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The Fungus From Kaddath


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The following is a direct transcript of the recording made by Kate Winthrop, left among the research materials from the investigation of 459 Pickman Street conducted by Ms. Winthrop and Professor Walters. The primary focus of the investigation was to determine the nature and origin of an unidentified fungus growing in the basement of the dilapidated house, funded by Miskatonic University. The results of the investigation are still being analyzed, but all materials are being published as they become available.

“May Fifth, two o’ clock p.m. Well, we’re finally here. It took days before the police would let us in; heavens knows why, it’s not as if they have the equipment necessary to determine if the fungus is toxic anyways. For now we’re all wearing facemasks as long as we’re inside, but our preliminary findings don’t indicate any harmful levels of toxicity. If it were at all dangerous there’d be dead animals either in the house or in the nearby area. Of course Professor Walters wants to be on the safe side, so we won’t be camping out here tonight, but I’m sure by tomorrow we’ll be able to stay close by our research 24/7, in true Miskatonic fashion.

I must say, the fungus is truly remarkable in every respect. It possess a spongy texture not unlike a mushroom, but it’s moist and sticky like a slime mold, and spreads thick over surfaces like a moss. Even its color is bizarrely alien, not quite green and not quite blue, totally unlike any shade I’ve ever seen before. The Professor and I are very excited to begin studying it, and I must confess in my excitement to get started I almost broke a few test tubes while we set up our workstation in the living room. (sigh) I’m sure he thinks I must be a bit of an airhead now, despite my credentials; well, he’ll see once we get started how serious about the work I can be.”

[This segment is followed by a summary of the day’s findings, which match word for word the case report filed by Professor Walters, and so is omitted from this transcript]

“May Sixth, three-thirty p.m. We got an early start today and…Hetschhhh! Ah, excuse me. The dust in here h-has hehhh-Hetschhh Heh-Etschhh! (sniff) been getting to me lately. We were able to spend much more time at work today, and as I suspected there’s not evidence that the fungus is at all harmful. From now on we’ll be staying in the house while we conduct our research, both to facilitate the inevitable all-nighters and so I may save on money from the commute down from Boston. I just finished setting up my cot in one of the be-heh ehhhh Etschhh Hatschhh! Eh-Ehhh-Heh-Etschhh! [slightly congested] Ah, excuse me (sniff). I just set it up in one of the bedrooms, and of course it hasn’t been cleaned in years. The dust is absolutely everywhere. I almost want to get the mask back, but I forgot it at the hotel. Anyways, it’s not so bad once I stop moving around, so at least I’ll be able to rest easi-ehhh-heeeeh-Eh-Etschh Ha-Etschhh-Tschh-Hetscheeew! Oh, where’s a tissue…(shuffling sounds, repeated sniffling)”

[This segment is followed by a summary of the day’s findings, which match word for word the case report filed by Professor Walters, and so is omitted from this transcript]

“May Seventh…early. Strange dream; colors not of this world…Hetschhsch! There were things, not animals, not plants…Hehhh-Hetschhh Heh-Tschhhew! Ehhh-Hehh-Het-Tshhhew! Ugh, damn dust! Now I forget…Atschhh! Something important…birthed from the mountain…the dreams of men…Hehh-Etschhh Ehhh-Heh Etschhh Tschhhh Heetshhheew! Ah, forget it. Atshhew!

“May Etschheeew Seventh, f-five Tschh twenty-three. Haah-Ah-Ahhhhh…Atkschhh Ahatschhh Etschhh Etscheew! [in a heavily stuffy voice] Beed like this all day...cad jusd be the duhh-huh-Hetschh! Haaah-Etschhhh! Thig I’b allergig to the Tscheew Heehhh-Tscheew! Aktsaschheeeew! Fudgus. Lefd the basemed ad hour ago, still sneezig…HATSCHEEEW! [squelching sounds] Will codtidue research, let Walters hehhh-Ehhh-Etschhh Haah-Etschhh! Heetschhhew! Worg od tesds. Hatschhh!

