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wow take this really bad fanfic I started at least a half a year ago

keep in mind that I wrote the majority of it on various nights anywhere from 12 - 4 AM so it's probably worse than I know

continue reading if you dare


“Kiiiikuuuuu~ I finally found you~!!” the Italian’s happy voice rang out in the cold winter air from behind Japan, as it had happened many times before. “Hug!” His warm arms wrapped around Japan, who had just turned to face him. He was, however, caught off guard. Stumbling backwards, Italy fell on top of Japan.


Behind Japan was a fountain, in the garden of Gakuen Hetalia. Japan lay on his back, his face the only part of his head not immersed in the water. Italy leaned over him, his hands by Kiku’s shoulders and his legs straddling his friend’s hips.

Seeing how it was winter, the water was icy cold. Not to mention that the sun had already gone down, causing the temperature to drop even lower. Japan gasped as he struggled to sit up and clutched onto Italy’s side to help him, but was stopped there by a surprise sneeze. “Nghh… Hah…. Hatcshh!! Ha’ischh!” Wet and uncovered, the Asian man sneezed directly in Italy’s face, who pulled back a bit, blushing.

“Aaaugh, Kiku, are you okay?! Veee, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorryyyyy! I didn’t think you would just fall over like that when I tried to hug you!” Italy apologized frantically, taking Japan’s cold, small hands in his own and helping him stand.

“H-h-h-hai…. S-sorry for sneezing on y-you…” Japan began shivering violently, freezing from the icy water and air combined. Cold droplets slid down his dark hair which hung limply in his face now. He put his arms around himself to try to regain some of the warmth that was lost so quickly.

Italy, on the other hand, only had his lower legs and hands soaked, whereas Kiku’s whole upper body had gotten wet. “Uwaaahh…. I’m sorry!!” Italy bowed lowly to Japan, who sniffled wetly and rubbed at his nose. “Here, wear my scarf…” The redhead took off the material and wrapped it around Japan’s neck.

“A-a-arigatou…” Kiku adjusted the scarf slightly, his hand trembling from the cold.

A frosty breeze ran through the garden, making Japan feel like an ice sculpture. On top of that, his nose began to run profusely and tickle madly, and he began to sneeze rapidly into the cupped palms of his dripping hands. “Ha-isch! Hakschh! Ahh—etschh! Heh-itschuu! Hah-ekschhii! Hah-kshh!! Ah-kschhauh!!” Each and every sneeze made Kiku’s weak body bow slightly—not to mention the fact that his hands were only getting wetter.

“Veeee!!” Italy cried, worried about his friend’s health. “B-bless you, Kiku… Come on, let’s go inside!” He hugged the smaller man to try to share his body warmth, walking and guiding him towards the door.

“H-haaii…” Japan said weakly, his teeth chattering and breath very visible in the cold air.

They reached the entrance of the school, the redhead opening the door for his friend and walking through. They started to their dorm room, the halls empty and the sounds of their footsteps clicking and Japan’s consecutive muffled sneezing echoing through the corridors.

“A-aaunghh…” Japan moaned miserably, feeling the aftermath of the sneezing fit. Italy looked down at him feeling immensely sorry for him. He seemed to be desperately trying to keep his nose from running badly, sniffling wetly and rubbing at it with the backs of his hands, but to no avail.

“You can use my scarf if you want…” Italy suggested worriedly.

“T-that’s very rude… It would soil it…” Japan dismissed the idea stubbornly, pulling his wet sleeve over his hand and rubbing his nose with that, even though it was rough and it hurt. “Hh…heh….Hah—Hah-iscshhh!!!” A particularly loud and powerful sneeze made Japan’s head shoot down, wet spray misting from his nose and mouth and promptly undoing the job of what he had previously been doing-- keeping his nose from running down his face. However, now it ran down on his upper lip, embarrassing him to a great extent, and he wiped at it with his fingertips.

“Italy, Japan, what are you doing? You’re supposed to be in your dorm, correct? You know you can get in trouble for being out like this.” Japan raised his watering dark brown eyes, keeping a hand over his nose and mouth, to see who had spoken. The voice was pretty unique though, and it was who he had expected it to be—England.

