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"allergies are kicking my ass lately"


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So, I have this friend, and it's possible I have a crush on him, but I think it's mainly because he seems to be a pretty sneezy guy. :)

For those that like a description: roughly six feet, average build, maybe a little smaller. He's half indian and half white, you can tell he's mixed but he's not very dark. Black hair and these crazy, piercing, green eyes. Oh and an aquiline nose that's a little too big for the rest of his face (my favourite part :) ).

The second or third time he and i hung out, we were at a mutual friend's party. I had coolers that my dainty baby hands couldn't get the lids off of, so I had been handing them to him to open for me the whole night. I hand him a bottle, I notice a slight build-up face. He opens it, hands it back to me, and immediately turns around and sneezes. The music was pretty loud ranting.gif but I think I faintly heard him trying to stifle it (and he's not a good stifler from what i could hear.) I say "bless you" but he sneezes again, this one I couldn't hear well either but could tell he wasn't trying to stifle it. Mid-sneeze I began to walk around to the other side of the kitchen because I didn't want to be awkward, haha. I see him turn around, listen to the conversation for about five seconds, and turn back around with a sneeze that bent him almost completely in half :) Unfortunately, I was talking or doing something and I didn't bless him, my friend did though, and i heard his thank you :)

Fast forward to two nights ago, friend had another party he was here for, he and I ended up sharing a bed (7 people stayed at the house, one queen bed and two couches. you share with whoever you can ;)) I'm begging for some sneezes, none are coming, although as he grows more tired he's getting more and more stuffy, doing a lot more nose rubbing, sniffling, etc. We go to sleep, whatever. He gets up and gets in the shower, the bathroom is the room over from the bedroom we were in but the walls are pretty solid. He had woken me up to get his shower stuff and I had to get up 15 mins later so I just laid in bed, I hear a triple in the same sequence they were before. Sneeze...2-3 second wait....sneeze...5-6 second wait....sneeze. Not sure how to spell it out, kind of a loud (i mean LOUD), throaty "CHih" noise, not really a definitive "oo" on the end of it (if anyone has seen the big brother 14 video of Ian sneezing, pretty close to that noise.) All three sounded exactly the same. I had agreed to drive him to work that morning because I kind of liked him and because I was hoping there'd be some sneezes on the way there and I'd finally get to bless him!! but I decided even if he didn't sneeze on the way there i'd be content with his shower sneezes :)

I was barely out of the driveway when he rubs his nose rapidly, sniffs, and goes "god, my allergies have been going nuts lately." Obviously I am like jawdrop.gifdrool.gifblowup.gif but in an attempt to be a regular person (and maybe a little too quick to respond) I say "oh, do you want me to put the windows up?" he goes "oh no, I like the fresh air but my nose is going nuts" and i'm just like "ohhh okay, yeah, that sucks, how about that weather we've been having, unicorns, algebra, i'm wearing a blue shirt," etc hahaha I wish I remember what I said but I know I was probably babbling with no point. We're driving for a while and without warning I hear a "iCH-oo *sniffle* excuse me" next to me. I'm surprised I didn't get in an accident at this point. I think I said bless you but if i did I whispered it because I was too nervous about what just happened to be able to control my volume, etc. And that "excuse me"? I died. I could barely hear what happened next over the sound of my panties flying across the room. And then in true fashion, after a short pause, another "iCH-oo *sniff*" I say "bless you" a little louder this time but I don't think he heard it again because there was no thank you.

(on a side note, my biggest pet peeve in life is when people don't say thank you after a bless you, so I'm sticking to the idea that he didn't hear me.) but I DO get treated to "ughhhh my allergies are kicking my ass lately" and I do that babbling thing again. he continued to be kind of sniffly the rest of the ride and I continue to wonder whether he was sneezing at work all day, etc. Guy's killing me with the allergy talk.

ANYWAY, sorry this was so long, I didn't mean it to be but I could play his sneezes through my head all day long and he's just so cute and ugh. hahah he's making it very difficult for me to remain "just friends" with him.

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