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This is my very first self ob I have a mental block or so, I thought I always get embrassed to sneeze in front of people took me months to sneeze in front of my gf. Little description of me I'm 5'1 dark brown hairnand brown eyes. A pudgeyish kinda nose well onto the ob I was sitting surfing this sight like Inalways do. My nose started to itch I rubbed it trying to get it to go away I wasn't alone my breath started to hitch my eyes were watery I noticed the layer of dust near me I tried to hold them in but, ended up sneezing stifling four sneezes. I am horrible at spelling them I blew my nose hoping the tickle would go away hut, it wouldn't I sneezed again into my hands the tickle went away this is my firstnob hope it's okay...

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