“I found Kiku in the garden and then we fell in the fountain, so now we’re going back to our dorm.” Italy explained, frowning.

“Ahh… I s—“

“Hh—tschhi! Hah-Ahkshh!!” The Asian man sneezed into the back of his hand, interrupting the European nation’s sentence.

“God bless you, Japan… Ahh, here, take my handkerchief.” Arthur fumbled around in his pants pocket for his kerchief, pulling it out and handing it to the shorter man.

“S-sankyuu…” He mumbled, taking the soft material and cleaning his face off with it and blowing his nose. England and Italy were seemingly staring at him as he did so, making his face burn as he came to the full realization of how undignified his whole predicament was. “S-sorry for t-troubling y-you…” He nodded his head, shifting embarrassedly and moving slightly behind Italy to hide his face a bit.

The blonde nodded, glancing at his wristwatch. “Mmmh. I must be going now. Take care.” He began walking quickly down the halls.

“Hah—Itschhuh!” Kiku sneezed forcefully into the handkerchief; blowing his nose had tickled a bit and the tickle had just now become strong enough to make him sneeze.

Italy shot a worried glance at him. “Ve…. Bless you… Come on, let’s walk faster…” The auburn haired country gripped Japan’s arm gently and pulled him along, his attention occupied by his very distracting nose.


The two reached their dorm room that they so conveniently shared. Feliciano stepped in, pulling a sneezing Kiku in after him. “Take off your clothes. They’re making you colder, right?” He gave a small smile uneasily. He took his jacket off and walked to the other side of the room to hang it up.

“H-h-haaai…” The island nation responded, his teeth chattering. He stepped into the bathroom near the entrance of the dorm room and began to shut the door—

“Vee, waaait!~” Italy appeared in the doorway, stopping the door with his hand.

“E-ehh?!” Japan gasped, startled.

“I wanna take a bath with you…” Italy said with a sheepish smile, his closed eyes appearing to stare cutely at his friend. He took a step into the bathroom.

“…..I s-suppose that w-would b-be o-oh….. ohk…. ohhk-k-kaayhh… Hhh… Hah-Hahischuu!! Ha’tchh!! Heh-tchh!! Hh-ahhh….!” Japan’s hand quickly covered his mouth, his breath hitching and nose twitching. He leaned and put some of his weight on the sink’s counter; the sneezes so forceful that his head was bowed and body slightly bent over, and his blue dress coat that he was in the process of taking off hung down his shoulders. His tie, too, was only half undone. With his hair sticking out in some places; untidy looking, he looked like a sick mess. It was hard to believe this was only the beginning of his cold.

“Uwaah, poor Kiku…” Italy said sadly. “I’ll take care of you though!” He smiled, his expression changing in a second. “Let’s take a bath now~”

The European nation shut the bathroom door behind him and stepped forward to help undress Kiku, who was preoccupied in dealing with a forming sneeze. He began by unwrapping the scarf from around Japan’s neck, which the smaller man didn’t show any signs of noticing, except for a quick sideward glance at him through watery eyes. Then, Feliciano took the coat from his friend’s back, having to remove the hand he held to his face to remove his arms from the water laden sleeves. With his hand gone, Italy could see the visible effects fighting off the sneeze caused to his face. His nose was also running. Badly. Poor Kiku, Italy thought.

A thought crossed through the Italian’s mind, and he started running hot water in the bath before resuming his former task.

After the uniform tie and shirt had been removed, Italy’s hands moved to unbutton Japan’s pants, but were stopped by the island country’s smaller hands.


“Y-you can’t… ….Ahh… I-I… will do this m-mysehh… m-myself….” Japan pushed Italy’s hands to their owner and began to remove his own pants, blushing. Studying his expression, Italy concluded that he was trying to either keep the tickle from growing too big to keep in, or get it out and over with. The Asian’s face looked helpless and desperate, his eyes watering down his cheeks, nose twitching and running, boldly upturned eyebrows, and his mouth opening and closing slightly with his hitching breath.

Finally though, he succeeded in fully undressing, and stumbled into the bathtub, the water rising up around him and making him feel a bit better, even though the pesky tickle was still irritating his nose.

