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Tell me your hold back fails, (:


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Can anybody tell me their worst holdback story?? That would be amazing! Mine was when I was younger and I had to sneeze but I couldnt hold it back and I sneezed right in front of my family, it was about 4 years ago when I was in 5th grade ( I'm 14 now)

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I would, but I am pretty much a legend at holding back a sneeze if I don't want to let it out. If I focus enough I can make it go away just by holding my breath.

Strange how I love the inability to control sneezes in others, but am a master at doing it myself. I suppose its just that I don't want the attention, for fear I might inadvertantly give myself away... biggrin.png

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The only one I can think of was just now! I'm usually a MASTER at holding back my sneezes. All I have to do is think "no" and it'll go away...BUT.....

I was just sat on my floor, deleting stuff off my old phone and I have a long mirror which was to the right of me. I was looking at the mirror playing with my hair when I thought about sneezing and I got a small tickle (weirdly this happens a lot).For some reason I pushed it too far (which i sometimes like to do) and I left my breath hitch a little just to get the feeling before I stop it obviously because it's night time. For some reason when I finally thought "no don't sneeze" it was too late so I pressed my nose to stop it which made the tickle subside for like a 2 seconds then it came back stronger and literally as I was thinking "Oh SHIT NO THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN" my eyes were close and I sneezed through my mouth into my right hand along the lines of "HEh-EESSH"

It really hurt my throat and it's still scratchy now actually haha. Not from a cold though thank god because I've had enough of those this year.

I had to come on here and post then seeing as I knew this topic was open. That was pretty exhilarating considering I avoid sneezing at all costs. :D

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I thought I was good at holding back till I got a tickle in my nose I hate sneezing in front of people I always get embrassed I was in Kmart when my nose started to itch my breath hitched I tried to focus on breathing and rubbing my nose hoping it'd go away than I suddenly sneezed. I'm horrible at spellong sneezes but, I managed to half-stifle it my face turned red lucky only one other person was around and, they didn't notice...

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