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Mental block, I had to hide my sneezing


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Okay, so I went to this hotel sleepover thing with about 7 of my really good friends, I felt like I was coming down with something the day before, I tried to brush it off and hide that I was sick,I hate when my mom and family know I'm sick, or see me sneeze. I have a mental block,I often tell my friends when I'm sick but I still can't sneeze in front of them and blowing my nose is hard too.. But anyway we set out to go to a hotel sleepover. Before we left I took a shower and blew my nose to try to make my voice normal, it worked. So, we got there and the first night we got all dolled up and went to a chocolate bar, my nose was so itchy!:/ luckily, I was able to make it to the bathroom to let out about 20 stifleled sneezes, I never let out my sneezes, I know its bad but I can't help it. So I went back to dinner, and at this point I'm sniffling horribly.. And we walked there... So we left and walked home, the whole time my nose was running and I just kept wiping my nose with my hand. When we got back to the hotel I went to the bathroom, turned on the water and sneezed about 10-15 stifles. And blew my nose, I was having a horrible time, I had to do that every 30 minutes:/ I had to keep rubbing my nose and eyes to calm the tickle so I wouldn't sneeze. The next day was even worse, I was crying in the morning and my mom had to stay at the hotel with me, I told her my depression was bothering me (yes, I am seriously depressed and it actually was bothering me a bit) I told her I wanted to be alone in my hotel room, so she said she wOuld stay for about 20 minutes, the whole time my nose was so tickly I was crying. Do you guys want to hear more? Comment(:

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Sounds like a pretty awful sleepover. :( I'm with you though, I Hate to let people know I'm sick.

Do you take cold meds? I know a lot of people say it's unnecesary to take meds just for a common cold but there are some pretty good ones. It would make your colds a LOT easier to hide...

Anyhow, I hope you're feeling better. *hugs*

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Aww!! I totally feel you, though. I will go to extraordinary measures to hide it when I'm sick, but just from my family. Hope you feel better!!

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