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Pirate Pony's Allergies


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I tagged it messy because there's a small bit of mess at the end xD it's not huge but it's there.


I'm so happy with this it's kind of funny xD I sacrificed most of my sanity for it last night and it was worth it.

So Anchors Away is a pony from the toylines that I've turned into an actual character. In my headcanon she acts like a pirate with her siblings and her friends. But today she seems to have woken up with horrible allergies.

What is she allergic to? I have no idea...I might write a fic based around this if I have time. xD

Enjoy! <3

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That's so cute! <3

I hope you find the time to write a fic based off of this.

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Agh I'm late to the reply party xD I blame school.

Thanks guys! I hope I'll be able to find the time as well, Megacycle :) I have some time tonight actually, so I might just start it if I don't fall asleep first. ^_^

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