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Hi everyone.

I incredibly rarely write obs, mostly because I unfortunately often dont really have anything worthwhile to write about. But this time, I just got so incredibly lucky.

I am originally from Sweden but have been living in Japan for some years now going to a University in Tokyo. I also belong to a few sports-groups, and this is about a girl in one of those groups that is incredibly cute. She is somewhere around 155cm tall with this beautiful almost chiseled perfect face and a slightly largish but very cute nose. It's one of those girls so beautiful that she never seems to do anything strange, I have never even seen her sniffle before, even less seen her sneeze.

After playing some sports for a while I wanted to take a break, so I went out into the break room where she and a few hours where sitting around the table waiting for the training to end. I sat down opposite to her, and not 2 minutes later she suddenly got the look, brought up both hands to her face and gave this really cute sneeze into her hands. I thought that this was incredibly lucky for me, but the night was only beginning.

However, at first, after sitting there for about 10 minutes, I had to conclude that that single sneeze was probably all I would get, as she wasn't in the least sniffly and there where no signs of more sneezes to come. So I went back to playing some more. Then when about 45mins where left of the training I went back to the break room... and suddenly saw her sitting there sniffling. This of course awoke the stalker in me and I sat down again opposite to her. While sitting there for about 40 minutes, she proceeded to sneeze about 5 or 6 times and kept sniffling all the while, constantly rubbing her nose. In the end she actually went to the bathroom, presumably to blow her nose.

She also sneezed three times while waiting after the training and then when everyone in the group where going out drinking after the training I made sure to sit at the same table as her (this group has over 150 members and a party can consist of everything from 20 up to over 100 members in the same room, so tables are split into groups of 6). She started out by sneezing two more times and I asked her if she had a cold to which she replied yes. Then 10 minutes later, while pouring a drink for me (in Japan you dont pour your own drink, I poured hers and she poured mine), she suddenly stopped what she was doing and sneezed three times in a row and sniffled, miserably rubbing her nose. In Japan it is very common to see people handing out free small tissue-packs on the street, and I had actually picked one up hoping to be able to give it to her and maybe see her blow her nose, something that is VERY taboo to do in public in Japan. My plan worked, as at this point after sneezing three times, I offered her the tissue-pack which she accepted gratefully, took two tissues and carefully and gracefully blew her nose.

After that the party was in full swing and it became a bit harder to get away with showering her with that much attention so I only got to see one more sneeze. But all in all it was wonderful to see such a beautiful and feminine girl trying sooo hard not to look like she has the sniffles.

Hope you like it. Also, I know it's kind of cliché to excuse the post being long and I often see people doing it on posts that are a 10th the size of this one... but man I wrote alot ;D

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