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My boyfriend's sneezes are so cute :3


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Okay, so my boyfriend sneezes... A lot he has really cute kind of feminine sneezes. They are getting more masculine because he's maturing... But any they kind of sound like "heh-ehtcho" (sorry I suck at spelling) but anyway I'm gonna tell you guys some of my favorite observations from him (:

1. About, a year ago: we were sitting in the cafeteria at school waiting for a track meet to start and he announced he had to sneeze. Then he sneezed a heh-etchiew heh-etchiEW (they were really high pitched then) and then he left to "go to the bathroom" but when he came back his nose was kind of red and he was there for about 10 minutes..

2. Last may: we were on a bus going home from a trip we went on with our chorus and it was just us two in a seat and he said "oh god, I have to sneeze" but it wasnt coming out so he said "oh my god come on" then, he turned to the side and sneeze heh-hetchoo heh-hetchoo heh-hetchoo into his elbow and then I said a sweet "bless you" and he said "thank you"

3. A few hours ago: so, me, my boyfriend, and 3 of our other friends were sitting in one of my friends living room having a movie night, when all of a sudden he said "crap, I'm gonna sneeze" then, he sneezed the most masculine sneezes I've ever heard from him, they sounded like "hehchoo, hehchoo" all 4 of us blessed him and went back to watching the movie... He said "here comes another one" about five minutes after his double. I could hear his breath hitching. He let out a "hehCHOO which sounded like it was building for a while and he felt relieved to get it out, but nobody said bless you. (I don't usually bless) then, about a half hour later he was braiding one of my friends hair (don't know why lol) then he sneezed a single and I was the only one who blessed,


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