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Sneezing woman at campsite


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I was camping a few weeks ago in a remote field in the countryside. There weren't many other people there and the various tents and caravans people were staying in were spread apart quite a lot. There was a large tent about 5m away from my caravan with about 5 people staying in it, and one of them had some sort of sneezing problem. The first time I heard her sneeze was late at night when I was brushing my teeth in the men's toilets. The toilet block has a hallway going through the middle with two doors opposite each other, one for each gender. It was a pretty big building, the walls were quite thick and you couldn't hear things very well from the other side of a wall.

I was the only one in the men's toilets brushing my teeth when I heard her yell with no build-up something like "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" so loud I jumped, my heart racing and ears aching slightly. It wasn't vocalised like a typical AAACCCHHOOO but I could feel that it was definitely a sneeze and she was using her vocal cords. It probably lasted for 2 seconds, then there was a slight pause and she sneezed four more times, but they were maybe half as loud and long and the pauses between them were practically non-existent. I finished brushing my teeth without hearing her open and slam the door to leave, and I hadn't seen her enter the building, so I didn't know who she was or what she looked like, so I waited in the hallway for her to come out. I only had to wait for a few seconds and she came out and I immediately recognised her as the woman in the tent next to my caravan. She looked about 35 years old, white, blue eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair, wearing jeans and a shirt and about 5 foot 4 inches tall. I waited a little while longer to see if there was anyone else in the women's toilets but no one came out and I couldn't hear anything so it must have been her.

It's funny to think that someone like her would sneeze like that. I'd heard her speaking the day before and she has a quiet sweet voice. She doesn't seem very obnoxious like most people with ridiculously loud sneezes. A few days later I was riding my unicycle around the campsite and I went past her tent, she saw me and said to her friends "Look! Someone's riding a unicycle!" which isn't what you would expect from the typical obnoxious person.

I heard her have one more sneezing fit some time after the first one. I was in my caravan with all the doors and windows shut and I heard her sneezing from her tent 5 times in a row in much the same way as before but it didn't scare me as much. She probably irritates her friends a lot.

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Wow - that must have been quite a camping trip! Excellent description to, as well as some top notch 'sneeze detectice work' to identify the sneezer :D Camping sites do tend to be classic sneezing obs location due to the fact that sound travels very easily through nylon... and maybe something about feeling free in the open air really encourages girls to just go for it... ;)

Oh, and welcome to the forum :)

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