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Hayfever Hell


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Hello! I'm greetingsfromboston and I am new to the forum, but I have gathered up the courage to post a story. I really hope you like it and constructive criticism is very much appreciated!

Hayfever Hell

From afar, he looked gorgeous:broad shoulders, tall, bright blue eyes, brown hair that curled in waves-in short, he was very attractive. Yet once someone came closer his face told differently. He was still magnificent, no doubt about that, but now his blue eyes were red-rimmed and watery, his nose was tinted with a pink hue, and he seemed shorter as he titled forward sneezing periodically into a crumpled tissue. It seemed as the moment he stepped outside, he became ill.

It was a pretty spring day and Elijah's Environmental Studies classes was being held outside for the day to, well, study the environment. This was usually his favorite for many reasons, but due to the change of season and pollen count in the air, it was the opposite.

"Hih..hh'kgnx!-ngxh! KSCH-ktcsh!" He sniffed wetly, rubbed his nose, and sighed.

It was hell. Hayfever hell he liked to call it.

"You okay, dude?" John, his best friend that was virtually untouched by any allergies or illnesses, questioned.

"Aw..ehh..awesome." Elijah breathed out then clutched the tissue to his face, "Ih'nxgh! H'ktssch'uh!"


I hoped you liked it! It's short, but still something to put out there! I actually stole the sneeze spelling from a story that I absolutely adore. I hope that is okay. I don't really know how to spell sneezes, sadly. But yes, I hoped you liked it and comments are appreciated!

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welcome to the writer´s group :yes:

i REALLY hope that there is pretty much MORE than this little bit!!! ;)

because i like it ^_^

please more!!!! :wub:

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ohoho a new talent has been joined the forum! welcome to the herd B)

and about the sneeze spellings, I think a lot of people start out borrowing others' until they start getting their own styles :D you'll learn!

I hope you update soon!

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I know some of you want me to update, but I have no ideas! I really want to update so could any of you help me out?! You know, teamwork and all! biggrinsmiley.gif

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What about the both of them doing a trip (maybe hiking in the mountains? just talking a stroll through the forest...?)

and Elijah gets gradually worse and sneezier but doesn't want John to notice and tries to hide it.

But of couuurse, John notices after a while and helps him feel better? Maybe some kisses?

I''m such a m/m fan <3

I don't know, I have plenty of ideas,

but it's your story and I think you should decided which way it should turn :)

However, I hope your writing muse is awakening and we get to read more from you !!

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Thank you LovelyLinda for the inspiration! I hope you like it!


Hhh.. Huh'kissh'uh! H'k'issh'uh! He'ksessshuh!”

Elijah sniffled and plucked another tissue out of the box that sat on the coffee table blowing his nose.

“How do you feel?” His mother, Tina, asked, taking notice of his allergy ridden face with a concern expression across her face.

“Sw..hih..h’kissh’uh!” He sneezed into the tissues then sniffled. “Swollen.”

“I can tell.” She chuckled slightly trying to make light of the situation. Tina knew how bad her son’s seasonal allergies were, they were probably the worst of all of them, and she felt awful not being able to shield Elijah from all the substances that made him ill. “Take some antihistamines and shower. I’ll have breakfast ready when you’re finished, okay?”

“Okay and I’m going hiking with John today. Around eleven, probably.”

”Are you sure? You’re allergies are already giving you trouble.”

“I’ll be fine. Tru..hih..h’gnkt’uh!” Elijah sniffled as he rubbed his nose “Trust me.” He finished then headed to the shower.


“It’s so beautiful outside, isn’t it?” John breathed in deeply, and smiled. He raised his arms in the air and looked up at the sky. Elijah couldn’t help but notice how happy John was being surrounded by nature, and because of that, he smiled. It was nice to his best friend completely at ease.

“Are you okay?”

“Um, yeah. It is beautiful out here.” Elijah quickly looked away and up at the sky. “How long is the trail?”

“Three miles so probably an hour and a half since we’re walking.”

A growing itch began spreading in his eyes just then. Three miles which meant, like he said, an hour and a half of nature.