Italy undressed himself and sat in the bath on the opposite side as Japan (as not to crowd him). He stared at Japan—not trying to be rude, but it was somehow fascinating— who leaned slouching against the wall of the bathtub with the most uncomfortable expression, looking down at the water with a face that looked like he could start crying at any time.

“Vee… I’ll wash your hair, okay? Turn around so your back’s facing me.” Italy gave an uneasy smile, feeling terrible for his friend.

“M-mmhh-hai.” Japan sniffled, shivering, even though they were in a warm bath. He slowly sat up with slight effort and faced his back towards Italy, letting his wet black bangs drape in his face.

Italy reached for the shampoo bottle, squeezing some of the substance into the palms of his hands and and rubbing them together until it was bubbly. Then he spread the soap into Kiku’s hair, opening and closing his hands and moving his fingers in such a way it was almost like a massage to the Asian, and he felt as though he could fall asleep if it weren’t for the sneeze at the tip of his nose.

Japan’s breath started hitching, and he rubbed at his nose. The tickle grew even stronger, and Kiku decided he just wanted it out. Clamping his index and middle fingers with his thumb on the bridge of his nose, he felt a sharp poke that made his breath quicken and voice enter his shaky breathing.

“Hhehh… Ahh.. Hahh—ehh…….” The dark haired man’s shoulders rose and fell with each inhale and exhale, his body shuddering slightly. He let his hand fall slowly away from his nose, his eyes shutting and his mind losing consciousness of its thoughts and everything else it had been processing. Italy paused in his scrubbing at Kiku’s hair, allowing him to finish getting out the sneeze that had been irritating him.

“Ahh….hh… Hah… Ha-ahh…!! Heh—Aahh-cschHIUU!!!” The air was forced from Japan’s chest out his nose and mouth, creating a light spray that shot out into the air in front of his face, visible to Italy, the sick nation not even bothering to cover his mouth in some fear that it may stop the sneeze from fleeing him. “N-nghh…” The shivering man sniffled and scrubbed at his badly running nose.

Italy watched, appearing to be fascinated; his eyes were wide open and full of seeming curiosity. He then shut them again in the way they were always closed, and laughed. Japan turned his head and gave him a watery-eyed, sort of questioning glare, thinking he was laughing at his misery. Japan knew his friend wasn’t that kind of person to laugh at misery, but he wasn’t thinking quite straight due to his cold/fever.

“Ahaheh… I’m not laughing at you, Kiku… B-but your sneeze sounded really, really adorable…” The Italian laughed nervously. “S-sorry…” He gave a sheepish smile. He picked up the washcloth on the side of the bathtub and got it wet, and leaned forward to clean off his friend’s face, which was now even redder than it had been a few seconds before.

“I-I see……” Japan mumbled, turning back around and staring into the bath water.

Italy put the washcloth back on the rim of the tub and scooped up water in his cupped hands. “I’m going to rinse your hair so shut your eyes~” Italy said happily. He waited for his friend to oblige, then began pouring water over his head to rinse the shampoo out.

The rest of the bath Japan spent his time trying to relax, and Italy played around in the water. When Japan began shivering again, they decided to get out of the bath. Italy stepped out and dried himself off a bit, then helped Japan out and wrapped a towel around him. Japan put on a yukata and dried off his hair. Italy simply put on his boxers that he usually slept in.

“Vee, Japan… Do we have any cold medicine you could take?” Italy asked, getting into his bed.

“Un… I don’t think that will be necessary though… I’ll be better in the morning, after I rest.” The country lied, laying back on his bed and getting under the covers. He didn’t want to worry his friend.

“Ehh….. Okay Japan. You know more than I do about that kind of thing, I guess.” Italy frowned, turning off the lights.

Kiku felt horrible, actually. Before he was just extremely cold, but now he could feel his face burning up, a high fever arising in his body. His throat was starting to become sore, and he was shivering yet sweating under his blankets. His mind was clouded and thoughts were hard to reach, but he knew his extreme tiredness and decided to go to sleep.


