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In my head, I hear the Christmas carol words, "It's the most wonderful day of the year..." I *almost* feel badly for taking such joy in my husband's suffering...

Hubby is allergic to many, many things and sneezes year-round. His worst allergy, however, is to molds. The huge amount of rain we had this weekend has created mold spores in the air. Yay for me (and you) and poor him...

I woke him this morning for work and knew immediately that this would be a tough day for him. His brown eyes were hazel...and pink. Judging from the amount of snoring coming from him last night, I knew he'd be stuffy but I was totally unprepared for what was about to happen.

Hubby stumbles into the kitchen and immediately asks me if we have any tissues. I point to the box right next to him. He grabs a handful, raises it to his nose and blows. Gurgly congestion comes out. He blows for the next few minutes soaking tissue after tissue. I look at him and say, "Rough day?" He begins to reply but his face suddenly flushes, his eyes squint and his nose scrunches up. His mouth hangs open and his breath becomes ragged. HRSSSH! HRRRRRRRRRRRSHHH! HUH, HUH HRRRRRRRSHHHH! RRRRRRRRRRRSHHH!" I bless him. He quickly grabs another wad of tissues to blow his nose into but instead, surprises himself by sneezing hopelessly and relentlessly into them. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRSH! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRSH! Huh, huh, huh HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSH!" Hubby sneezed over and over, stopping for a few seconds in between for the amazing buildups. All in all, he sneezed 16 times in that fit spanned over 3 minutes.

He blew his nose again. I brought him coffee and we tried to talk. Instead, I spoke while he sat there, stuck in a complete state of sneeziness. If he wasn't sneezing, he was preparing to sneeze. Or finishing a sneeze. Or waving his hands infront of his face because his sneeze was stuck. Or blowing his nose in the middle of a fit. In the hour I spent with him before he left for work, the man sneezed 46 times. And I counted every one.

To quote Mr. Rogers..."It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!!"

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Oh my god. How you didn't tackle him back to bed isn't beyond me ;) Poor thing (him) and lucky thing (you)!!

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I hate you and everything you stand for.

Just kiddin. :lol: But seriously, WUT.

How does your head not explode?? How do you just not glomp the shiz outta him? Though, foreplay might be tough...for him... :twisted:

Hehe, nice obs.

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He still doesn't know about my fetish...thinking I might take it to the grave with me! And this man has known me since I was 23!!! I've successfully kept it from this sneezy man for 16 years and have no plans on sharing. I'm thinking he wouldn't care really...but with him being so sneezy, I want to enjoy all of it without ever stopping to think about if HE's thinking about my thinking about it.

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Wonderful obs.

I totally understand what you mean about not telling your hubs.

I feel the same way.

My hubs has a mold thing too and although he has been snoring and sporting the red eyes - that is all sadsmiley.gif

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Oh... my word. FOR REAL. :dribble:

He should have called in sick. :yes:

This was a glorious obs. I love the way you described his total state of sneeziness. Good LORD is there anything sexier than that?!

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Oh... just.... WOW! You're such a lucky girl! And I'm starting to consider aswell not to tell my partners anymore... ;)

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seriously, if my other half was like that i'd never let him leave my sight!!

I feel quite bad for him cos it must be torture, but u are a very lucky lady indeed ;)

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