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Sneezy again


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Yes it's me again I have another self observation Hope you all like well I'm allergic to many things dogs, grass, dust, certain flowers, pollen just to name a few well, I was sitting here surfing the sight like I always do when I got that infamous tickle I ignored it and, rubbed my nose my breath begin to hitch and, I stifled a sneeze I rubbed my nose and, sneezed again "Hitschoo." (terrible at sneezes) my nose was running by now I wiped my nose as the tickle still torture my nose I sneezed one last tine very wetly into my arm.. Hope ya like :P

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im allergic to loads of stuff too :( - pollen (of all kinds it would seem), grass, dust, tissues (coz they're made of paper dust)

its pretty awful.. xD

good thing i have the fetish i guess

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