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DISCLAIMER: i myself think this is written horribly so if you think it sounds dumb trust me you are not the only one :P

so today was my first day of class... i dont exactly enjoy school and although i dont enjoy it all the time but what can you do haha ANYWAY

first i was in math and there was a girl really attractive: shes really pretty about 5'3, italian, curvy and she has a rack like no other :P anyway she moved to the front of the classroom to take notes and then she let 1 semi loud sneeze she then let out a groan and sniffed a few times and then proceded to rub her nose a little while longer.

later in the day i was in my last class of the day, i had a girl in my class who at least i think is known throughout my grade for her incredibly adorable sneezes, anyway i was sitting there and i heard this cute yet somewhat loud hig pitched haichuuuu and one of her freinds immidietly proclaimed that her sneeze is adorable... i thought it was funny anyway that concluded what was hopefully the first day of the sneeziest school year ever haha

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