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Hi there!

This scenario has been on my mind for a very long time, sadly I didn't have any time to write it into a proper story.

I got this drabble, though, and decided to post it for you.

Maybe I will continue it, if you like it, but it might take a while.

I hope you enjoy it anyway!

x x x Linda


The sun stood highest as I took a proving look at the sky, wiping the sweat off of my forehead. It was so hot that I even wondered if my melted brain would eventually drop out of my ears. I cringed at the thought of it. Thankfully it didn't and stayed where it should be.

I took a look at the rest of the group.

We had a great diversity of nations, there were a few Australians, plenty of Americans (like me) and a handful of Brits, Germans and Italians, and all were willing to do an adventure trip through the outback, neither knowing the fellow group members, nor the guide who was accompanying us.

Even though we were from so different backgrounds, we had one thing in common. We enjoyed nature. Oh, - of course - we all felt hot. Terribly hot.

"You ready?" a soft voice asked us. It belonged to our guide, who was checking if we had brought everything with us. "I don't want anyone to leave without at least 3 sets of new clothing, a warm jacket for the evening hours, a filled water bottle and a sleeping bag."

Eagerly he answered questions and even gave sun blocker to these people who forget theirs at home. "It is important to be shielded from the sun, it can get quite hot here," he tipped at his brown cowboy hat.

Amused, I tugged at my Scouts hat which resembled his quite a lot. Certainly, he had a good taste in hats. I guess I liked him.

"Follow me this way, please," I heard him say as he pointed at a small path through the woods with his hand. The people before me eagerly did what they were told but I slowed down my steps a little to get a better look at him.

He was really handsome and for some reason I thought his British accent sounded somewhat appealing, standing in a hard contrast to the Southern American slang my friend Jody and I spoke.

Funnily enough, he had also slowed down his steps but instead of looking my way, he had turned around and a fist jammed under his nose. "Hhhhhh…Heh…"

Tiny, breathy intakes of air drew my attention and I noticed how hard he was trying to get himself under control. "Hehh…" After a last shaky inhale, he exhaled happily.

His cheeks turned red as he noticed that I had been kind of staring at him.

"What are you waiting for, we've almost lost the others."

He motioned me to hurry up and catch up with the others. Reluctantly I did so. After I had gone a few steps, I heard this little sexy inhale again and used all the strength of my will not to turn around and stare at him.


I felt my body getting even hotter than it already was from the sun. Before I could even say 'Bless you', he had positioned himself in front of us wanderers and gave us further information about the kind of trees and such things as water quality.

"Soon we will be reaching a wonderful lake. We have the possibility to cross it by boat. I want you to keep together and check if your companions are still there. It is very important not to lose anyone, the outback can be really dangehhh…dangerous."

Unobtrusively, he turned away from us and stifled a sneeze into his fist. And another one. "Hhh'ngxtt, Hhh'ngtch."

Yeah, he was right, the outback can really be dangerous if you happen to be a sexy, sneezy guide and have a girl with a sneezekink in your troop.

"Good times ahead…" I smiled to myself and followed him.

* * *

Hope you liked it :)

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Aww... I see good times ahead too! :D

Amused, I tugged at my Scouts hat which resembled his quite a lot. Certainly, he had a good taste in hats. I guess I liked him.

I find this part adorable, and I'm not sure why... <3

This is so cute and you have to keep going! It's only just begun!

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Zwee is correct. This must continue! :wub::drool:

Pwease? :cry:

BYE! :bleh:

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YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH! *faints* This is awesome!

Oh, I hope they suddenly get lost together, spend the night cuddled up of warmth, and maybe some things happen... Too many naughty thoughts! XD

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