“Ve…” Italy shifted under his warm covers, waking up. The alarm on the nightstand between Italy and Japan’s beds was going off, telling him it was time to wake up and get ready to go to school. The pasta lover sat up, sleepily rubbing his eyes. He looked over to where his friend slept, seeming to not be the least bit awakened by the loud sound. I guess he’s just still tired from yesterday… He said he’d be better today though, so he should be, right? Ve…… I guess I’ll let him wake up on his own…

Italy yawned and stretched, getting out of bed and putting on his school uniform. He got his bag together then went to eat a muffin for breakfast. He stuffed a few other breakfast-like foods into it, brushed his hair and teeth, then went back to go check on Kiku. He was still sound asleep, laying on his side under the blankets.

“Japaaaaan…. Wake up….” The European nation poked his friend’s cheek. No reaction. “Kiiiikuuuu…. You’re going to be laaaate…” He began to gently push his shoulder, rocking his sleeping body.

“Nnghh…” The dark haired man groaned in his sleep, rolling over onto his stomach.

“……I guess I’ll just let you sleep and go to class myself now…” Feli said nervously, doubting his friend’s health. He glanced at Kiku once more, and walked out the door before he himself was late to class.


Japan opened his eyes slowly. His head hurt worse than the night before, his throat felt like it was on fire, and his nose was completely stuffed up. Even though he had slept, he was still tired. Rubbing the sleep from his dark eyes, he looked across the room to where Italy slept—


Where was Italy…?!

Every morning, Japan woke up earlier than Italy to begin getting ready for school, and to wake Italy up in case the alarm failed to do its job. So Japan was pretty used to looking over and seeing Italy still sleeping there every morning, but this time the bed was empty, the blankets in a messy pile at the foot of the bed.

“Kuso…!” Japan sat up quickly, looking at the alarm clock. Just from the time, he could tell that two classes had already passed since school started. He stumbled out of bed, but stopped as his head began to throb painfully. “Gckk…” He grit his teeth, ignoring the pain the best he could and changed into his uniform speedily.

I’m sick, no doubt… I can feel that I have a cold and fever, but there’s still work to be done… I’ll just fall behind if I don’t do it as it’s given to me. I’m not that bad off, I suppose… I can still go to school. I won’t let just a little illness take me down…!

Skipping breakfast, he ran a brush through his hair and cleaned his teeth, much to the complaints of his aching body. He made sure he had everything in his school bag, then rushed out the dorm room door.


The island nation swiftly opened the door to his second period class, breathing heavily from rushing to school. “I-I’m here…!”

Everyone in the classroom turned to look at him, including the math teacher. “Japan. You’re late; that’s unusual for you.” The blonde man stepped up to Kiku.

“H-hai…. I… overslept a bit…” The Asian admitted, blushing.

“You’ll have to go see the office about that later. For now, just take your seat.”


Italy, who was also in that class, looked worriedly at his friend. He still seemed sick, but he supposed that maybe, he felt well enough to go to school that day.

Japan sat down, sighing softly. The teacher continued the lesson, and the nation tried to pay attention, but with his cold he was having great difficulty following along. He was still so tired, his head throbbed, and just about everything happening to his nose was distracting. After the lesson was done and the students had time to work on their homework for the day, Japan decided it would probably be best to ignore the work for the time being and focus on clearing his mind. He began to sketch various anime characters and waited for math class to get over.

Italy tried to focus on his homework, but that wasn’t going too well for him either. He kept worrying about Kiku, and every once in a while glanced over at his desk to see what he was doing. Most of the time he was slouched over with his head buried onto his palms, wiping his watery eyes with his fingers, or sniffling as quiet as he could while looking miserable. Other times he had arm glued over his nose, sneezing consecutively. He began to attract stares of other people around him, and he blushed and embarrassedly looked back to his drawings.

Eventually, the bell rang and he let out a breath of relief, glad to be free of all the eyes he felt on him. However, the relief would be only for a brief moment; his next class was gym class, and he was not particularly fond of it.

“Vee! Kiku, are you okay?” The redhead grabbed onto Japan’s arm in the crowded hallway once they left the room, walking alongside him until they reached Italy’s next class,

“Y-yes. I just overslept. I was tired.” The shorter man spoke in short, firm sentences, trying to hide his congestion or any symptoms of being really sick. A tickle arose in his throat, but he tried his best not to start coughing in front of his friend.

