left only two more girls: Katie from District 1 and Lexa from District 6

Who do you think will win, Katie or Lexa? The answer will come tomorrow :)

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I look forward to reading the next part when you post it.

I just love a good build-up. <3 <3 <3

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Well, i think it's very original, a little bit weird (in the good way) and it's really great that you describe all the character so i hope you keep going 'cause i want to know who win!!! Thanx for posting, i love it!biggrinsmiley.gif

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Part 3

Sorry it took me so long to complete this. It's only been 3 months.

Two more hours had passed since Megan sneezed and Lexa was looking stronger than ever. Katie, not so much. Her nose was getting very irritated because she was not used to going so long without sneezing. She did find a good spot in her nose where she would rub back and forth to keep her from sneezing but she wasn't sure if that was going to last her forever. Another two hours passed and Katie's nose was starting to lose it a couple times the tickle in her nose grew almost to the point of a sneeze. However, she was not going to go down without a fight because she knew if she won that she would have eternal glory and she would set the record for winning the hunger games with the lowest rating ever. Nobody had every been rated a 5 or lower and won. However if she wanted that record, she would have to stop this current tickle in the back of her nose that started to get really strong all of the sudden. She tried rubbing her nose in that one same spot back and forth. But it wasn't working. Her breathing started hitching. "Huhhhhhhhhhhhhh......hehhhhhhhhhh" She kept rubbing her nose hoping that it worked. She rubbed her nose enough to make the tickle diminish but she knew that the tickle would be back very soon. Katie knew that her only chance of winning, since Lexa was doing really good right now, was to make it until bedtime where she would go to sleep and hope Lexa wasn't feeling as good tomorrow. However, she knew that would be a difficult task as it was only 3:00. She couldn't start falling asleep until 10:30.

The time was now 4:30 and that all to familiar tickle returned to Katie's nose. She started rubbing her nose again but it was no use. The sneeze seemed destined to come out. Her breathing hitched once again. "HEHHhhhhhhhh-ahhh-HUHH" Her head reared back and her eyes squeezed shut, she pinched the bridge of her nose hoping that it would do something to help her. And to her suprise it actually did. She let out a big breath and realized she escaped another close call. You could see the disappointment on Lexa's face as she thought she was going to win it their.

A few more hours had started to pass by and Katie was still hanging in their but only after time after time of rubbing and itching her nose. Even Katie's eyes started to look very watery as a result of her allergies and not being able to sneeze. It also seemed as if a few times that Lexa's nose was bothering her as she sniffed loudly a few times but it still seemed like she didn't need to sneeze.

Finally, after what seemed like days to Katie, it was 10:30pm which meant that you are allowed to sleep. If you sneezed you still lost but for Katie she had to try and get to sleep quick so she could last another night with that unbearingable itch in her nose. Luckily for her, sleepiness overtook the awakeing itch in her nose and she was able to fall asleep. Lexa fell asleep only a minute after her.

7:00 came by now and the anouncement rang both the girls' ears and woke them up. Katie woke up with her eyes still watery and she was sniffling a ton when she woke up. However, the good nose for her was that Lexa started showing these symptoms too. At first Lexa, tried to discretly wipe her nose and sniffle to not try and give Katie any hope but she realized that after a while she couldn't do this if she didn't want to sneeze.

Only half an hour later Katie seemed to finally lose control of her nose for good. She started a long buildup once again. "Hehhhhhh.... uhhhhhhhh.....AHHHH" She seemed on the verge of sneezing and she tried pinching her nose in one last effort to stop the sneeze. However, the sneeze had been long overdue. She turned her head to her side, squeezed her eyes shut, and let out a display of several, loud sneezes. "AHHHH- HEEECHEWWWW! ATCHEWWWWW! HESSSHEWWW! ICCHEEWWWW! AHHHCHHEWWWW! HEHCHHEWWW! AHHHHCHHEWWW!" After Katie's long fit, Lexa grinned from ear to ear realizing she had just won, however her smile faded as her pre- sneeze exp
ression showed on her face. She finally let go of her sneezes she had been holding on to because she had already won. "HATCHOOOO! ISCHOOOO! HETCHOOOOO! AHTCHOOOO!" Finally the smile appeared back on her face. Lexa was the 100th champion of the Hunger Games.

If you want I can make the next Hunger Games with like brand new characters and stuff. Let me know if you would be interested.

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Yes. I would like another version of this since the new Hunger Games movie has come out this year.

Seconded! :D Would love to read a fic with a sneezy Katniss attempting to hide from her opponents in the arena... :)

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