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uncomfortable with my fetish


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Hi, i'm a sixteen years old girl and i am very uncomfortable with my fetish. I came on the forum to learn a little bit and seeing that i'm not the only one with it.

But i have some questions...I mean, when I'll be an adult, when my children are gonna sneeze. Did i'm going to feel something? Because i can't really control it and it make me uncomfortable just to think about it.

For now at school some of my friends talking about sneeze openly...I don't think it's mean something but they just talking about it and i'm like 'omg just stop it' 'cause it's a big discomfort infront people for me.

I hope that you guys can help me with it, answer to my question or just share about how you feel with it.

Thanx, -taimatique-

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Ok having a fetish is something you can't help. It's like sexuality I suppose. It's just who you are. Yes a sneeze fetish isn't the most "normal" thing if indeed we can define normality but compared to some I'd say this is pretty tame. When you say feel something do you mean grossed out or turned on? Either way that's down to you personally. It really depends on our preferences I'd imagine. I mean I don't instantly feel something with every sneeze but my mind at least registers it. Since coming here my fetish has become a lot more controlled and I'm a lot fussier with the sneezes I enjoy. Maybe if you talk about your discomfort with us lot you'll learn to feel a lot better. I remember when I was younger I thought I had some sort of mental problem and I really wanted to find people with the same thing. Now I've come to love my fetish. At least you know you can get turned on by something easily ;) I get what you mean about the discomfort though because I still get it. Don't worry, you just have to put up with it I suppose but once you practice it should get easier (I think?). So yeah at the moment I'm happy with mine. I hope you'll get more comfortable with it too. Seriously, this forum helps!! :D

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g123 makes a lot of good points :) I know I was pretty damn uncomfortable with the fetish myself when I was your age... (says granny :lol: ) But I dealt with it by asserting to myself that it was my own little sneaky secret, which made it more fun and less uncomfortable. Also, your own imagination can be a true sanctuary in this case. :)

As far as being a parent with this fetish goes, there's a thread here in General Discussion about how to deal with your children sneezing or having colds and/or allergies, to which several parents have made useful contributions. I'd suggest checking it out!

Welcome to this here crazy playground, where you can find all sorts of information and advice... not to mention some REALLY good stories and artworks. :yes:

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I hate to come off as a patronising grown up (at the grand old age of 23!) but I found that age 16 or so I was fetish CRAZY. It was overwhelming, and I sometimes got aroused in public or was just made really, really uncomfortable by friends and family members. I did find that as I have got older I have become more picky and generally desensitised, which for me was a good thing. I still enjoy the fetish very much, but it isn't the crazy intense, overwhelming thing it was when I was younger.

Hope that's some comfort.

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I'm sorta gonna add to what g123 said and say that from my personal experience hanging out on here with like-minded people and lots material like obs and stories and art and clips, I sort of got desensitized to sneezing. Not in a bad way, just that it wasn't as big a deal, nothing to get so super excited about, at last not to the point where it made me uncomfortable. I'm still excited by sneezing, but now it's more of a warm glow instead of oh-my-god-i'm-gonna-explode. And after that, sneeze-talk with friends or family sneezes weren't as mortifying as they used to be. (Still pretty mortifying, but at least now I can just grimace instead of running out of the room).

So what I'm saying is, once you get more comfortable with your fetish and start talking about it with other fetishists (believe me, I know, it's scary as hell but really worth it), it's still a secret, but not one you have to hide from anyone and everyone or one that means there's something wrong with you. And, for me at least, once that happened the discomfort wasn't so bad. I wasn't ashamed of being turned on by sneezes anymore, which was also a big part of it. Once I was more comfortable with this aspect of myself, it made me more comfortable with all the ickier aspects of it too.

I hope you understood what I was saying through all the speechifying, and that this helps somehow...

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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Well thanx everyone for sharing! It's really strange for me now to talking with people i dont even know...especially on this subject, but i really apreciate all of your answer. In the life in general i'm a very shy person but i can see that here you dont judge people and this is amazing! As say g123, i'm pretty shure one day i'm going to enjoy the fact that i can get turned on by something easily, for now it's just something that i have to learn how to live with it...Plus this forum help me with my english 'cause i really don't speak it fluently. So sorry if i made mistakes or create words! Anyway i would like to know how you guy know that you had this fetish, when it started?

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Taimatique, I can completely empathize with you. I was around 13 when I discovered this forum, and it felt like a double edged sword. Yes, I was grateful that I found people who were like me, but I was also scared because finding and joining meant that I was admitting that what I was feeling/thinking was real. The questions that you asked up above, were ones that I had when I was your age, and even still get slightly nervous about. What I am trying to say, is that I think you feeling uncomfortable is perfecting normal.