Italy was silent for a moment. “… Okay. It’s fine if you do have a cold though… Don’t overwork yourself, Kiku!” He patted his friend’s arm and left to go to his next class.

I am not overworking myself; I do this every day and this is something I should be capable of doing, Japan thought to himself. He reached the locker rooms, coughing dryly in a forced way that made his throat hurt. Changing sluggishly into his gym uniform, he tried to forget about his illness and pay more attention to what he was doing. After all, it was just a cold. He’d been sick plenty of times before. What difference did it make now?

The Asian finished up in the locker room and walked at a quick pace out the door to a running track outside and sat down with the other students. The chilly winter air immediately started his shivering again, prompting a stifled sneeze into his hand. The teacher instructed them to do their stretches for a bit, and then run four laps around the track.

Kiku wasn’t a very flexible man, so he spent as little time as he could stretching as possible, trying not to strain himself. His head throbbed, the pain worsening. He was so cold, but his fever made everything so hot at the same time. After he had finished stretching, he began to run his four laps.

Japan was determined to finish all his classes without the fever controlling him and weakening his abilities. He thought, I’m stronger than that. I’ll get through all my classes!

He was having great difficulty running his laps, his throat burning and body aching all over. He was feeling hot, extremely hot, so much that he began feeling lightheaded. Kiku decided to ignore it however, sure that he would be able to get through the exercises and be fine after he rested for a few moments.

He was wrong.

Before he could realize, he’d slowed his running, everything around him spinning. Then he hit the ground, paining him even further, and things went black.

“Kiku!! Kiku, wake uuuup….”

Japan slowly regained consciousness, letting out a low groan as he began feeling the pain. Not only was it due to the cold, but now he was hurt from falling over on the hard cement track. “Nnghh…”

“Kiku!!” Feliciano took his friend’s hand in his own, squeezing it.

“Feliciano-kun….” Kiku opened his eyes slightly, squinting over at his friend. “M-my head hurts…”

“O-of course it does!! Are you okay?! You lied; you’re really sick!!” He placed his palm gently on the Asian’s forehead, the temperature difference making Kiku shiver and sneeze. “Bless you!”

“S-sorry...” He coughed, turning over on the bed and curling up limply. He breathed heavily, his breath hitching as he sneezed. “…Ow…..”

Once Kiku had passed out, some of his classmates had notified the teacher, Ludwig, who had then volunteered to bring Kiku back to his room.

“Nnnh… G-go back to sleep, okay? It’ll help you feel better…” Italy patted Japan’s hair gently before hurrying off to find where Kiku kept the medicine.

“…Hai…” The island nation responded hoarsely, sniffling and closing his tired eyes again. He tried sleeping, but he felt so miserable and hot that he was having trouble doing so. Instead, he ended up moving into different positions on the bed, trying to get more comfortable somehow, but to no avail. This continued for a while until Italy returned with some medicine for Kiku to take.

“…I-I’m sorry…” Kiku apologized hoarsely, taking the pill and putting it in his mouth, then washing it down with the water Feli had brought him.

“Sorry? Why?” The redhead tilted his head to the side, confused.

The Asian cleared his throat, coughing. “I-I… I’ve caused you a lot of trouble, not to mention a few other people…” He set the remaining water on his nightstand. “Really, I can care for myself. You don’t need to do it for me…”

“Yourself? Didn’t you just show me that you can’t? And no, we’re just concerned for your health! Don’t worry so much, okay?” Feliciano gave a small smile.

“….Mnn…” Kiku made a noise, looking to the side in order to avoid eye contact and pulling his blanket higher.

“Japan! Are you okay?” Ludwig, the PE teacher, burst through the unlocked door of the dorm room shared between Italy and Japan. As if in response to the question, after Kiku had drawn in a breath, but ended up coughing violently.

“Ah no…!” Feliciano looked slightly distraught as Kiku’s body contracted, curling up as he coughed heavily. The redhead helped Kiku sit up before giving him a drink of water then hurrying off to make tea for the man.

“I-I apologize…” Japan winced, coughing a few more times into the thick blanket lying on top of him.

“It’s fine. I just want to know if you’re okay! How did this happen?” The blond asked, confused and genuinely worried.