“May Seventh, seven p.m. Finally better now, was blowing my nose for at least ten full minutes. Still a little congested (sniff). My nose is all red, it hurts to touch it. No idea why it took so long for my allergies to become apparent, and the professor doesn’t seem affected. Maybe there’s something special about these spores…Hehh…Ehhh-Etscschhh! Ah, talking makes the tickle come back…Hetschhh! Today’s report will be a short one…”

[This segment is followed by a summary of the day’s findings, which match word for word the case report filed by Professor Walters, and so is omitted from this transcript]

“May Eighth, early mordig agaid (sniff) Dreamed-hehhhh-of the plad thigs flyig through braids (sniff) and somethig ehhh-else aboud moudaids beyod Leng. Cad’t breade…Hehhh-Etschhh! Heetscheew! Hhheeh-Tschhh! Ah, Id idches! By ehh-eyes Etschh! Eheehhh-Ehh-Etschheew! Itchy…Feels lige somethig’s benead by ski-skid ehhhh-Hehhh-Hetscch Hetscheew Ahh-Etschhhew! Dever sleeb lige this…lighds…(some fumbling sounds, something is knocked on the floor) What…how did…Hetsch-Hetschh-Ahh-Etschhh! It’s everywhere-Tschh! Atschheeew! Haah-Atschheeew! Etscheew! Ehhhh-Hehh-Heetschewww! Etscheeew!”

“Bay Dinth, Etschh! Six-thirdy a.m. Hehhh-Etschhsew! Hetscheewww! I uderstad the dreams n-now Etschhh Hetschschhh Hetscheew! God, id’s all over be… Etschh! Feels lige somethig’s benead by ski-skid ehhhh-Hehhh-Hetscch Hetscheew! By node id so swolled, hehhh-Ehhh-Etschhsh Hetsschhh Tschh Ahh-Etschh! Id grows od you whed you’re asleeb, Tschh! Ded fades whed you ahhh-Ahhh-Atscheww! Atschh Haah-Atschhh Hatschschh Hatscheww! Tryig to ged bag hobe, to Kaddath, Tschschh id the dreamlands Tschh Etschh Ahhh-Etschschhh! Cad’t leabe this world ady oder way ahhhh-Ehhh-Atscheww! Aaatscheww! Ehhh-Hehh-Heetschheww! Eteschhh Hetschh-Tschh Haatschh!…mides of dreabers…Ahhh-Tschhh! Atschhh Hehhh-Etschh Hah-Tschh Etschh Ahh-Etscheww Haatscheww! Oh, I cad’t stob Tschh! Etscheww! Hetsheww! Heetaschhew!…Cad stob…”

[Professor Walters notes that when he entered Ms. Winthrop’s room there was no sign of the fungus anywhere, although she continued insisting on its presence. Her insistence has continued even after she was returned to her home, despite no evidence of it. Walters believes that Winthrop’s apparent allergic reaction and hallucination may be a psychosomatic reaction caused by as of yet unidentified properties of the fungus, and has requested a doctor from St. Mary's to check on her daily for any signs of her condition worsening. Research on the fungus is still ongoing.]

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Oh come on, man! You can't leave us hanging like that!

This is so delightfully creepy, and I yearn for more. Feed me.


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Good stuff. I really like the story line you have started.

Will there be another part to this story?

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Nice use of Lovecraft. I too enjoyed the dream-quest of lost Kadath.

It's basically incredible. Who knew he could do fantasy as well as horror and sci-fi?

Sorry guys, but there's not gonna be another part. Clearly those of you wondering have never read a Lovecraft-style story before (or didn't google Kaddath and recognize the association); if it didn't end with mystery and suggestion it wouldn't be doing the style justice. Don't worry though, last I checked Arkham wasn't running short on pretty female investigators who don't know better than to mess with eldritch forces goo.gif

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Makes perfect sense to me. I suppose my understanding of eldritch lore was blinded by my urge for FEED MEH.

Anyway, any of those three would be lovely to read about. :P This whole thing is really making me want to stick my head into your affairs once again. Perhaps I shall, if you'll humor me. xD

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Ooh, very lovely. smile.png Love the style. Must read more Lovecraft. heh.gif Very awesome interpretation of messing with mysterious forces.

... he didn't by any chance write something in the same vein did he? innocent.gif Just for... prioritising purposes. innocent.gif

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... he didn't by any chance write something in the same vein did he? Just for... prioritising purposes.

Lol if he had, would my services be needed? I think actually the only horror writer who ever put generous amount of sneezing in their stories was that dreadful RL Stine character <.<

Btw, if you intend to read any Lovecraft I recommend the following two as good starters for:

A short story: "The Rats In The Walls"

A long story: "The Colour Out Of Space"

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Of course. :) There could scarcely be enough of that kind of stories. ^^

Hmm, that's a shame. :P

Thank you very much for the recommendation. I've read a few short stories of his but haven't gotten round to reading more yet, will look those up. :)

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This is the third time i've had to go back and find this story. Sure it's short and sweet, but I just love it so much! It might be my very favourite of all; Even reading it yet again, I just... nosebleed.gif

(sorry to comment on it after so long though, i was meaning to give it praise when i first read it, but i just resently became confident enough to actually post on here at all watsup.gif)

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