Echoing what everyone else above said, it will calm down a lot! For example, now my fetish is much more person specific then it ever was when I was in high school. I don't know if that's because of the forum, or just that my hormones calmed down, but either way it is way less intense then it was. Even my fanfic preferences have gotten more specific. And, it becomes a part of everyday life, not something that is constantly on your mind.

While I have never been the most ardent poster here, I will say that posting, or even reading, everything on here helps to ease the discomfort. And, in all of my forum travels (fetish and non-fetish related) I have to say I have never felt a more welcoming atmosphere on any other board, than I do here. And I highly suggest, once your membership gets validated, going over and checking out the youth board here. I can't speak for how it is now, but I remember it being wonderful when I was a teen. There is just something about being able to discuss your concerns with people close to your age that is comforting.

The answer/advice on the children question can be found elsewhere, but I will give you some advice on the friends issue. I think that when we think about ourselves with this fetish, we think that it is plainly visible to everyone else around us. However, the reality is that your friends have probably never heard about it before, so they will never assume that you view sneezing any differently than they do. That thoughts helps me through the times when sneezing comes up in conversation. I almost treat it like I know some large joke or secret that no one else in the room is aware of.

Anyways, I'm going to step off my soapbox now, and hope that whatever I said made sense and/or helped just a little bit.

Well thanx everyone for sharing! It's really strange for me now to talking with people i dont even know...especially on this subject, but i really apreciate all of your answer. In the life in general i'm a very shy person but i can see that here you dont judge people and this is amazing! As say

g123Anyway i would like to know how you guy know that you had this fetish, when it started?

Now that I've seen your reply to the others, I'll answer your question in here as well. It's pretty simple, I didn't know. I really had no idea what a fetish was at 13, so I couldn't have put all the pieces together. However, I did know that I enjoyed hearing and reading about male sneezes, so I decided to go wandering around the internet trying to find fanfiction with sneezing (some things never change!) As I was looking a stumbled on the Tarot of Sneezing website, and I was introduced to the world of the fetish. And, as I started reading more and more things about it, I realized that the world fit like a glove. Like I said above, its was scary (and exciting) at first. Now, it is just another part of life.

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Um, well, I don't really know when my fetish started... I think I've always been interested in sneezing to some degree. As for whenit became sexual...I dunno, around puberty?

Also, if you're curious, there's at least one thread in the General Discussion forum dedicated to your question. *goes off to hunt for links*

*finds some*

Here, this looks a bit like what you were looking for: Earliest memories of fetishy preferences

And some other stuff...

http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=47498 Some of us speculating on why we have this fetish.

http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=47520 This one's about why the fetish starts so young for a lot of us.

Hope this helped!

And about the language thing, there are a ton of people on here for whom English is not their first language, so don't worry about it. Also, you're from Quebec? So you speak French? Waaaaahhh, I'm so jealous, I wanna speak French

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This is a little off-topic, but your English is very good for someone who doesn't speak it fluently. :)

But anyway, I'm still a little bit uncomfortable with my own fetish but it's just something you need to learn to embrace and eventually love, because it's not something that you can change. I'd definately suggest spending some more time with us on the forums since, from my own experiences, it's really comforting to be able to talk with people who're just like you, and probably feeling the same things that you are right now. You're not on your own! ^^

Perhaps if you're as uncomfortable with your fetish as I am with mine, you could view the fetish in the sense that it's just a private little thing of yours that you secretly enjoy and come to the forum to express? And then maybe explore it in more ways as you become more comfortable with it? :)

Really hope this helps, because I really understand how it feels to be uncomfortable with having the fetish.

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*Thank you DogLover, this forum is full of stuff, i'm really surprise! In first i didn't know how the forum was working so i was like 'this is so complicated!' Now i know that it's just the fact that i really suck with computer... To answer to your question yes, i speak french. Here in Quebec people don't really like when someone speak english...I gess it's a culture thing, so now i can practice! wink2.gif

*gothic rose you really help me! It's true, here it's a very welcoming atmosphere...And everyone seem's to understanding each other so this forum was a great idea! I agree that it's scary and exciting...Or just weird for me now, i think i'll apreciate this forum.

* MidnightPixie113 First of all, i'm just glad that you guys can just understand me (about the laguage) 'cause at first i was like 'they will just not understand what I mean!' But people answered so i gess it's a good sign. But you're right, this is something that i can't change so thank you for helping me!

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don't worry yourself so much sweetie :)

loads of people have fetishes and im sure that if there is someone (like your future kids) who it disgusts you to think of being attracted to, then you won't like their sneezes

just remember, sneezing is a natural body function and to be honest, the more you try and talk about sneezes/ openly sneeze, etc. the more you'll get used to it and not feel as awkward

and if you want your friends to stop talking about sneezes, just tell them you have a fetish and it makes you uncomfortable

im sure they'll understand

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