“Please, it is not much of a big deal… Feliciano-kun and I fell into the fountain in front, and I happened to catch a cold.” The island nation looked up at Germany, reluctant to make eye contact.

“…I really hope you are okay. I want you to get better soon, so try your best to get a lot of rest, okay? Don’t think it’s your job to go to school when you’re not feeling well.” The staff member blushed, looking away shyly.

“T-thank y-…you—Hah-kshhhh! Hhh’schhh!!” The dark haired man lurched forward, sneezing wetly into his palms. Keeping one hand in front of his nose, he sniffled wetly, his face becoming increasingly red in embarrassment.

Seeing his predicament, Germany reached over Kiku, taking a tissue from the box and handing it to him.

“Hah-ehschhh!” Japan sneezed weakly into the tissue, eyebrows furrowed and eyes watering. “T-thank you…”

Ludwig stood. “Right. I have work still, so I need to be going now. Get better soon, Japan.” After everyone said their goodbyes, the German left.

“Oh… Kiku…?” Kiku opened an eye to see Feliciano approaching from the kitchen, digging under various personal belongings of his on a nearby table.


“Why I was so excited to see you that I knocked you over the other day… it was because, well, um, I was just excited to give you this!” Feli smiled, holding out a small traditional Japanese figure.


“Of course!” Italy looked grinned, going to retrieve the tea he’d made. “Because you’re a good friend, and it seemed like something you’d appreciate~”

Japan gave a weak smile, taking the figure from his friend and examining it in his lap. “Thank you very much…”

“Kiku? What is it?” Italy set the drink down on Kiku’s nightstand, kneeling by his bed and peering at the figurine.

“Wh-what… is whaa… ahhh… Heh-tsCHH!!” The Asian sneezed again, grabbing a tissue.

“Bless you~” Italy poked the figure in Japan’s lap. “The doll guy! Don’t they symbolize things too or something?”

Japan sniffled, placing a cool hand on his hot cheek. “A-ahh… It’s a Daruma doll, and it brings good luck.” He put on a face of discomfort, the fever causing even just being awake to be uncomfortable.

Italy noticed, glancing up at his friend’s face. “Get some rest now, okay?” He took the Daruma doll and put it on the nightstand, then quickly went and got a cool, damp wash cloth to put on Kiku’s forehead.

The older man laid down in the most comfortable position he could find, closing his eyes and pulling the blankets around his shaky body. “H-hhh…” His breath hitched softly, a chill going through his body.

Feliciano saw Kiku’s face of helplessness and bent down, taking the opportunity to kiss him on the forehead before leaving him to sleep.

“H-hh-kshHH!” The Japanese tensed up, jolting forwards a bit into Feli’s kiss. “N-Nghhh…” Kiku let out a quiet groan of irritation and embarrassment, blushing.

“Sleep well!” The Italian giggled, leaving his friend to allow him some peace and quiet.

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Ahaaa~ So cute! And Japan is sooo Asian looool

Is it bad that I giggled when England showed up?? It's just like, "Haaaa he's such a gentlemaaan I expected no less from that guyyy" XDDD And Germany was so sweet, too. <333

It's always, always a treat to hear from you, Kushami-tan~!

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Aaahhh thanks~ quq

@ Natsuko: ...Yes Japan is Asian... what ..? xD

everyone is obsessed with england sob why can't I like him like that then I could make more people happy that way

I need to learn how to write him so I can write that USUK quq

Ahh no I'm not good with these things xvx Thanks thoughhh

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lol wut I'm so sorry, I'm being sily XDDD

I meant Japan is sooo Asian because he's all "I can't miss school and I can't get behind on my work and excuse me I'm sorry now I owe everybody I've ever met aahhhhh". Sorry, I really like stereotypes because, well, they're half-true! That's why we get them! And as an Asian (half-Japanese, no less), I found this really funny. I already fit so many stereotypes, I've just decided to embrace them, and I make Asian jokes to my friends all the time. :D

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I agree with you on stereotypes, I am the embodiment of England, minus the used-to-be-pirate-ness, love of marmite, and giant eyebrows. It's actually quite ridiculous.

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This was beautiful :D

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