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First obs of real value in a while


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Despite working in an office where people seem to be sneezing constantly, I never actually see any good obs. Most of the people I work with are female and I'm too busy worrying about getting sick from them to really enjoy their sneezes, and 95% of the time they are out of view.

But today I was visiting my mother (she works in the same hospital, different department) and one of her co-workers who works in the same department. He's this cute, kind of chubby guy with dark, slightly curly hair. He's really goofy and funny and I like going down there occasionally just to see what kind of shenanigans he's getting up to. (He once stuffed a pair ofthat weird hospital underwear they give to patients in my purse when I left it down there by accident - luckily they were clean)

Anyway we were sitting around talking for a bit and I was telling him something but I honestly forget what I was even saying by that point because he got that distant look in his eyes. I had a full view of his face, flaring nostrils and a slightly dazed expression. It was funny because it didn't really progress beyond that point for at least twenty seconds, despite the fact that he was obviously otherwise unable to do much else. I stopped talking, even though he looked like he was trying really hard to keep listening. By this point my mother was waving her arms at him and telling him to turn away so he didn't sneeze on her, even though he was facing me, not her.

He stood there in the same position for a few more seconds with that funny look on his face, then whirled in a half-circle to sneeze towards an empty cubicle. I don't remember the sound, exactly, but it was full and sounded a little wet. Overall very nice sound.

The whole time I was sitting there watching, vaguely aware of the fact that I was sitting right in front of a fan. I wouldn't have minded if he sneezed towards me because the fan would have just blown all the stuff in the other direction, and I would be able to have a full view of the sneeze. :laugh: Still, I was happy to get 20+ seconds of sneezy face. And it was so silly how he was still trying so hard to keep paying attention to what I was saying. :P

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