Oh, God.

Elijah didn’t know what was worse: Silence or John talking.

Not that those were actually bad, but when he had a looming sneeze, it was. He knew that if he sneezed in pure silence it would be magnified, and if he did while John was talking then he would constantly have to pause in the middle of sentences. Both options would embarrass the hell out of Elijah so he tried his hardest to hold it back.

“Yeah, I’m going to Phoenix for spring break and,”

Elijah sniffled, barely able to breathe out his nose. “Hih!” He jammed his fist to his nose to stop what he knew was trying to escape. This can’t happen now.

“I’m really excited. Apparently we’re seeing the Grand Canyo-“

Elijah’s chest heaved as his breath hitched “Hih..hih.. h’gnkt’uh!”


Huh'kissh'uh! ! H'k'issh'uh! He'ksessshuh!”

“Bless you.” John smiled.

Elijah could feel his ears and cheeks getting warm and red as he looked at John grinning sheepishly.


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Mwuahahaha embarrassed sneezy boy. :twisted::drool:

Such a sweet, sweet little treat, this is. Oh yes. I like your spellings very much. Such pinched, itchy, fittish sneezing. :heart:

If you need more ideas, give us a shout :) but you know what, if you feel like going on for a little while in this vein, I'm pretty sure none of us would mind. Do whatever you like and it'll probably be good ^_^

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I'm sorry it took so long to write more. Here's my peace offering. happysmiley.gif


Elijah sniffled for what seemed to be the thousandth time. "Hih! H'k'issh'uh! Huh'kissh'uh! He'ksesshuh!"

John watched his friend's chest heave as he breath hitched for a few moments "Huh'KISSH'uh!"

He felt horrible for taking Elijah out here. What was he thinking? He knew how terrible his seasonal allergies were. Elijah had trouble just playing soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring because of them. What a good friend he was.

"You going to make it?" John teased. He always tried to make a joke of Elijah's relentless allergies in hopes of making him feel better and laugh.

Elijah cracked a smile. The strategy usually worked.

"Hopefully." He breathed out. His eyes were red and watery.

God, he looked awful. Wait, what was that him?

"Do you feel okay?"

"I've felt better." John asked, as Elijah's breath grew irregular, he knew he was trying to down play the situation, but something wasn't right.

"Are you wheezing?"

"I..'hih..h'K'ISSH'uh! I think so. Huh'kissh'uh! He'ksessshuh! Het'kissh'uh!"

Shit. What was he thinking?

"Well, we're almost finished. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do." John said, trying to stay calm. He had to because if he panicked, then so would Elijah and that would make his breathing even worse. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. If his best friend dropped dead because of his stupid plans he wouldn't know what to do with himself.

"H'KISSH'uh! H'KET'uh! ISS'uh!"

John listened as Elijah's sneezes gradually became bigger and itchier and there was the wheezing. It, too, was getting slightly louder.

Please don't get worse.

They passed plenty of oak and red alder trees which Elijah was desperately allergic to, and to John, was causing him to sneeze more and more. John felt absofuckinglutely terrible about the whole situation and vowed that he would never take Elijah on a hike ever again. They reached the end and saw John's red mustang in the distance. John looked over at his friend. Although his eyes were red and watery, his nose was as red as Rudolph's, and was in mid-sneeze he was breathing. He was alive.

Thank God.

Once in the car, John tossed the tissue box to Elijah. He quickly began carrying one for his friend and it was greatly appreciated and used especially in instances like this. Elijah blew his nose, sneezed a few times, and opened the glove compartment in search for his inhaler. John started the car and kept his eyes on the road as Elijah took a few puffs. He knew how self-conscious his friend was about his asthma so it was rarely a subject they discussed or mentioned at all most of the time. Several minutes later he had to ask.

"Are you okay?"

Elijah's breath hitched for a moment, "Never been..hih! h'k'issh'uh! Never been better."

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more more more I love it~ Not to pester....Alot of people are telling me to stop pestering in my comments..so my new comment is:

It is very nice. I can't wait for more if you decide to continue....WHAAAAAA! I like pestering better!

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