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Dream holiday (M)


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Hi, this is my first observation so it might not be great:).

I was recently on holiday with my boyfriend (6’3, dark curly hair, fairly big aquiline nose). He knows I enjoy seeing him sick, but not that it’s about sneezing. We went to an island where I used to spend time as a kid so I was nostalgic about going back there. Anyway…my boyfriend (who’s allergic to cats but doesn’t have any other known allergy) was obviously allergic to something on this island (Grass? Sheep? I’ve got no idea). He would sneeze repeatedly, perhaps 50-60 sneezes in one day. It’s hard pick a favorite observation as he was sneezing so much, but I particularly enjoyed one occasion when we were in a nightclub, dancing. He started by sneezing twice into his hand, which I didn’t hear because of the loud music. After a while, he sneezed another two times, then picked up a tissue from his pocket and sneezed four times into it. These sneezes were quite wet and he sniffled in between. He sneezed at least another seven times (into one hand or cupped hands) before we left the club, and looked more and more desperate.

The next day, we were out biking and his sneezing continued. I especially liked when were standing really close to each other, he was holding his bicycle and turned away to sneeze five wet, powerful sneezes. He then looked at me and kissed me, after which he had to turn away and sneeze again. He said: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sneeze right after kissing you. Well, at least I turned away.” And I thought to myself: “If only you knew….”.

He gradually stopped sneezing after we’d left the island, but it was really a wonderful holiday:).

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Mhmmm that sounds like a PERFECT holiday! And a really great first obs!! Thanks for sharing, you lucky girl! <3

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