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I am so weird


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Okay so, this is actually my first self observation, and it is pretty weird.

I was watching family guy up in my room, and I could feel the usual prickling feeling of a building sneeze. I cupped my hands and covered my nose, just waiting and my breath continued hitching. My head reared back and I sneezed... Well not quite.

As I sneezed, it sorta came out as a really long, heavy and desperate sigh. I just sounded so ridiculous I had to laugh. Yeah, I'm weird, I know.

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You're not weird! This happens sometimes when the anticipation overwhelms the sneeze, haha. :D I'd imagine it was pretty amusing, though!

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that happens to me all the time! I'm absolutely *positive* I'm going to, and then I lose it at the last possible second and it comes out sounding something like "Huh'puhhhhhhh" and I'm like "what the heck just happened??"

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