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Does anyone else crochet?


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I hope this doesn't end up really boring, but it's something I really love, and I debated posting about it for a couple months since I'm still kind of nervous about posting my own topics. :lol:

Almost a year ago, I got really into crochet, and ended up making some simple things like scarves and stuff like that. I made at least ten of them before I finally tried my luck at hats (which went really terribly at first). Now I've made quite a few different little things from simple little hearts to small round pouches to large bags that I have used myself as well as given as gifts to other people.

Now, I've looked into selling some of my things - mostly the smaller items, like the pouches - on consignment, mostly because I have way too much yarn in small amounts of different colors that it's not enough for bigger projects. I've been looking at a lot of new patterns for more complicated work, so I can improve and make more varied things with what I have. I really love the craft, but I don't usually like to make the same things consistently. I'd rather learn a lot and keep myself interested while doing so.

So basically, I was wondering, does anyone else here crochet? If you do, are you experienced or have you made anything interesting? Any ideas for patterns that I might try?

From what I'm told whenever people (mostly old women) see me, it's not exactly a "young people's activity" (which is why I've had this topic in mind for a couple months and am just now posting it), but for me it's fun seeing what I can make with a hook, some yarn, and my own two hands. :D

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I've never got the hang of crochet, much to my dismay...you can do some very cool things with it :D I love knitting though, been knitting for years. Little toys, cardigans, blankets, scarves with all kinds of fun patterns...:P

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Yep, just beginner's stuff though. I can do scarves and afghans. I'm no good at patterns. Someday I hope to try one. smile.png

I hope you do, too! It's really amazing seeing what you can create with them, and ways you can tweak them to what you like. I think crochet is a pretty flexible art, so it's a lot of fun experimenting with it. I started making an afghan around March, before I really learned to make smaller things with my leftover yarn. I got it about 4 feet across in three days (because I was crocheting obsessively) and since then have been using the yarn for other stuff. xD

I've never got the hang of crochet, much to my dismay...you can do some very cool things with it biggrin.png I love knitting though, been knitting for years. Little toys, cardigans, blankets, scarves with all kinds of fun patterns...tonguesmiley.gif

I have a couple of friends who do or used to knit. I tried teaching one of them to crochet once and she didn't get the hang of it either. Then she tried to get me to start off knitting for her since I guess she was never very good at it. I think if I had more time to try it - or if she were using actual needles rather than the decorative hair things - I might have been able to. You can definitely do a ton of amazing things with yarn crafts in general. Cardigans and any sort of elaborate clothes are things I've yet to try. They're intimidating. xD

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I used to crochet a lot, since a kid really, everything from kettle holders to lace. The last thing I have crocheted must have been a small-ish tablecloth, really frilly, for my former landlady, who was a very sweet person and loved all sorts of crafts but had never learned to crochet. She's the one who taught me to weave, with a loom, from start to finish. Nowadays I mostly knit though, and simple things at that, socks and mittens. Because there's always someone around who needs a pair. :lol: Also, I love not needing instructions and just coming up with stuff as I go. Plus, I can watch telly while I'm at it, which is a bit harder when crocheting.

Perhaps I should really give crocheting a go again! I've been thinking about crocheting a handbag out of some sturdy yarn, linen possibly.

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Wow, it sounds like you can do a lot of different crafts. Knitting is definitely something I'd like to try someday. I also think these sorts of things are really relaxing - I can't remember the number of times I ended up being upset or angry with someone and then picking up a project to crochet until 3 in the morning or so. :lol: That's true, at least socks are always useful. xD I'm trying to learn to make them now, but life's gotten in the way for the moment. Haha, I've tried watching TV while crocheting. Needless to say, I couldn't keep my eyes off what I was working on for too long. It makes learning to knit a little more enticing. xD

I hope you do! I crocheted a handbag near the beginning of the year and I was a little bit surprised about how sturdy it was. It's served me well, considering how...not careful I can be with things. ^^;

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